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In the latest video on the Hambini YouTube Channel, a set of prototype wheels from Farsports arrived for contract testing. You can see how they performed.

video here

Farsports Prototype Wheels

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Elitewheels G45
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Elitewheels Low Inertia Aero Gravel Drive G45

9Velo is a relatively new company, but the individuals behind it have been in the carbon fibre wheel industry for a considerable length of time. These gravel wheels have some of the highest levels of manufacturing quality that I have ever seen. The hubs are probably the best ones you can buy; they make DT Swiss units look like rough copies in comparison.

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Eurobike VLOG Part 1

As an avid cycling enthusiast and an engineering (s)expert, I was thrilled to be part of Eurobike, the world’s leading cycling trade fair. This event was a unique blend of innovation and tradition, attracting cycling aficionados from all corners of the globe. My presence there, brought an additional layer of excitement for those who followed…

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AbsoluteBlack hollowcage OSPW
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AbsoluteBLACK Hollowcage $700 OSPW leaves company reputation in tatters

AbsoluteBLACK (real name LUCID IP SLU registered in Andorra) were destroyed on social media after their claims about ceramic bearings, power savings and watts were questioned. They systematically curated both their own social media accounts and comments on other accounts. They removed large numbers of comments that questioned their aerodynamic and power claims