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I am Arampamoorthy Sachinder Srikantha Sanjeevkumar Varaprasatham Hambinathan. I am better known as Hambini.

I work for a well-known multi-national engineering company in a Technical Specialist Engineering Role, often called the performance or re-rating department. This generally entails increasing power and/or improving fuel efficiency by redesigning and re-engineering major parts – aerodynamically and mechanically. Since the move towards decarbonisation, there has been rapid growth in re-rates related to sustainable fuels. Performance upgrades were historically implemented on our own equipment, but in recent times, this has progressed to competitors’ equipment. I am occasionally seconded to external companies as a technical consultant. Clients have included Airframe manufacturers, Air Forces, End Users, F1, Power Generation, and Oil and Gas. I am based in the UK, and a large proportion of manufacturing, research, testing and development takes place here and across Northern Europe (Germany, France). The service fleet extends worldwide, most of my direct clients are based in Europe.

Compressor IGV onwards, the usual opportunity for performance improvements

My engineering career started in the nineties when I was first introduced to unsteady flow patterns around aerofoils, a common phenomenon in Military aircraft and their engines. This niche of aerodynamics was, and continues to be poorly documented and understood. It is rarely taught at the undergraduate level. As my career progressed to a senior level, I completed rotations in various functions and had the opportunity to work on some major programs (EJ200-Typhoon, F135-F35). I have worked in – Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, USA, UK. My Professional Engineering License/Registration covers the EU and the UK.

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Typhoon EJ200 Intake 1998, one of the earliest military aircraft to implement supercruise

I am better known on the internet for my bottom brackets and reaming videos. My bottom brackets have precision tolerances and are widely acclaimed for their performance. They are used by a broad spectrum of cyclists ranging from commuters to elite-level athletes.

My reaming videos usually involve engineering analysis of some “world-class” manufacturer for general engineering incompetence (usually manufacturing), misleading information and the comedic lawsuit that follows.

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Disinformation, Fake Information

A common criticism of the cycling industry is that of false claims, wild performance figures and questionable test data. Companies and individual such as Marcin Golec AbsoluteBlack (LucidIP SLU) and Gerard Vroomen/Open Cycle have previously used legal threats to suppress negative commentary about their products. This has largely stopped due to major governments worldwide legislating against SLAPPS (strategic lawsuits against public participation).

However, the industry has recently moved with attempts to discredit engineers by making false statements about their background, their methods and raising question marks about their personal and engineering integrity. This is often distributed using fake or paid automated accounts on social media and internet forums – Instagram and YouTube are popular mediums.

I have a professional Engineering License to practice across Europe. As a requirement of my continual registration, my work (including this website and YouTube channel) is regularly validated and audited to ensure that I adhere to requirements. This is enforced by the regulatory body. A licensing condition is to ensure I do not make false or misleading statements about myself, any products which I review, and the testing methodologies used to review them (such as wheels). Given my media presence, particular attention is paid to this area. Professional engineers conduct this audit and follow a strict procedure with stringent criteria. My last audit was conducted in June of 2023 and I passed without concerns. Whilst nothing is guaranteed, this level of rigour is substantially more than that applied to the wider cycling industry and the brands operating within it.

Since late 2019…

Since late 2019, the day to day running of the Hambini website has been handled by some other members of my family. I did this so I could focus on more technical aspects and make youtube videos which is something I very much enjoy.

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