Hambini Racing BSA Bottom Bracket Shimano Crankset

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a Shimano 24mm Hollowtech 2  Crankset with a bike frame that uses a BSA Bottom Bracket.

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  • BSA 68mm Threaded (1.37 x 24TPI), Often referred to as English, BSC or ISO threading.
  • Drive side has a Left Handed Thread, Non Drive Side has a Right Handed Thread
  • Shimano Hollowtech 2 compatible
  • The drive and non drive sides are aligned via an internal male/female sleeve
  • Top of the range 6805  SKF/NTN/FAG/NSK bearings fitted as standard with non-contacting seals (If you are intending to use this inclement weather/gravel/off road or require extended maintenance intervals, fully sealed bearings can be installed upon request)
  • Removal and installation tool is available here

This bottom bracket was featured in the video shown below. The unit featured in the video was silver, the production unit is black.


Installation and service video is shown below

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159 reviews for Hambini Racing BSA Bottom Bracket Shimano Crankset

  1. JB3

    Hambini didn’t do a very good job of explaining the key difference with this bb versus an OEM shimano BB. the centre piece is a very close fit between the sides, when this is tightened up, the alignment is perfect and adds to stiffness. When I’ve had split cups from Hope, the cup spirals within the threads when tightening and it’s slightly out.

    The spin difference is out of this world. I’ve ridden it for about 250km and you can feel the difference, it is way stiffer than the OE Shimano.

    This is a precision product and you can see the care and detail that he has taken to do it. I’d buy another one in a flash. I was skeptical as to whether it was worth it in threaded but his products and his service won me over. First class in every respect.

  2. Robert Riding

  3. Anonymous

    Having had some major bottom bracket issues with an older model Trek Madone I wanted my latest gravek bike to be a BB68 threaded bottom bracket. After much research and stumbling apon Hambini I decided to go all in and buy this to replace my Standard Shimano bottom bracket. To say the difference is night and day is the understatement of the year. The old BB is like a fisher price toy compared to this. The workmanship, fit and feel is so much better it nearly made a growing man cry. If you love your bike and engineering buy this. If not. Dont. But you wont regret it if you do!

  4. Jacob

    Fucking class!

  5. Anonymous

    Great product and fast shipping!

  6. Kevin

    Finally got a chance to install my BSA Hambini BB and I wanted to let you know how pleased I was! The BB replaces a Dura Ace 3-piece unit with < 600 miles on it. I knew yours was going to be better, but I have to admit I was utterly gobsmacked when I compared the two head to head. The resistance you could feel in the Shimano unit was truly shocking. I shouldn’t say it had gotten worse with a few miles on it. I just didn’t realize how freely the bearings could spin until I’d felt something with that much less resistance. I think it was actually that bad when I installed it. It’s now very hard for me to believe it was designed with that much resistance. It’s much easier for me to think I’d received a defective unit, but really, who knows? In any case, you’ve probably given me back 10-20 watts of free power. I cannot wait to go out and improve on all my Strava personal bests! Thanks and Cheers! I’m so glad I’ve supported a small business that’s made a truly superior product.

  7. Roy norman


  8. Craig S.

    Fantastic bottom bracket and beautifully crafted

  9. Peter Jansen

    I did not think you could get much better than a Shimano BB until I tried this. This BB makes all of the others look like toys. The remarkable thing is on YouTube, he portraits himself to be some idiotic stupid 5 year old engineer, the reality is very different. This BB has clearly been well designed and made. It is expensive but of you want the very best then this is it. When you get on the gas, you can feel the difference

  10. Peter S.

    I had been having issues with bottom brackets for years in my Ti road frame, after taping and facing and fitting a Hambini bottom bracket as recommended by a friend I now have a creak free bike and crank arms that spin beautifully. Thank you so much for producing such a quality product. Fantastic engineering.

  11. John T.

  12. Mark Hubbard

    I installed the bottom bracket and gave the initial spin test – much smoother than the ceramic bearings I was previously running. First ride showed a 10 watt increase in my average watts, the cranks feels so smooth yet stiffer – very impressed!

