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Real World Flow Cycling Aerodynamics
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Modern Real World Cycling Aerodynamics

Cycling aerodynamics in recent times has been dominated by “wind tunnel data” used by vendors to highlight the benefits of their particular wheel or frameset. This data has often been shrouded in marketing spin accompanied by some lavish blurb about yaw angles. However, there has been a recent trend towards discounting this data or at…

AbsoluteBlack hollowcage OSPW
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AbsoluteBLACK Hollowcage $700 OSPW leaves company reputation in tatters

AbsoluteBLACK (real name LUCID IP SLU registered in Andorra) were destroyed on social media after their claims about ceramic bearings, power savings and watts were questioned. They systematically curated both their own social media accounts and comments on other accounts. They removed large numbers of comments that questioned their aerodynamic and power claims

Bicycle Wheel Power Data 50km/h
Aerodynamics | Popular | Technical | Wheels

Bicycle Wheel Power Data 50km/h

Over several years, bike wheels have been tested for aerodynamic performance. To date, this is the largest independent dataset available. Popular brands such as DT Swiss, SwissSide, Shimano, Mavic and Bontrager have all been tested. This dataset was originally derived from wind tunnel test data but has latterly moved over to Dinitriev number with a…