Farsports Ventoux C6 56mm Wheel Review

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Farsports Ventoux C6


Farsports are a Chinese company that has been in the wheelset business for a number of years. Their products have been widely used amongst budget conscious riders wishing to get the best bang for their buck by buying directly from the far east.

This wheelset is their Ventoux model which has been sold in China for several years and now is being sold all over the world.

Build Quality and Features

The wheels feature a 56mm deep wheel rim, with approximately 26mm width at the brake track. The wheels were quoted as being made of UD carbon fibre. The spokes were steel Sapim CX Ray. Farsports are a distributor for SAPIM in china. The rim itself is quite blunt on the trailing edge.

The rim is primarily designed for tubeless tires, there is an internal pair of lips to hold the rim bead in position. The rim appears to have been made in quadrants with four clear seams being visible on the periphery.

The brake track has machined grooves into the surface to aid water dissipation. It’s also likely the grooves are more aggressive on the brake pads and subsequently contribute to the exceptional braking performance of the wheels.

Farsports Ventoux C6
Brake Track and Join

The hubs are extremely well made, they appear to be from the same stable as those fitted to the Winspace Hyper. The bearing arrangement consists of a pair of 6803 bearings in the front wheel, a pair of 6803 bearings in the freehub and a combination of 6903 and 6803 in the rear hub. The bearings fitted were TPI branded and appeared to be closely related to those manufactured by NTN. The bearing seal terminology and even colours were identical to NTN.

The rear hub is of an interesting design. This particular hub was specified for Shimano. XDR and Campagnolo freehubs are also available. A common problem with freehubs is cutting of the cassette into the splines, this often causes creaking and makes removal difficult. In this hub, there is a hardened insert on one of the drive splines to prevent this happening. This insert is replaceable.

Farsports Ventoux C6
Rear Hub


The video below shows an overview of the wheels and describes some of their traits. They are extremely well made and have good aerodynamic stability over a wide range of conditions.

Farsports Ventoux Video on Youtube


Discount Code

There is a discount code that has been supplied by Farsports on wheels that are over $1000 USD which is Hambini100 and Hambini50.


  1. Farsports Discount Code Hambini100
  2. Farsports Ventoux Wheels Discount Code Hambini100
  3. WheelsFar Discount Code Hambini50

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  1. Hi mister Hambini! Could you provide some info on the Dinitriev number? Can’t find any article mentioning it and it’s not lectured at uni. Would be nice to have some reference to have an idea what you are talking about

  2. Hi – is that discount code still valid? Is it only for the reviewed model? I just attempted to use it for their Gravel X wheels (over $1,000) and the checkout page will not accept the code.

      1. Thx. I reached out to them when I reached out to you. Waiting to hear back. No worries either way – I value your reviews more than I value small discounts.

  3. Do you by any chance if the farsports wheels on alixpress are legit. They are a lot cheaper in ali as opposed tot he farsport site. Thanks a million.