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  1. I run the same combination. Same result. Smooth as f***
    No reference to my canyon before which had obviously a undersized ovalized NDS hole. even the Hambini BB86 Unit didnt get away with it without a problem. The fact that the bearings sit outwards in this case of a BB30 with a Shimano type crank is a advantage in my opinion. Definitly better than there obviously misaligned BSA SL7 Design where you are f**** if you need to Fix the alignment. Pressfit is King
    Sold the ceramicspeed bearings that did come with the frameset for almost nothing… better than nothing.

  2. Hi great video I must say.I’m not an expert but is that Specialized SL6 threaded bottom bracket?if so I I’ve got the same bike but my spin test look rubbish ( Only 3 turns!) I love to upgrade please.What should I order, thanks for your reply.

  3. Mine is currently on order! I managed to source a fantastic deal on an S-Works SL6 frameset in my size at a LBS. They’d tried to sell the complete bike in a SRAM Red eTap AXS build but no one was buying. They eventually found a buyer for the groupset alone, and I was happy to take the new old stock frameset off their hands. This BB will hopefully be the centerpiece of a fantastic build!

      1. I have a similar setup to the above. A S-Works Tarmac SL6 2018 currently fitted with S-Works Power Cranks (with the 30mm axle and the 6806 bearings between the aluminum inserts on the carbon frame and the crank axle)

        When you say he (and probably I) need a pair of 6806 bearings do you mean that there is not a proper full bottom bracket replacement option, and the only/best alternative is just to replace the bearings? or is there a Hambini Bottom Bracket alternative? If so, which would it be?