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08/01/2021 A new page has been uploaded with bearing maintenance procedures, this will be updated and expanded over time.

06/01/2021 Shipping to EU countries has been reinstated, you will not be charged VAT but you may be liable to import duties and taxes when the item is delivered locally.

31/12/2020 Italian threaded bottom brackets to Shimano will be available shortly, these BB’s are commonly used on Pinarello bikes. A page allowing to you to sign up for notifications is here

14/12/2020 The comments system has been updated and moved away from Disqus. This should allow faster and more streamlined commenting.

23/10/2020 T47 (47mm x 68mm) 68mm to Shimano bottom brackets will be coming soon.

Popular Products

Hambini BSA Threaded Bottom Bracket – Now Available

A lot of people have shown interest in the BSA bottom bracket that was featured in the video below.

A product and information page is available here. This bottom bracket has been released

Recent Posts

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    Michelle Arthurs-Brennan, a journalist at the magazine Cycling Weekly and her husband Maurice Brennan, a 37 year old IT consultant, both of Stafford Road, Caterham were found by savvy internet users to have driven their car in both an unroadworthy state and with no insurance across […]
  • Hambini Bottom Bracket installed in a Cervelo frame
    A Hambini bottom bracket user from Canada sent this link to their mechanic installing a Hambini BB into a Cervelo bike frame. The music and install are quite therapeutic!
  • Michelle Arthurs-Brennan – Tweets sex acts and flouts lockdowns, Racist Cycling Weekly Journalist
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  • Hambini Bottom Bracket in a Specialized Tarmac SL6
    A Hambini BB user sent in this video of his Specialized Tarmac SL6 with a Hambini BB30 to Shimano Bottom Bracket installed. As always, an unloaded spin test is not a good indicator of loaded performance!
  • Testing to Find the Fastest Bicycle Wheels
    ***Please note the graph and the data on this page will no longer be updated. The main issue being the control tyre is no longer manufactured by Continental. Additionally, test methods have moved on and Dnitriev number will be used as the basis for future testing*** […]