Hambini Engineering featured on LawStreet: Shimano Crank Lawsuit

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I was named in the class action lawsuit brought by various claimants against Shimano and Trek. Some more on that will be coming soon in a YouTube video, but until then, you can read the full article here.

The author of the Law Street report did a cracking job of selecting the perfect annotated slide from the entire deck. This one might be above American visitors!

image 9
image 8

You can see the Original Engineering Teardown below

And the follow up reaming after the recall was announced here

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  1. My crank failed. I feel the aluminum was not treated properly, thus making it prone to corrosion. Some people on line are stating that it is from improper cleaning (lack of). I’ve done testing on painted aluminum samples in a salt spray both and almost no creep or delamination at the end of the test.

  2. As a retired Corrosion Engineer w/ 2 of these cranks, I can’t believe Shimano made cranks from dissimilar metals. Wtf? Though, many engineers I’ve met were taught little about corrosion. Criminal.
    I would have never bought these cranks if I had known. I tried to join the lawsuit but no luck. Luckily, I don’t ride in the wet much anymore.
    Thanks for the information. Great job!