Warning: Fake Loctite Products

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One of my viewers contacted me about an issue he was having with the installation of a set of NTN bearings.

He purchased what he believed to be Loctite 641 from an online supplier, this was promptly delivered with a label indicating it to be “high strength”. This is incorrect as high strength Loctite is 638.

This Loctite was confirmed to be counterfeit by Henkel.

20200703 134404

The photograph above shows the counterfeit Loctite. The quality of the packaging and label is an almost exact copy, it’s only the mislabelling that causes suspicion.

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  1. Amazon UK sells several versions of Loctite 452. There are several different labels and it is difficult to determine which one is real. I purchased the one with the Henkel name on the package. Still, I don’t know if it will actually work on my 10 bar air compressor fittings, simply because I don’t know if any of those products listed in Amazon UK are genuine.

  2. Amazon is littered with fake products. It is not the trusted store it used to be. I will only buy this sort of thing from specialist shops these days.