Grease for Bicycles: A practical guide to bearings and assembly

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Introduction Grease is an often talked about but little understood. It can have a significant impact on performance on a bike specifically in the area of transmission frictional losses (watts). This guide covers the practical aspects of using grease as a lubricant and as an assembly aid. Following a number of questions arising from a […]

Winspace Hyper X Wheel Teardown

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The Winspace Hyper X 50mm are highly regarded, they have very good aerodynamic properties and are comfortably the fastest wheels you can buy in 50mm rim depth. The Winspace hubs use standard 6000 series bearings of common sizes. This video shows you how to remove the bearings and replace them if they are worn or […]

Warning: Fake Loctite Products

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One of my viewers contacted me about an issue he was having with the installation of a set of NTN bearings. He purchased what he believed to be Loctite 641 from an online supplier, this was promptly delivered with a label indicating it to be “high strength”. This is incorrect as high strength Loctite is […]