AbsoluteBLACK Hollowcage OSPW arrives for a review

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Thanks to Grant from GC Performance YouTube channel for sending in his AbsoluteBLACK Hollowcage OSPW. This has now come in for a review.

You can find out some other attributes of the AbsoluteBLACK Hollowcage OSPW in the pre-review located here

5 thoughts on “AbsoluteBLACK Hollowcage OSPW arrives for a review

  1. I can’t wait for this!

  2. just ordered a BIG tub of popcorn for this one.!!

  3. Ive always enjoyed and respected Hambinis excellent appraisal of various velocipedal paraphernalias, but why oh why has Hambini stooped to inspecting sex toys. Cockrings should have no place in the act of cycling.

  4. Maybe you and Peak Torque should make your own OSPW. Between the two of you you have more know-how than these muppets.

  5. Who cares if it works, it looks kool!!!! 😉 I’ll get me coat…

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