Welcome to the Hambini Engineering website. This website started off as my place on the internet for me to detail technical aspects of bikes, cars and my love of engineering. This is largely in conjunction with my YouTube channel where content mainly involves bikes and cars.

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  • Hambini Website Day to Day Running

    Hello Hambini Fans.

    A lot of you have emailed me asking why I have not been publishing videos of late, the main reason for this is despite my best intentions. My weekends have been swallowed up by having to machine orders, processing them, going to the post office etc. This is coupled with a day job through the week.

    Therefore in the coming months, the day to day running of the website will be transferred to some other members of my family.

    I will still be the individual on the end of the email but the packing, inventory, going to the post office etc will be handled by somebody else.



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  • Bicycle Wheel Aerodynamics, Which one is fastest!

    In terms of drag caused by a bicycle rider, the biggest loss is caused by the rider themselves followed by the wheels and frame.

    The drag caused by wheels is significant because of two fundamental reasons. The first is they hit the air first as they are the most forward part of the bike and second because they are rotating. The effective air speed at the top of a wheel/tyre is double the indicated speed of the bike.

    In the bike industry, wheel aerodynamic testing has generally been conducted by two groups of people - Wheel manufacturers and journalists. Wheel manufacturers will usually adjust tests to make their particular wheels look more favourable than their competitors in testing. This is usually achieved by a combination of adjusting speeds and angles. The reality is this type of test is not impartial.

    Journalists on the other hand tend to visit their local university and ask some clever boffin to conduct their testing for them and give them the

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