Engineering Analysis: Grease or Retaining Compound

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Loctite 641 Retaining Compound

This article is a technical discussion of the pros and cons of using grease or retaining compound for installation of bearings and bottom brackets. A general trend in recent times has been a move towards slacker fits. This improves performance and service life.

BB30A83 Custom Bottom Bracket Designed and Manufactured – Cannondale Topstone

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Cannondale BB30A83 Shimano Bottom Bracket

A Hambini viewer recently enquired about a bottom bracket for his Cannondale TopStone Gravel bike. This bike uses a BB30A83 bottom bracket. A design which is highly unusual, extremely rare and unique to Cannondale. From the frame centerline, the driveside and non drive side apertures have an asymmetrical offset – hence the “A” in BB30A83. […]

High End Bike Shop trashes a Parlee Z5 frame by using Epoxy to fix a creaky bottom bracket

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Parlee Z5 Epoxy Repair

A high end bike shop in London decided it would be a good idea to fix a customer’s Parlee Z5 bike frame by using Epoxy to glue some Campagnolo bottom bracket cups in to the bike frame. What followed was a customer who was repeatedly going through bottom bracket cups – often in the space […]

Hambini Bottom Bracket Install: Yoeleo R12 Disc Kyro’s House

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BB386 EVO Bottom Bracket

Fresh from YouTube is another Hambini Bottom bracket install. This time in a Yoeleo R12. This is a revision of the R11 bike Frame that The Unabiker had issues with and it highlights the problems of frame tolerances. The bottom bracket is made to much tighter tolerances than the frames they are pushed into.