  13. Richard Bryan

    The difference between the Hambini BB and the Shimano Dura ace is incredible. I didn’t take the weight, but it’s definitely much heavier than the plastic Shimano product; perhaps 3 or 4 times heavier. And before installation I wasn’t quite sure it would be worth the investment. But the results after installation were outstanding. I made a short video on August 23rd and put it on my Facebook page.

  14. John W.

    Excellent BB, top quality. Installation was easy and Hambini was helpful to ensure I got the correct BB. Now to the performance, I was very impressed with the noticeable difference in feel, stiffness and my output. To me the cost was justified. Thanks!

  15. Muhammad

    Master hambini was correct… totally worth the purchase. My bottom bracket creek is now gone. Highly recommend

  16. Mike Norton

    BB, performs amazingly. Spin test went great. I highly recommend this lifelong BB if you want to reduce your friction, increase stiffness or eliminate BB cream. Expensive, but I think worth it. Shipping was faster than I expected.

  17. Anonymous

    Expensive but one of the best upgrades on my Ti bike.
    A very noticeable increase in power transfer over the fitted Shimano Ultegra BB.

  18. Mark H.

    Quality product, cranks spin so smoothly – my output has gone up by 10 watt average. If you have BSA BB buy no other BB.

  19. John S.

    Beautifully machined and easily fitted. Improved spin test for what that’s worth; 1.75 rotations to 4.5 rotations. When riding the pedals feel easier to turn too and I cycle faster! Now I can replace the bearings when worn with standard sized bearings of good quality rather than having to use Shimano’s short lasting non- standard bearings in their throw away, bottom bracket. Well done Hambini!

  20. Klaus

    Cycling around town on my brand new bike
    – maybe I’ll give this hot toy a like

    There’s a climb – I’m out of the saddle
    at 270 watts so that I don’t struggle

    tick tick tick what, at 400 watts
    that noise is absurd it’s driving me nuts

    tick click creak -hey- it’s the bb trying to say
    “But I’m no H7 and hope that’s ok!?”

    of course it is not I reply on the spot
    a 6 8 0 5 would do a better job

    but hope was not lost as I got in the post
    Hambini’s bb in a brown cardboard box

    down on my knees the installation’s a breeze
    if your bike creaks you might need one of these

    now climbing hard with me swinging my d**k
    all I hear is silence – that bb’s the lick!!

  21. Melvin Vega Velez

    So far so good, a little pricey ($310.09). I have an ITM Hydrus and it fit like a glove. You would be surprised how smooth this BB actually is. So far I have put 350 miles on this BB and still going strong. Will see how it holds up with time and miles.

  22. Jonathan Silverstein

    If you, serious cyclist, are not able to install a Hambini bottom bracket in your bike, that performance ceiling over your head is not made of glass, but rather iron. The Hambini BB is a requirement as basic as can be in cycling.

  23. ROBERT

    Excellent service and beautiful product. Precision engineering at its best.

  24. Edward

    Brilliantly engineered, smooth running, absolute must.

  25. Neil C.

    Seems like a quality product nicely made , quick response to my pre purchase query?

  26. Hobie

    My Miyata loves this BSA BB! I was running BR9100 BB and it really feels a like toy compare to this Hambini BB! Excellent product and fast shipping! I will order more for all my bikes! Thank you so much Hambini!

  27. Charlie Z

    Though listed as backordered, BB arrived in 6 days to San Diego (during covid). Installation took a couple minutes with BBT-9 wrench. Feels very smooth, though I can’t say more so than previous FSA ceramic that came with the bike. Knowing the bearings are properly sized, aligned and easily replaced is what this is about. Good stuff.

  28. Tibor S.

    A simple solution that has been engineered and executed extremely well. The design is inherently superior to others on the market. The accessibility, advice and customer service from Hambini has been exceptional.

  29. Adrian Kent

    Easy fit – works great! – smooth as hell! night & day versus the Shimano std.

  30. Lars

  31. Hobie

    Awesome product! Aerospace engineering to the farthest galaxy!

  32. Charles Z.

    Excellent BB, you french wanker.

  33. Andrew B.

    Initially very good but within 1 month i have had to service the bearings following a few gravel/winter rides!

