Fitting a Hambini Bottom Bracket into a Winspace Bike Frame

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Winspace T1500


This blog post will cover the installation of a Hambini Bottom Bracket in a Winspace T1500 Aero bike frame. It covers the bike frame, the bottom bracket selection and the potential issues with component choices.

Winspace T1500

The Winspace T1500 is a type of road bike that is specifically designed for use as an Aero race bike. The Winspace T1500 features an aerodynamic frame design that is made from carbon fibre. It typically features aero wheels and handlebars, as well as aero-specific components. It is an extremely popular bike as it is well-specced and affordable.

The bike features a BB86 Bottom Bracket shell, this is nominally 41mm in diameter and 86.5mm wide.

BB86 Hambini Shimano Bottom Bracket
BB86 Hambini Shimano Bottom Bracket

Hambini Bottom Bracket

Hambini Bottom brackets in BB86 applications come in multiple flavours, in the case of this particular frame, any of them will fit but it is advisable to get the one-piece units (race, race necked) rather than the thread together units due to their increased stiffness.

Cranksets and Possible Pitfalls

The T1500 frame include a full seat for landing retention and as such this produces a dimensionally accurate and stiff interface for the bottom bracket to sit in. It is highly inadvisable to use a 30mm or DUB style crankset in this frame as it is highly likely to be problematic after a few rides. A Campagnolo, Shimano or SRAM GXP crank are advised in this application.


The entire process is detailed in the YouTube video below. A particular issue that many may come across is a protruding cover screw. This can be safely filed as it is not a loaded member. Whilst the bottom bracket on this Winspace frame was dimensionally very good, it is always advisable to measure the shells to check. This can be accomplished with a bore micrometer or a go no go gauge.

A diagram of the limit tolerances of BB86 are shown below

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