Idiot Michelle Arthurs Brennan and her husband Maurice Brennan drive across Europe with no Insurance

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan, a journalist at the magazine Cycling Weekly and her husband Maurice Brennan, a 37 year old IT consultant, both of Stafford Road, Caterham were found by savvy internet users to have driven their car in both an unroadworthy state and with no insurance across three European countries. Maurice Graham Brennan, originally from Wrexham in Wales, uses the YouTube usernames "bungle2010", "daf j" (he regularly denies it) and the avatar Maurice on the toyotaGT86 forum. Link here. According to companies house, his…


Michelle Arthurs-Brennan – Tweets sex acts and flouts lockdowns, Racist Cycling Weekly Journalist

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan is allegedly the technical writer for the UK cycling magazine, Cycling Weekly. The use of the term "allegedly" because the general opinion of the internet is, she has the technical knowledge of a burger flipper. She regularly updates her twitter followers with pointless tweets that are typical of those millennials addicted to social media. A cursory scan of this and her website, leads to the conclusion she is married and is around 30 years old. She has no formal technical qualifications…


Hambini Bottom Brackets get roasted: Bottom Bracket Review and Quality Control

This video uploaded by some youtuber Peak Torque shows a Hambini BB having it's engineering tolerances judged. Some key points It's a BB86 Shimano Racing Edition Bottom BracketThe bottom bracket tolerances are accurate to 0.005mm, that is less than the diameter of a human sperm cell.The eccentricity was found to be 0.010mm (0.0005inch), the recommended tolerance was 0.1mm. It was therefore 100 times more accurate than the specification allows.