  34. Dominic

    Fantastic service. Terrific advice. High quality component. Overseas shipping in under a week. I wish all my shopping was as seamless and customer focused.

  35. Adrian Lee

    Prompt delivery and lovely looking product of the highest quality

  36. John

  37. Anonymous

    Great bb

  38. Paul Schulman

    Getting this BB revived a 10 year old Allez frame. I’m so happy with this purchase and am recommending this company to all my bike friends. Price is worth the quality of these BBs

  39. Gregory G.

    Couldn’t be more pleased with the build quality of this bottom bracket. Quick email exchange with Hambini to ensure I had selected the right BB size set me at ease on a significant purchase. Well done!

  40. Robert M.

    Very happy with product replaced a dura ace BSA 68mm bottom bracket on my custom steel Mariposa waiting for the T47 model to upgrade my gravel bike

  41. Michael Willis

    Easy to order. Quick delivery. Beautifully engineered and made bottom bracket. Perfect match with Shimano BB install tool. Cranks spin luvly. Worth it. Very pleased.

  42. LGW Braams

    Great piece of engineering!

  43. Andy Gill

    Quality engineering, advice and prompt delivery.
    I can feel my pedalling effort through the bike more in comparison to regular 3 piece threaded bottom brackets.
    I can only presume more of my effort is getting to the wheels than before.
    Waiting on Hambini Hubs next (25% to me please).

  44. Jeremy

    Not cheap, but its good. Top, top quality piece of kit. Really easy to fit

  45. Jacobus

    Très très fluide. Merci beaucoup!

  46. Kev

    Works without any issues at all.

  47. Christopher Cave Jones

    I fitted two of these to my tandem. It cured the creaking and grinding noises I had been having before. Beautifully smooth. I wonder how long it will last before the bearings need to be replaced. The BBs on tandems take a lot of punishment.

  48. Simon

    All I have is the spin test:
    Previous – Dura-ace 9100 BSA BB comes to a slow stop after a few rotations. Hambini BB keeps spinning and then goes into pendulum mode back and forth.
    Easy process to order and quick delivery.

  49. Austin M.

    F*cking good c*nts

  50. Khalid AL muhairi

    No have any comments. Best quality from Hambini

  51. Shin Suri

    Superb, just feels faster.

  52. Iain

    Fast delivery. Beautifully smooth ride. No creaks.

  53. richardhounslea

    This is not a bottom bracket; it’s a work of art. You just know when inserting the drive side crank without any resistance (or resorting to hammer) and the crank arm just falls down, to-ing and fro-ing in it’s free abandon, that your alignment issues are banished for ever. Installation is easy, it looks ‘the lick’ and the cranks spin beautifully. To clarify an earlier review re: the weight, it weights 105g all in on my salter digital kitchen scales. That’s only 40g more than a Shimano Dura-Ace threaded and 10g more than a Tiagra. The weight is a wash and completely irrelevant for the sheer engineering precision on offer. If you’re hoverin’, just grow a pair and press the ‘buy’ button. If she complains, leave her… Thank you, Hambini and much success to you.

  54. Stuart Cunningham

    After seeing the reviews and watching Hambini in action I thought that this would be the optimum option for my new Enigma Escape dream build. The personal handling of my enquiry just confirmed that I was buying into hand built precision engineering. When it arrived it did not disappoint. Expesive yes.. worth it.. absolutely.. thanks Hambini..

  55. David M.

    Very quick delivery and really easy to install the bottom bracket. The bracket itself is a thing of beauty! I have rode over 1000km with the new BB now and I’m really impressed with it. The bracket area feels so much stiffer than the ultegra BB it replaced and acceleration just feels crisper. I would reccommend this upgrade to anyone. Thank you Hambini!

  56. Jakub B.

    Top notch!

  57. Nick P.

    Great customer service and very fast shipping. Product is incredible.

  58. Greg Fisher

    Built up the bike with a new groupset, set new pb’s with my rear brake rubbing on one side throughout.
    It certainly moves more freely than my previous, brand new shimano bb, looks and feels like a well engineered piece. Confirmed that the bb is well aligned on my seven frame. Increased bb stiffness with a bsa bb, retaining all the comfort of ti (or steel) for less money than a carbon fork. What more could you want from a bb?

