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The Hambini Blog is focused on engineering. There are dedicated sections in the areas of tribology and aerodynamics. A number of articles focus on the practical problems in engineering and specifically bicycles. These articles are a great source of information and popular amongst bicycle shops.

Dolan Bike Frame, Rubbish QA QC
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Dolan Bikes DR1 Bike Frame: Custom Bottom Bracket

The British company Dolan (based near Ormskirk in Lancashire, England) have been famous for supplying bikes to many household names over the years and specifically in the field of track cycling. In the late nineties, they started to import frames from the far east. A Dolan DR1 bike frame was initially brought in to Mapdec…

Magene Exar Wheels
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Review: Magene Exar RB45 Pro Asymmetric Road Bike Wheels

Introduction Magene are a fairly new entrant into the road bike wheel marketplace but they are well known for their power meter and turbo trainer offerings. Magene also have a large OEM presence. Exar is their wheel specific sub brand. The wheels on test are RB45 Pro rim brake wheels with a Shimano freehub. They…