Campagnolo Super Record Wireless

New Campagnolo Super Record Groupset is Wireless

Documents filed with the FCC (The body governing radio communication within the United States) suggest that Campagnolo will introduce a wireless groupset soon.

Various photographs and technical literature show a product that looks like it’s on the verge of being launched. Some of the PCB’s are showing rev 3 iterations.

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The most interesting aspect appears to be a complete change in the ergonomics of Campagnolo levers. The thumb levers have completely disappeared, and two levers sitting behind the main brake lever control microswitches that will likely send radio signals to the wireless receivers. The markings show operation with a CR2032 coin cell battery with some form of Bluetooth integration.

image 19
Internal Markings

The picture below shows the PCB, the coin cell battery spring and power take offs are clearly visible. The antenna connector labelled ANT1 is clearly labelled at the top. This suggests the antenna is external and not integrated into or near the PCB.

The reverse of the PCB shows the main control unit IC1 and a number of passive SMD components.

The manual for the ergo power lever has been submitted to the FCC but is blocked from public view. The “WL” in the title suggests it is wireless.

image 16
Blocked User manual

The original files are available below. The FCC submission is here

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One Comment

  1. According to the pictures, you dug out, campag uses this bluetooth, ant, nfc and whatnot System in Package/SOC:

    A standard IOT, nRF52-like design. The company is french, but their are fabless.

    This is basically a very small smartwatch like computer – also ARM Cortex. It can connect not only to BLE and ANT, but to other digital and analog sensors. It’s up to Campag to use it for… whatever health- or location-data you’d be interested in. Shimano probably uses something similiar. These SiPs are in everything these days.

    The QR code resolves to hex: 45 31 30 36 34 33 33 36 32 0a
    Reveales very little.

    Nothing suprising really.