  59. Anonymous

    Ordered this as a most wanted item for a while now! Even though I’m not the fastest guy on a bike, love the object and the craftsmanship behind it! Hambini was always there to reply to any question I had. Shipping was mega fast and the video installation make the process so easy!

    The way it’s spin is kinda hypnotic when you install it ahah! Had couple of ride and felt my cranks are turning so smoooooothly, I love it!

  60. Steve G.

    Fast delivery, well packed and Very High Quality.
    I’m very happy with my BSA BB.

  61. Chris Sears

    Y’all were just great.

  62. Derrick

    Easy installation. It running smooths as butter now.
    Thumbs up !!!

  63. Nils

    My last bottom bracket. As of today, my son is being nice to me – there is finally something of value to inherit….

  64. Anthony B.

    The fit and finish on this is first class, almost a work of art.
    Fitting it to my Specialized Sirrus X was child’s play. Out with the old, surprisingly crunchy bearinged crankset, quick clean up and the new one screwed in and lined up perfectly.
    I thought the old bearings were free running but compared to this they were damn near seized. I can definitely feel the difference when riding and the fact that the bearings are easy to source and change is an added bonus.
    Do I feel ripped off because of the price? No! Quality comes at a price and this is a quality item.

  65. Mark Clark

    Fast shipping to USA. Thanks

  66. Falk L.

    Awesome quality. Fast delivery. Very happy.

  67. HugeDan

    You will realize how inferior your old bottom bracket is when you fit this. You would never think a 5 year old designed and made it.

  68. ShropshireHambiniFan

    Being 5 years old, Hambini is no doubt into his toys. This is not one of them. Excellent product, excellent technical service and very fast delivery.

    I have never had previous dealings with engineers before and this experience was very revealing. A man who clearly takes great pride in his engineering and his product. The entire experience was a pleasure. Someone at the top of his game and rightly so. He makes bike shops look like amateurs.

    Totally different to his YouTube persona. Completely professional. Don’t let his YT fool you!!

    Thanks Very much

    A Hambini Fan

  69. Paolo

    Let me start saying that it’s not cheap for a bottom bracket. Shipping is extremely fast. And, you get what you pay for. It looks and feels way better than the shimano one already in your hands. Installation is easy and the cranks spin waaaaay more freely than with the original shimano one. While riding I did notice a difference in pedalling and you can also definitely feel the stiffness increase. So far I’ve not done more than 1000Km on it so I cannot comment on its durability, but I’m sure it will be better than the original ones. I can only recommend it further!

  70. Wai Hong L.

    Lovely bottom bracket, didn’t think it would make any difference, but wow, very smooth and easy to
    Install. Highly recommend this BB

  71. Jeffrey G.

    The ordering process was simple. The bottom bracket was shipped within a day and was in its way to me. Unfortunately, it was held up in Chicago clearing customs and took weeks before being put back in the system for delivery. I finally received it 50 days after ordering. The delay is not Hambini’s fault. I would recommend using FedEx, UPS or DHL for international shipping to the USA as an option. I had ordered the bottom bracket for a 160 km race, but was sadly without it. After arriving, I installed in about 5 minutes. The bearings are superb and my bottom bracket has never been so effortless. It’s expensive, but it is “the shit” and worth the price. Plus, the bearings are replaceable. The Shimano Ultegra bottom bracket it replaced doesn’t compare.

  72. Khalid AL muhairi

    Best quality

  73. J Denton

    Beautifully machined, fit perfectly and, all in, about a 15 minute job. Is it saving watts? Not a clue, but it felt like pedalling a new bike. Now I know some of that will just be fresh bearings, but it never felt like that before even when new….

    As soon as my other bike needs a BB refresh, it’s getting a Hambini BB.

  74. sktloa

    Really bang for your buck ….installation was flawless and it’s night and day compared to my shimano BB… hats off to you sir for producing such high quality product

  75. Alastair

    I changed the groupset (and almost all other parts) on the bike at the same time as the bottom bracket, so I’m not in a position to attribute specific improvements to just this. But it’s a quality piece of engineering, and something that I’m proud of having on my bike. It makes me feel good even just seeing it on the bike, which makes me more likely to get on the bike and go for a ride, which has got to be a good thing.

