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In the latest video on the Hambini YouTube Channel, a set of LOOK Keo blade ceramic pedals with carbon leaf springs was dismantled. They were found to be well made.

video here

Look Keo Pedal Teardown
Look Keo Pedal Teardown

A selection of popular products from the Hambini Webshop. You will find a selection of bearings, tools and bottom brackets. If there is something you cannot find or have a query with. Please use the contact page.

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Hambini SRI BSA Shimano Crankset
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Hambini SRI Bottom Brackets

After several years of dedicated research and development, I am pleased to announce the release of Hambini SRI bottom brackets. This new product represents a significant breakthrough in manufacturing techniques, blending innovation with affordability. As someone deeply passionate about engineering and committed to enhancing rider experience, this launch is particularly special to me. Quality control…

Favero Assioma Pedal Axle Failures
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Favero Assioma Pedal Axle Failures

A concerned viewer recently reached out to the Hambini YouTube channel, reporting a peculiar failure of a Favero pedal axle. While Favero is widely respected for the precision of their power meters, there’s scant discussion about the quality of their mechanical engineering. In the “Unfortunate F*cker of the Week” segment, featured in Hambini’s Sunday reaming,…

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AbsoluteBlack hollowcage OSPW
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AbsoluteBLACK Hollowcage $700 OSPW leaves company reputation in tatters

AbsoluteBLACK (real name LUCID IP SLU registered in Andorra) were destroyed on social media after their claims about ceramic bearings, power savings and watts were questioned. They systematically curated both their own social media accounts and comments on other accounts. They removed large numbers of comments that questioned their aerodynamic and power claims