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I am most well known for having a YouTube channel that is a mix of cars, bikes, hardcore engineering, bad language, all with a hint of sarcasm.

I work for a large multi-national organization in a senior engineering position. In the past I have provided consultancy work for a number of different companies in the fields of aerodynamics. Some notable clients have included Toyota Motorsport (Turbos), a couple of Formula 1 teams (Turbos), a National cycling team (Aerodynamics TT and Velodrome) and two World Tour cycling teams (Bike frame and wheel aerodynamics)

I am the world’s worst loser, I hate losing with a passion but only with things that I care about. I have a bike that gets hammered on a daily basis and is rarely cleaned. I have never cared about the aerodynamics, the comfort or the minuscule details. It is purely a machine to get me from A to B. Conversely, in my professional career, I search for the limits of performance and max everything out. I have an anal attention to engineering detail… Aircraft that I have been involved with have the most advanced aerodynamics of their generation and my turbos have a thermal efficiency that is leagues better than the OEM

In my spare time, I design and make engineering components. My most famous products are my bottom brackets which are used all over the world, from shopping bikes on the streets of Amsterdam to the bikes of professional riders in the World Tour. My bottom brackets are amongst the stiffest and lowest friction in the world.

All Hambini products are designed and manufactured with excellence as standard. There are no famous far eastern manufacturing tolerances and if there are any problems, there is no passing the buck, they are dealt with promptly. I have a professional reputation that was built on attention to detail and I adopt the same philosophy with the items that carry my name.

On a personal note, I take great pride in my engineering skill and reputation, if you have any problems or questions (no matter how small) please contact me and I will do my utmost to resolve them. support@hambini.com

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Since late 2019…

Since late 2019, the day to day running of the Hambini website has been handled by some other members of my family. I did this so I could focus on more technical aspects and make youtube videos which is something I very much enjoy.

Thanks Sachin