  76. Mark S.

    Extremely well made BB. Very glad I made this purchase.

  77. Stefan Koulouris

    Delivers on it’s promise of quality engineering.

  78. Anonymous

    Hambini really helped me out when I was a dog

  79. Holger K.

    Hello hambini fans!!!!!!!
    Unfortunately I had to pay 63€ of taxes in Germany due to the infamous brexit. This will make further purchases almost impossible as it raises the already high price to another level. Maybe you should figure out another distribution method… The bb itself is nice but has only run 300k so far, I can’t tell anything about long term results. You have to be very careful to avoid marks from the installation tool.

  80. Edgaras Staniulis

    Product is top notch, exactly what was expected. The current situation with EU/UK and border customs has been a problem at least in Lithuania, so I had to pay extra fees. Would suggest looking into Fedex or some other courier type delivery options, as I had some items shipped from UK without any customs interference through them.

  81. Dariusz

    Fantastic product, fast shipping. Strongly recommend

  82. Cara

    Worth the money, surprisingly.

  83. Anonymous

    Light, solidly made and installed without an issue.

  84. Chun

    Great service and it is probably the best bottom bracket you can buy on the market.

  85. Geoff

    I have bought two bottom brackets from Hambini. It goes without saying the engineering is class leading, however what may not be so immediately apparent is the level of service and support provided. Questions and queries are answered within hours and dispatch and support are pretty well immediate. The products are not cheap, however in terms of the level of engineering excellence, longevity, support and cost of ongoing ownership I consider it to be money well spent.

  86. Khalid AL muhairi

    Best quality of BB Hambini i have seen

  87. Klaus

    Fast shipping! Great product! Highly recommended!

  88. Matt Brill

  89. Peter Lange

  90. Jonathan

    I can’t comment on manufacturing tolerances or materials, other than to say this looks like it is very well made. Did a dry fit on my Merida alloy frame to check the BB shell in relation to the sleeve and to this fitter’s eye, it was blob on, so happy days. Once fully assembled, the cranks rotated very smoothly. A big improvement over the Shimano item it replaced. Now lets see how things are after a couple of thousand km’s, I don’t expect any issues. I will almost definitely choose more Hambini products in the future.


    Hi, I replaced a Dura-Ace BSA bottom bracket with the Hambini Racing. I was wondering if I would be able to tell the difference. My experience after 200Km is that I am thrilled ! The difference is even more noticeable on climbs. So I am really very pleased with the Hambini bottom bracket !


    Very happy with the quality of it, it is my third bottom bracket from Hambini, and I’m always recommending them to my mechanic and anybody who would ask.

  93. Kenny

    Love it! Its totaly worth the price.

  94. Olga B Aguirre

    Excellent quality and fast service for delivery

  95. Anonymous

  96. Klaus

    Even if your BB does not creak you should definitely consider putting one of the in YOUR bike!

    Short waiting list, fast shipping, outstanding product!

  97. Marino Anderson

    Resolved a 2020 Specialized Roubaix BB-BSA manufacturing defect. As Hambini has expressed QC concerns of BB end points not aligning, my Specialized has fallen into this category. Issue wasn’t quite noticeable until I swapped the original, still good, Ultegra BSA-BB for a Chris King BB. The CK-BB creaked endlessly after just 50 miles. Retightened the cranks as instructed since CK bearings are of angular type. However, after 500 miles the CK-BB etched dual wear rings on the axle, basically rendering it worthless. A CK replacement gave no relief when used with a second crank set (note that CK customer service is excellent). Sure enough creaking started anew and the axle wear marks began showing after 100 miles so I reverted to a new Ultegra BB. With the defect looming, I ordered the Hambini-BB which solved the problem. No creaking after 400 miles while rotation is smooth as butter. For reference, the plastic bearing sleeve lengths for each manufacturer are as follows:

    Shimano Ultegra-BSA 10.5 mm
    Hambini 9.5 mm (~ 10% shorter than OEM)
    Chris King 8mm (~ 25% shorter than OEM)

  98. Michael W.

    Quick delivery and nicely packaged. This is a quality product which is worth the investment.

