Welcome to the Hambini Engineering website. This website started off as my place on the internet for me to detail technical aspects of bikes, cars and my love of engineering. This is largely in conjunction with my YouTube channel where content mainly involves bikes and cars.

Hambini products are rated extremely highly, the average rating for technical proficiency and quality is 4.95 out of 5. All products are sold directly, there are no distributors or retail outlets. Genuine Hambini products can only be purchased from this website.

Since starting the website and the combined YouTube channel, I have become one of the largest stockists of bicycle bearings in the UK, I supply many of the UK's wheelbuilders preodminantly with NTN bearings. The current offering is NTN, SKF and FAG. This portfolio will be increased to cover Timken and NSK in the near future.

20.09.2017 SITE ADMIN

To keep everyone in the loop. My first employee (Mrs. H) will be looking after the admin of hambini.com. I'll still be here updating it and answering any questions. This is mainly due to demand, juggling this and a day job is not easy. I'll still be polluting youtube and twitter! Thanks Hambini

08.09.2017 SITE UPGRADES

I am currently in the process of updating site data, some of the content pages will redirect to the homepage until I finish. If you get any issues, please email me. Thanks Hambini


Due to higher than expected demand, I have now sold out of BB86 bottom brackets. I will be making some more towards the end of the week. 

I will be upgrading the site interface to give more emphasis to technical articles. this change will be coming over the next few days. Thanks Hambini

01.09.2017 PF86/BB86 BOTTOM BRACKETS

PF86/BB86 Shimano BB86 Bottom brackets are now available. Initially a quantity of 5 will be listed. I will be making more towards the end of the week. Thanks Hambini

27.08.2017 PF86/BB86 BOTTOM BRACKETS

BB86 bottom brackets are complete. I only have a limited number of fitting adaptors currently available and some people "pre-ordered" (by e-mailing me) so those orders will be fulfilled before they go on general release. Thanks Hambini


A couple of users have spotted that some of the reviews have disappeared as the website was migrated over. I am going through and manually fixing these. Thanks for your understanding.

BB86 Bottom brackets will be available next week. 


My latest hambini video on salient aerodynamics is below. Additionally, I now have a twitter account which is not so much bicycle/car related, it's more to do with general on goings such as F1, my random pictures that I take and all that sort of stuff. Add me!!! I'm @HambiniENG 

Hambini Engineering, Unit 11386 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset BH16 6FH UK