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If you have a technical query, support request or some other question, then please email

Please note the following:

  • If you are asking a “Will it Fit” type question, please include your bike frame, the year and the crankset that you intend to fit.
  • I can only answer queries about hambini products/bearings/items sold on this website
  • I cannot answer questions about other manufacturers’ products

If you are emailing to request a reservation of an item, please ensure you have fully signed up as a user on the website with your billing and shipping addresses filled in.

*Please do not send attachments totaling more than 5Mb in size as the email may be deleted*

    If you wish to send large attachments, it is recommended to use email.

    Postal Address and Business Details

    Full Dravidian Name: Arampamoorthy Sachinder Srikantha Sanjeevkumar Varaprasatham Hambinathan

    The postal mail address is:

    Hambini ENG, 21 Augusta Close, Grimsby DN34 4TQ, United Kingdom

    Please do not return anything without a return number, I receive a lot of packages through the post and prioritise returns. If there is no number on the package then Identification can prove problematic!

    My UK VAT Number is GB 347867351, the VAT address is 21 Augusta Close, Grimsby DN34 4TQ, United Kingdom. The number can be verified on the HMRC Website