  99. Craig Ferguson

  100. Nasrul Azizi Sareh

  101. R Kent Wenger

    I haven’t actually ridden with it yet, but did a test install and spinning the crank went from ~1.5 revs with a Dura-Ace BB to ~12-15 with the Hambini.

  102. Terence P.

    What a brilliant piece of engineering. Never thought a bottom bracket could make such a difference in ride quality. The BSA threaded model goes on my Aethos perfectly. Thank you Hambini!

  103. Stuart Weston

    Arrived very promptly all the way to New Zealand considering the current environment and shipping issues. Well packaged, no damage. Easy to install no issues. Yes very happy with the service.

  104. Jonathan

    This is my second BSA BB from Hambini, so now both of my road bikes have these fitted. The initial outlay may seem a bit steep, but it is an investment that I feel is well worth the money.

  105. ContendAR1-Aus

    Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten…….
    Amazing engineering, thanks Hambini!

  106. Dave Heisler

    If you are lucky enough to buy one of these before they sell out then buy one. Seldom in my 30 years of working in the bike industry have I seen such quality. Delivered on time and amazing performance.

  107. Jakob

    Hambini is quite a different character. As others have mentioned, his youtube persona and his persona when emailing are quite different. The clear Engineering knowledge and experience is visible in both personas but his attention to detail is something else.

    The key advantage with buying a bottom bracket or bearings from here is the technical support. You have access to a very knowledgeable engineer with plenty of experience and above all the man (or 5 year old boy) that made your bottom bracket. That expertise comes quite cheap and in my case for free before I made a purchase!

    The bottom bracket is, as expected, a work of art. It just works. I bought the recommended tool to go with it and I have no regrets. The workmanship is of the highest level and you can feel the friction difference when under high loads

    Simply put, this is the best bottom bracket you will ever buy.

  108. john elsworth

    Amazing piece of engineering, replaced my shimano BB with this item and it was one of the best upgrades I have done. My bike feels more responsive and the pedal stroke is noticeably smoother.
    The communication with Hambini was first class.
    He replied to my emails very quickly and was very helpfull in making sure I was purchasing the correct item

  109. Harry

    Perfect fit on my Roubaix, No drag or friction!

  110. Anonymous


  111. richard k.

    Super quick delivery and a fantastic bb,not only is it beautifully crafted but feels so much smoother than any other bb i’ve owned.If you can afford one of these and it’s in stock buy it you won’t regret it.

  112. Steven Langlois

    Awesome bottom bracket. Perfect fit. Extremely well made. Thank you

  113. Igor

    When I finally got to use this, I was surprised how smooth it worked, how easy this was going. I felt the difference. Now, after almost 3000km, it still works as smooth and easy like on the first day. Simply Perfect.

  114. GRAHAM P.

    Worth the wait for it to be back in stock. Wasn’t sure I’d be able to feel the difference but smooth as … As good if not better than the CeramicSpeed BB on my S-Works. Yeah probably better.

  115. James P.

    Very quick & responsive comms from Hambini ensured I bought the correct BB for my bike. Delivery was also really quick (2/3 days). The BB itself is manufactured to an extraordinary high standard, with a lovely plush tolerance/fit on the shaft/sleeve. Top notch, smooth bearings, a surperbly finished item. On the bike the cranks spin way better/easier than anything I’ve pedalled before. I’m sure this Hambini BB has taken out some misalignment between the 2 threads on this frames BB. Chain just seems to run smoother & gear changes (on rear cassette) are a little snappier. The only thing I changed on this bike was this BB. So I do think it’s ‘squared up’ things & it’s a more efficient bike as a result! We know these aren’t cheap but IMO if you’re a serious cyclist/clock up serious mileage, then they’re a very sound investment 👍

  116. Martin K.

    Outstanding quality, workmanship, customer support and very fast shipping. Hambini is highly recommended. You get what you pay for in life and those manufacturing tolerances and bearings are the best you can get.

