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A selection of popular products from the Hambini Webshop. You will find a selection of bearings, tools and bottom brackets. If there is something you cannot find or have a query with. Please use the contact page.

Hambini Blog

The Hambini Blog is focused on engineering. There are dedicated sections in the areas of tribology and aerodynamics. A number of articles focus on the practical problems in engineering and specifically bicycles. These articles are a great source of information and popular amongst bicycle shops.

  • Farsports Ventoux Wheel Teardown
    This video shows you how to replace the bearings in a Farsports Ventoux wheelset. This covers the front hub, rear hub and rear freehub. A review of the wheelset is available here The replacement bearings are as follows NTN 6803 LLB, Quantity 5 NTN 6903 LLB, Quantity 1 Overaxle presses are as follows 6903 overaxle […]
  • Hambini Bottom Bracket Install: Yoeleo R12 Disc Kyro’s House
    Fresh from YouTube is another Hambini Bottom bracket install. This time in a Yoeleo R12. This is a revision of the R11 bike Frame that The Unabiker had issues with and it highlights the problems of frame tolerances. The bottom bracket is made to much tighter tolerances than the frames they are pushed into.
  • Yoeleo R11 Undersized Bottom Bracket fixed
    Here is a video posted by The Unabiker on YouTube. In it he describes some of the problems he had with his Yoeleo frame and specifically trying to fit a Hambini Bottom Bracket into it. Yoeleo have historically had decent tolerances but it shows that nobody is immune. The check to get it fixed and […]
  • Farsports Ventoux C6 56mm Wheel Review
    Farsports are a chinese company that has been in the wheelset business for a number of years. Their products have been widely used amongst budget conscious riders wishing to get the best bang for their buck by buying directly from the far east.
  • Deliveries to EU Countries
    From July 01 2021, VAT regulations within EU countries will be changing. All items sent to EU countries will incur VAT and deliveries of a value below €150 will require small businesses to be registered for VAT in EU countries. At the original publication of this post, there was a minimum order limit for EU […]
  • Teardown: Campagnolo Ultra Torque Crankset Mechanics explained in Depth
    Campagnolo cranksets have a reputation of being well engineered and robust but they are not without their problems and quirks. This post explains one of those in detail which surrounds the myths of the preload system, the “safety clip”, the system stiffness (or lack of it) and the involved nature of a bearing replacement. Campagnolo Ultra Torque is found on many of the upper range of Cranksets including the Super Record and Record.