AbsoluteBLACK under Police Investigation

AbsoluteBlack under Police Investigation

AbsoluteBlack, who are most famous for their 2 star rating on Trustpilot Reviews, graphene lubricant, chainrings and Hollowcage derailleur replacement, are under investigation by Police authorities in the UK.

AbsoluteBlack as a legal entity does not exist. The legal entity is called LucidIP SLU, and they are registered in Andorra

AbsoluteBLACK under Police Investigation, Marcin Golec pcitured.
Marcin Golec, CEO of Absoluteblack, Picture Credit Leo Kervran, VOJO

Marcin Golec, CEO of AbsoluteBlack and Stanislaw Krzyzaniak (Stan), Dealer Support Manager, are under investigation for harassment, intimidation and stalking.

There is documented evidence of them sending anonymous, unsolicited packages through the postal system and attempting to intimidate several cycling reviewers on YouTube (Peak Torque, GC Performance, Waynos Fotos, Hambini). An example of their conduct is shown below: Stanislaw Krzyzaniak sent this unsolicited email to the Hambini YouTube Channel demanding financial information so “their accounting firm could have a deeper look”. Coincidentally, an almost verbatim and incorrect synopsis of VAT rules appeared on the hambini.cc stalking website.

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AbsoluteBlack has denied being involved in stalking, harassment or intimidation and claimed they would take legal action.

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  1. When was the last time the CEO rode a bike? In all seriousness, it is obvious from the grammar in that email who is responsible for stalking Hambini. @hambini, does anyone call you Sanjeev?

      1. Own that you’ve been exposed and stop playing the Victim here. You had no issue digging into the personal affairs of individuals who you “reamed” for the sake of engineering altruism. If you were in the states and pulled what you have over the past 5 years. Hiring a private investigator, gathering Intel on an individual for potential litigation, and posting the truth are all standard. This person didn’t post pictures of your sleeping daughter, they showed the world who you really are. You’ve attacked people’s livelihood and credibility while hiding under the anonymity of Hambini. The fact that you refused to post any real evidence that you conducted multiple wind tunnel tests it leads one to believe that you falsified wind tunnel data using Ansys. Stop deflecting.

        1. Saying I didn’t do something because I don’t post photographs is fairly naïve and ignorant.

          You might not listen to or value my opinion but your government does.

  2. Nice one. Keep the pressure on. Any man who tucks his skin tight T Shirt into his jeans deserves the title Mr Tuckyinman.

  3. Hey Hambini,

    You probably know this, it says he’s got a qualification in Physics on his Linkedin page, and 4 years experience working at Trek in sales. No engineering experience.

    I have done a sifting of their website, the domain name absolutecrap.cc was registered 38 minutes after the registering of hambini.cc

    Karma bites…

  4. Hambini, i love your work, hope these turd eating tampons will get served by the law. This industry needs more people like you calling out awful engineering, keep up the good work!

  5. Hey just wondering, is it a good idea to be posting this ? Not sure how UK law works but in most countries this would prejudice the case

  6. https://youtu.be/CjCrhWCD1VU Wendy Bonham-Carter aka Stan’s wife. Maybe you need to have a DEEP look at her finances LOL. get your “firm” to have a look at it. Make sure you get your pen out Hambo!

    A half brained dimwit would realise how to conduct themselves in a professional manner. AbsoluteBlack, home of the finest eastern european garbage for your bike.

  7. A credible company would not send an email like that. I have never bought AbsoluteBLACK accessories and have no intention to. They overstepped the mark by stalking you. Scanning the grammar from that email, their website and hambini.cc , it is obvious the author is the same. The pieces are littered with grammatical errors that occur consistently.

    Distributors and bike shops need to think twice about dealing with this outfit.

    Selling products with dubious marketing claims at inflated prices is modern day robbery.

  8. Too many bell end companies suckering punters into buying the latest gimmick to make them “faster”. Keep up the brill work exposing the tossers.

    1. Right? I mean I can understand harassing Sanjeev (maybe his given name is Hambini’s dark secret) here, but GC Performance? Come on. I believe you call the people that do this crap bellends where you’re at. Keep up the good fight.

  9. AbsoluteBlack , can be be found at your local Eastern European food shop aka money laundering location, you can find their products alongside premium Pierogi and if you ask nicely the toothless guy behind the counter will get his VAT free and duty unpaid cigarettes for you.

  10. Is his pen working? He won’t be able to tell with that overhang. Absolute Black = Scam artists the lot of them.

  11. I got dm’ed by them(I am assuming it’s the above dude? Because I said, I went Absolute Black, I went back, on their Oval crank rings post. They got quite aggressive. I used them for two years, went back to round rings and guess what? Absolute-ly no difference!(Pun intended)

    Rip off company preying on rich cycling dentist types(I have been guilty of this too, lasted thing nonsense!)

    Keep up the good work mate.

  12. ‘Stan’ is shown as a director BCK consulting with his girlfriend Wendy Bonham Carter at Companies House. His email comes across like an illiterate dimwit crossed with customer service from hell, the grammar is $hit and the tone of the email is something else.

    This is a fine example of why Eastern Europeans should never have been allowed into the EU

    BTW Stan has removed his linked in profile