    Thank you very much.

  117. Robert cavanagh

    Purchased bsa bottom bracket to replace a stock unit. I cannot get over how amazing this unit is. I like quality engineering and really don’t mind paying for quality. I’m more than likely not experience enough to tell how many watts I’m saving but just feels smoother. Thank you I recommend this bottom bracket and will get another for my other bike shortly.

  118. Oguzhan

    Fantastic BB! Can’t belive the difference it makes. Will use it forever.

  119. Andrew Merrison

    Top quality product and extremely easy to install. Excellent advice and communications direct with Hambini.

  120. Jake Jones


  121. Teck Siang

    The Hambini BB fits perfectly on my Lynskey R300. Compared to the stock Shimano BB, the change in performance is significant! I would recommend anyone looking to upgrade their BBs to get this.

  122. MW

    Brilliant design.

    If you don’t use this BB you are a watts losing wa***r!

  123. Mike W.

    Hambini literally had this on the way to me in a hour after I contacted him – excellent service! As expected, the bottom bracket is peerless and an amazing improvement over the super-high-drag Shimano bottom bracket it replaced.

  124. Corentin

    Prize is really high but it is really well made. Nothing fancy and all serviceable which is nice

  125. Toby W.

    I didn’t really need this but it’s very shiny. More seriously, it spins freely and is serviceable and I like that another proper engineer made it.

  126. Peter

    Let’s see, where should I start? The customer service, ordering and shopping process was exceptional. My questions were answered immediately and the BB arrived in about a week from when I ordered it.
    The quality of the BB is robust and was installed without a hitch! The clicking noise from my factory BB is gone and the rotation feels super smooth. Looking forward to see what this will feel like in future rides. Thanks @hambini!

  127. Jonathan Lea

    Easy to fit. Luckily no probs with my bottom bracket shell on my Sabbath Silk Road Pro. Spin test takes an age to slow down. Good job Hambini!

  128. KB238

    What possessed me to buy a bottom bracket from a 5 year old youtube celebrity that swears a lot… my wife asked me the same question until I installed said bottom bracket onto her bike and she noticed the difference at sub 200W.

    His persona might not be to everyone’s liking and he ruffles feathers but his engineering and knowledge make his competition look like amateurs. First class from start to finish. The man, the product and the after sales are a step above.

    Trying to explain to someone about how Hambini finds it funny to send some of his bottom brackets out in kids dinks cartons is another matter.

  129. james

  130. Johannes

    best BB I ever had

  131. Anonymous

    One of the best and most precise bottom brackets. Stiff and smooth while riding

  132. matthew persico

    absolutely perfect thread fit between titanium t-47 bottom bracket shell and hambini bottom bracket, tolerance between the two so close to perfect, nothing will ever go out of alignment. privileged to be able to have a hambini bb honestly

  133. Robert Cavanagh

    All I can say is this is a precision made bottom bracket that works perfectly. I can definitely feel the difference maybe it’s in my head but feels good. Well worth it and will have it for life just replace the bearing. I’m very happy with it and I had a question or two and got a response in minutes. Very happy with this.

  134. JXM Aged Four

    The time had come to replace the Shimano Ultegra bottom bracket on my “daily driver” Lynskey R240 that I built up a few years back. As Hambini often mentions “Price and Quality do not correlate”, but the Hambini BSA bottom bracket is worth the price. The engineering and quality of fit are impressive, and the first ride after the installation felt like there was zero friction at the bracket – just completely smooth. I’m already on the waiting list to order a second one for another build that I am working on. Thanks Hambini!

  135. William F.

    Excellent Product

  136. Richard

    I bought a carbon frame with BSA threads but the cups weren’t properly alligned so the standard shimano BB was stiff to turn (1 rev in the spin test). Hambini’s bb sorted it out. Now I can start the spin test, bang my hairdresser and it’s still spinning when i’m finished 🙂

  137. Jim S.

  138. Javier M.

    This is my second bottom bracket purchase from Hambini. Once again the engineering and quality of fit are impressive, and it’s a work of art in terms of construction and function. Thanks Hambini!

