Bertoletti Legend Frame

$7K Legend by Bertoletti: Appalling Bespoke Handmade bike frame

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This bike frame was personally delivered to Hambini HQ by the purchaser who lived in Boston, MA, USA. He had flown to Italy to pick up his dream bike frame and then onto Manchester to get a Hambini bottom bracket custom fitted to his bike frame.

What followed was quite possibly one of the worst pieces of manufacturing the bike industry has seen and an attitude towards public relations that Bertoletti probably regrets.

The frame was found to have multiple defects,

  • Deformed bottom bracket shell
  • Swarf inside the bottom bracket aperture
  • Swarf inside the head tube
  • Chatter marks on the lower headset bearing seat
  • Chatter marks on the Upper headset bearing seat
  • huge gap between the rear mech hanger and the frame
  • A rippled brake mount
  • Seat clamp reliefs that were misaligned
  • Seat clamp hole reliefs that were distorted

You can see the full video here

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