BB30 Bearing Kit 6806-2RS 61806-2RS NTN NSK SKF FAG Koyo

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6806 (61806) BB30 bearings commonly used in bicycle bottom bracket Applications. These bearings are genuine branded bearings from SKF, NTN, Koyo, NSK or FAG/INA.

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6806 (61806) bearings commonly used in bicycle bottom bracket Applications. These bearings are genuine branded bearings from SKF, NTN, Koyo, Timken, NSK or FAG/INA.

  • Premium Branded Bearings manufactured to ISO/JIS/DIN tolerances
  • Metal or Polyamide caged
  • Sealed to resist dirt ingress
  • Factory Greased balls
  • CN Radial Clearance
  • Hardened balls
  • Precision Ground to P6 tolerances
  • Rated for 12,000RPM
  • You will receive a pair of bearings


6806 bearings are drop in replacements in direct fit applications (BB30, BB30A, BB386, BBright Directfit).

In push fit applications (PF30, PF30A, BB386EVO, BBright Pushfit), the bearing must be pushed into a cup and then into the frame. The cups are not included

Additional information

Inside Diameter (d)


Outside Diameter (D)


Width (b)


Bearing Number


44 reviews for BB30 Bearing Kit 6806-2RS 61806-2RS NTN NSK SKF FAG Koyo

  1. Darren K.

    Silkier than a silk worms under crackers !

  2. Joseph

    Finally, no more creaking BB! Lesson learned? Just say “no” to cheapo bearings. Shipping to USA was quick.

  3. Anonymous

  4. John Thompson

    Great set of NSK bearings thanks – far better than the original Rotor branded ones they replaced

  5. Adrian Delaney

  6. kelly a.

  7. Jamie

    Bearings work as advertised…..Cream of the crop.

    Also a mistake was made with my order that was instantly rectified at no cost to me and delivered next day.

    Great service.

  8. Thomas Jacques

    Great service – quality product can’t ask for more. No wait hilarious and helpful YouTube videos too

  9. Derek

  10. James S.

    Excellent service.

  11. Ian

    Top notch bearings and as usual helpfull and more importantly the correct advice given..

  12. Nigel West

    Looks and feels like a real quality bearing. Delivered to the door in a speedy manner.

  13. Hamilton

    After doing the spin test, I couldn`t wipe the smile off my face for hours. Thanks a million.

  14. Allan Shelley

    Prompt service

  15. Rob Dickson

    Great bearings used to replace my OEM Enduro’s. Simple to press into my BSA 30 BB and are smooth and quiet. Thanks Hambini!

  16. Anonymous

  17. Philip Marney

  18. Roger

    Bearings run smoothly, huge improvement over Enduro bearings fitted by LBS, easy to fit with correct bearing press, and good instructions on YouTube by Hambini.

  19. Philip W.

    The bearings were excellent quality. I had 2 questions and both were answered within 24 hours – excellent service.

  20. Riley H.

    Great service, easy to use website, quick delivery and backed up with lots of high quality information

  21. Rodney Recla


  22. Adam Taylor

    Arrived very quickly. The difference in drag from my old bb is ridiculous

  23. Paul Webb

    Great service and fast delivery. A quality set of bearings that were easy to fit with a bearing press, my bike’s bottom bracket now feels amazingly smooth. Thank you Hambini

  24. Simon Forrester

  25. Terence Bailey

  26. Ian B.

    No frills quality item

  27. Kester Hewett

    My ocd precision engineer father-in-law was impressed by the quality (he makes fishing reels) but sceptical about your price. His go to bearing supplier couldn’t do this spec, other than Enduro – so I feel vindicated 🙂

  28. Zuhir Khan

    Super smooth, Hambini always delivers with premium parts! Highly recommend. Customer service is 10/10!

  29. Graham J.

    Bought to replace worn out BB bearings. Easy replacement in the Hambini BB and very smooth and friction free so far.

  30. Jeffrey B.

  31. Ian Claridge

    No fuss no bother and prompt delivery of a quality product

  32. Philip W.

  33. Patrick McKnight

    NSKs delivered. Original FSAs lasted about 1500km. Ceramic Wheels Mfg lasted about 4000km. Looking forward to see how a quality bearing performs.

    Thanks Hambini for fair and honest distribution of high quality bearings!

  34. Anonymous

    Despite being shipped internationally, got to me faster than domestic orders. Very happy. Great experience.

  35. Patrick M.

    Great purchasing experience. I had a few technical questions after the installation of my new bearings. Response was prompt and insightful for my situation. Highly recommended!

  36. Richard Howl

  37. Iain Arthurton

    great q

  38. Christopher

    Easy purchase process. Quick shipping.

  39. Paul W.

    Great service as always from Hambini. He spent a considerable amount of time and effort helping me with an issue I was experiencing with my BB. I ended up ordering new bearings which arrived promptly. He could have suggested spending more on a new BB but he didn’t. He really wants the customer to get the best option without spending for the sake of it.
    If I could give 6 stars for customer service I would.

  40. Dustin

  41. Martin F.

    I have purchased these as a replacement for the existing bearings which I intend to replace during the winter, so I have no experience yet of their performance, but they seem very well made

  42. N A Hutchinson

    Good gear !

  43. Daniel

  44. Maria Lashley

    Seemingly quality bearings.

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