  139. David

    Very well engineered BB.
    Not fitted yet as waiting for the better weather.
    I have no doubt this BB will cope and work far better than the OEM item in my bike.

  140. Anonymous

    The BB is first class, much better made than the one I’m using now!.

    I was initially hesitant to purchase as I was not sure whether this BB would be suitable for my bike. However the Q&A comment that this BB replaces BBR60 (which I am using) sealed it. Perhaps you should list the various models that each BB replaces to guide future buyers.

  141. Martin

  142. Frank Ortiz


    I had been using a Dura Ace Threaded BSA BB and, just by switching it out with the Hambini BSA BB, saved me about 20-30 W. The quality truly is Aerospace or Military grade.

    This man’s BBs are gamechangers. Full stop.

  143. Wallace

    Excellent customer service!

  144. David S.

    Best purchase for my bike ever…

  145. BRAUN M.

    Perfect, nothing else to say. Expensive, but you will forgot the price, the quality will stay !!!!

  146. Elliott Rogasik

  147. Goran Misic

    Excellent BB, everything perfect, from notification about stock to express shipping. BB looks perfect, not a single issue, perfect finish as well and works beautifully on my S-Works Roubaix

  148. Peter Thompson

    Quality product and quick delivery.

  149. Anonymous

    BB perfect. Customer service top notch as well.

  150. Michael Tucker

    This is my second one. Love the first one that is in my bike so I decided to get one for my wife’s bike.

  151. Martin J

    Well made, came quickly, can’t fault it.

  152. lodovico

  153. Oz Hofstatter

    My favorite BB!!!

  154. Allan

    Bloody brilliant! Fitted together so smoothly into the frame and feels so much stiffer than a normal Shimano BB. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for an upgrade.

  155. Mihail I.

    I have mounted BB on my Trifox X10 frame, i have cycling about 400km with Hambini BB, some to high elevation and i say for sure it’s stiff compared with Shimano Ultegra BB but i see different immediately. I’m very satisfied with BB, it’s expensive but remember you have’it for a long time. Shimano BB after 1.5 years have sealing already worn out. Thanks!

  156. Tomas Berka

    Delivered pretty fast; machined perfectly. I have installed it today. The cranks spin waaay smoother than with Shimano 2-piece BSA with soft plastic middle sleeve. This was my second Hambini BB (few years ago, I got the PF86). It still runs absolutely smooth. The craftsmanship quality has been outstanding in both cases. I do fully recommend Hambini’s bottom brackets.

  157. Dean R.

    Second bottom bracket purchased from hambini, quality product!

  158. Kamoe F.

    Awesome product..most noticeable is I am able to push that extra cadence and maintain it without labouring the legs so much as use too when laying into the gear.

  159. Russel V.

    Very high quality product. I would not have believed that I would be able to feel the difference when cycling, but I can. It feels much smoother than the Shimano BB that it replaced.

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Q & A

What is the OD of the outer cup? Is it 41 mm (like BBR60), 44-45 mm (many other BBs) or something else? Kenneth Trelborg Vestergaard asked on April 29, 2024
(0) (0)
It says it’s a 68mm shell, but after facing my bottom bracket is a little narrower than that. What’s the minimum width she’ll that it can support? Daniel asked on June 5, 2023

This is crankset dependent not so much on the bottom bracket. If your shell width is down you might need a spacer.

admin answered on June 25, 2023 store manager
(0) (0)
are the bearings on the bsa Bb replaceable by removing the bearings only installing fresh or is it a complete new screw in BB also I have a case of cyclo BB tools will the normal shimano fit tool install your BB, many thanks sandy Donald asked on March 8, 2023

There is a video in the description, it shows how the bearings are replaced. In short, the bottom bracket is designed to facilitate easy bearing replacement.

admin answered on March 8, 2023 store manager
(0) (0)
Does this BB replaces Shimano BBR60? Yani asked on October 1, 2022

Yes it does

Hambini Engineering answered on October 1, 2022 store manager
(2) (0)
Will this increase Q Factor? Vic asked on September 7, 2022

no it won't. Q Factor is independent of Bottom bracket.

admin answered on September 7, 2022 store manager
(0) (0)

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