BSA 68mm Shimano Bottom Bracket

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a Shimano 24mm Hollowtech 2  Crankset with a bike frame that uses a BSA Bottom Bracket.

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  • BSA 68mm Threaded (1.37 x 24TPI), Often refererred to as English, BSC or ISO threading.
  • Drive side has a Left Handed Thread, Non Drive Side has a Right Handed Thread
  • Shimano Hollowtech 2 compatible
  • The drive and non drive sides are aligned via an internal male/female sleeve
  • Top of the range 6805  SKF/NTN/FAG/NSK bearings fitted as standard
  • Non contacting Seals

This bottom bracket was featured in the video shown below. The unit featured in the video was silver, the production unit is black.


Installation and service video is shown below


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23 reviews for BSA 68mm Shimano Bottom Bracket

  1. JB3

    Hambini didn’t do a very good job of explaining the key difference with this bb versus an OEM shimano BB. the centre piece is a very close fit between the sides, when this is tightened up, the alignment is perfect and adds to stiffness. When I’ve had split cups from Hope, the cup spirals within the threads when tightening and it’s slightly out.

    The spin difference is out of this world. I’ve ridden it for about 250km and you can feel the difference, it is way stiffer than the OE Shimano.

    This is a precision product and you can see the care and detail that he has taken to do it. I’d buy another one in a flash. I was skeptical as to whether it was worth it in threaded but his products and his service won me over. First class in every respect.

  2. Robert Riding

  3. Anonymous

    Having had some major bottom bracket issues with an older model Trek Madone I wanted my latest gravek bike to be a BB68 threaded bottom bracket. After much research and stumbling apon Hambini I decided to go all in and buy this to replace my Standard Shimano bottom bracket. To say the difference is night and day is the understatement of the year. The old BB is like a fisher price toy compared to this. The workmanship, fit and feel is so much better it nearly made a growing man cry. If you love your bike and engineering buy this. If not. Dont. But you wont regret it if you do!

  4. Jacob

    Fucking class!

  5. Anonymous

    Great product and fast shipping!

  6. Kevin

    Finally got a chance to install my BSA Hambini BB and I wanted to let you know how pleased I was! The BB replaces a Dura Ace 3-piece unit with < 600 miles on it. I knew yours was going to be better, but I have to admit I was utterly gobsmacked when I compared the two head to head. The resistance you could feel in the Shimano unit was truly shocking. I shouldn’t say it had gotten worse with a few miles on it. I just didn’t realize how freely the bearings could spin until I’d felt something with that much less resistance. I think it was actually that bad when I installed it. It’s now very hard for me to believe it was designed with that much resistance. It’s much easier for me to think I’d received a defective unit, but really, who knows? In any case, you’ve probably given me back 10-20 watts of free power. I cannot wait to go out and improve on all my Strava personal bests! Thanks and Cheers! I’m so glad I’ve supported a small business that’s made a truly superior product.

  7. Roy norman


  8. Craig S.

    Fantastic bottom bracket and beautifully crafted

  9. Peter Jansen

    I did not think you could get much better than a Shimano BB until I tried this. This BB makes all of the others look like toys. The remarkable thing is on YouTube, he portraits himself to be some idiotic stupid 5 year old engineer, the reality is very different. This BB has clearly been well designed and made. It is expensive but of you want the very best then this is it. When you get on the gas, you can feel the difference

  10. Peter S.

    I had been having issues with bottom brackets for years in my Ti road frame, after taping and facing and fitting a Hambini bottom bracket as recommended by a friend I now have a creak free bike and crank arms that spin beautifully. Thank you so much for producing such a quality product. Fantastic engineering.

  11. John T.

  12. Mark Hubbard

    I installed the bottom bracket and gave the initial spin test – much smoother than the ceramic bearings I was previously running. First ride showed a 10 watt increase in my average watts, the cranks feels so smooth yet stiffer – very impressed!

  13. Richard Bryan

    The difference between the Hambini BB and the Shimano Dura ace is incredible. I didn’t take the weight, but it’s definitely much heavier than the plastic Shimano product; perhaps 3 or 4 times heavier. And before installation I wasn’t quite sure it would be worth the investment. But the results after installation were outstanding. I made a short video on August 23rd and put it on my Facebook page.

  14. John W.

    Excellent BB, top quality. Installation was easy and Hambini was helpful to ensure I got the correct BB. Now to the performance, I was very impressed with the noticeable difference in feel, stiffness and my output. To me the cost was justified. Thanks!

  15. Muhammad

    Master hambini was correct… totally worth the purchase. My bottom bracket creek is now gone. Highly recommend

  16. Mike Norton

    BB, performs amazingly. Spin test went great. I highly recommend this lifelong BB if you want to reduce your friction, increase stiffness or eliminate BB cream. Expensive, but I think worth it. Shipping was faster than I expected.

  17. Anonymous

    Expensive but one of the best upgrades on my Ti bike.
    A very noticeable increase in power transfer over the fitted Shimano Ultegra BB.

  18. Mark H.

    Quality product, cranks spin so smoothly – my output has gone up by 10 watt average. If you have BSA BB buy no other BB.

  19. John S.

    Beautifully machined and easily fitted. Improved spin test for what that’s worth; 1.75 rotations to 4.5 rotations. When riding the pedals feel easier to turn too and I cycle faster! Now I can replace the bearings when worn with standard sized bearings of good quality rather than having to use Shimano’s short lasting non- standard bearings in their throw away, bottom bracket. Well done Hambini!

  20. Klaus

    Cycling around town on my brand new bike
    – maybe I’ll give this hot toy a like

    There’s a climb – I’m out of the saddle
    at 270 watts so that I don’t struggle

    tick tick tick what, at 400 watts
    that noise is absurd it’s driving me nuts

    tick click creak -hey- it’s the bb trying to say
    “But I’m no H7 and hope that’s ok!?”

    of course it is not I reply on the spot
    a 6 8 0 5 would do a better job

    but hope was not lost as I got in the post
    Hambini’s bb in a brown cardboard box

    down on my knees the installation’s a breeze
    if your bike creaks you might need one of these

    now climbing hard with me swinging my d**k
    all I hear is silence – that bb’s the lick!!

  21. Melvin Vega Velez

    So far so good, a little pricey ($310.09). I have an ITM Hydrus and it fit like a glove. You would be surprised how smooth this BB actually is. So far I have put 350 miles on this BB and still going strong. Will see how it holds up with time and miles.

  22. Jonathan Silverstein

    If you, serious cyclist, are not able to install a Hambini bottom bracket in your bike, that performance ceiling over your head is not made of glass, but rather iron. The Hambini BB is a requirement as basic as can be in cycling.

  23. ROBERT

    Excellent service and beautiful product. Precision engineering at its best.

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