Eurobike VLOG Part 1

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As an avid cycling enthusiast and an engineering (s)expert, I was thrilled to be part of Eurobike, the world’s leading cycling trade fair. This event was a unique blend of innovation and tradition, attracting cycling aficionados from all corners of the globe. My presence there, brought an additional layer of excitement for those who followed my work.

I had gained a somewhat cult following in the cycling community for my in-depth analyses of cycling performance from an engineering perspective. My approach was straightforward and often laced with humor, making complex technicalities both understandable and engaging. At Eurobike, I delved into the latest advancements in bike design, materials, and aerodynamics. My passion for precision and quality aligned seamlessly with Eurobike’s ethos of showcasing the newest and best in cycling technology.

My participation there was particularly pertinent at a time when cycling technology was evolving rapidly. With the rise of electric bikes and new materials offering better strength-to-weight ratios, my insights into these developments were more crucial than ever. Whether I was discussing the aerodynamic efficiency of a new frame or debunking myths about carbon fiber, I aimed to bring clarity and depth to the conversations at Eurobike.

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  1. I’m unsure about buying a 3T Italia, can you do a review on it? I hear they are nice but the design is flawed…thanks