Cannondale Systemsix Custom Bottom Bracket PF30A Shimano

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Cannondale SystemSix PF30A Bottom Bracket

A Hambini YouTube Channel viewer got into contact about a replacement bottom bracket for his Cannondale SystemSix. This particular frame uses a PF30A bottom bracket which is a variant on the original PF30 bottom Bracket that SRAM came out with in 2011. PF30A uses a 73mm wide asymmetric shell. Cannondale are the only adopters of PF30A and it is not actively used by any other manufacturers. As a result the aftermarket and OE market options are sparse.

The viewer also wanted a necked design to give him ample clearance for hydraulic lines.

As part of the project and to ensure the fit of the bottom bracket, a gauge was supplied so the end user could check their frame prior to manufacture of the BB

The bottom bracket was specified with NTN Bearings, Shimano (Rotor 24mm) fitment and uses the customary one piece design. The final result can be seen below.

Here is a link to bottom bracket before installation on the bike.

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  1. Hi Hambini I would be interested to buy bottom brackem for my Supersix evo 2021. But using Campagnolo ekar crack. Would it be possible?

    1. I’m not sure about that one, I’ve only ever seen it with a PF30A. The only bike with a BB30A that I’m aware of is the CAAD.

  2. Nearly 8 months on and this BB is running beautifully. Feels like a solid pedaling platform (didn’t think there’d be a noticeable subjective difference but feels like it). Worth buying, would recommend (In fact a friend has since bought a Hambini BB for his TT bike after having a look at this one).