Hambini Racing BB30 Bottom Bracket Shimano Crankset (Black)

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a Shimano 24mm Hollowtech 2 Crankset (Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace) and Shimano Compatible (Some ROTOR and FSA) 24mm Cranksets with a bike frame that uses a BB30 Bottom Bracket (42mm Nominal Inside Diameter x 68mm wide).

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a Shimano 24mm Hollowtech 2 Crankset (Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace) and Shimano Compatible (Some ROTOR and FSA) 24mm Cranksets with a bike frame that uses a BB30 Bottom Bracket (42mm Nominal Inside Diameter x 68mm wide).

Hambini Racing Bottom Bracket Overview

  • 20% stiffer than Hambini Standard Bottom Brackets
  • As used in the Pro-Peloton
  • One Piece design aligns the bearings perfectly, reducing the likelihood of creak
  • NTN Bearings Ultra Low Friction Bearings fitted as standard in Road applications. Fully Sealed NTN/FAG Bearings fitted in MTB Applications
  • No Hammers are required to install or Remove the Bottom Bracket
  • Fully Serviceable, the bearings can be replaced quickly and easily
  • It is supplied with fitting adaptors in M12 (or 1/2 inch), a press or studbar will be required to facilitate installation
  • One year warranty on the bottom bracket body

Precision Engineered and Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Hambini Bottom Brackets are amongst the lowest friction bottom brackets in the world. They are used by recreational cyclists, road racers, triathletes and time trialists from around the globe. They are of proven design and are manufactured in the United Kingdom. These units are of a one piece construction which makes them inherently resistant to creak, they will maintain perfect bearing alignment and function under loads in excess of 4000W.

Hambini Bottom Bracket Reviewed by an Engineer

Hassle-Free Maintenance

All Hambini bottom brackets can be installed and removed with a conventional bearing press, they use a controlled method of installation using the recommended fitting adaptors, they require no hammers or specialized tooling for removal. Additionally, the wearing component – the bearings – can be serviced in situ or removed within just a few minutes. The bottom bracket has been designed to be fully rebuildable.

Unrivalled Performance

Unloaded bearing spin tests are a poor measure of frictional performance but they do highlight good bearing alignment. The link below is to a video of a Hambini Racing Bottom Bracket that had completed 10,000km

Class Leading Parasitic Drag Loss (Friction)

The graph below shows how Hambini bottom brackets perform in comparison to the bottom brackets of other manufacturers. The test conditions model real world cycling and more importantly mimics realistic frame tolerances. All of these tests have been conducted with an eccentricity of 0.1mm which is generally the maximum permitted in frame specifications – the reality is tolerances have been known to be much worse than this. Misalignment is more critical to friction than the type of bearing ball material, a slight misalignment can easily outweigh the difference between a top of the range NTN bearing and a mediocre ebay no name bearing. The results show that bottom brackets which have an element of structural linkage between the drive and non-drive sides (one piece/threaded etc) perform much better than those which are multi piece.

The high torque and low RPM of pedaling causes high Hertzian contact stresses on bearing surfaces which cause friction levels to change over time. Those bottom brackets which have used ceramic bearings, start off with fairly low levels of friction but over time their friction increases dramatically. The super hard ceramic balls grind a track into the comparatively soft bearing races causing friction to increase. This would be analogous to trying to drive a locomotive train on a road, the wheels would cut grooves into the road surface due to the huge difference in surface hardness.

Bottom Bracket Stiffness

A Hambini BB is a one piece bottom bracket. It actively contributes to the stiffness of the bike’s pedaling platform. Threaded and multi piece bottom brackets have an element of play in their design so they do not contribute anywhere near a comparative level of stiffness. Reviewers of Hambini BB’s often comment on their feeling of improved stiffness, this is due to them being one piece and undergoing a proprietary heat treatment process. This makes them stronger and stiffer. This is a difference the end user cannot see – but they can feel.


A lot of support questions can be answered by visiting the support section.

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107 reviews for Hambini Racing BB30 Bottom Bracket Shimano Crankset (Black)

  1. Jamsterzz

    I had to wait 3 weeks to get one of these as they kept selling out! But worth the wait. Came in non descript padded box. I watched the video on my phone to install it and that was it. Faultless. It looks like every other bottom bracket out there but when you spin this one, you can feel the difference. High quality item, Made in UK. what more do you want

  2. Graham Watliss

    I have two of these now, both have been perfect. Bearings are super smooth and the first one has done 10,000 miles with not even a hint of creak. The quality of the finished product is exceptional. Things that let it down: lack of instruction book although the videos are good, box is recycled.

  3. Thomas

    So well constructed, just so perfect

  4. Czechmate

    It’s the real deal. Pure. Unadulterated. When did I realize this? When I saw Hambini in one of his videos trying to explain something cycling-related and finding no other object “just lying around” in his workshop to illustrate his explanation than a jet turbine stator vane. I’ve been a long time user and abuser of bearings from a well known Danish company. Coated, uncoated, bottom brackets, wheel bearings, pulley wheels… I’ve had ‘em all. Hambini’s stuff? Out of the box, somewhere between a standard and a coated danish bearing. After being worn in… as smooth and as free as a full ceramic. Better than coated from Denmark. Take my word for it. The bottom bracket itself is exquisite. Where “n” equals the number of bikes you own that accept a Hambini bottom bracket, you proceed by ordering “n+1” Hambini bottom brackets. Just to be able to keep one aside, on the mantlepiece, to play with and to adore. Yes, it comes in a plain brown box. Yes, there are no colorful user manuals and fancy installation guides. But it comes with all that is required to install it quickly and easily by following his videos. You don’t even need a jet turbine stator vane. And the result? My Allez Sprint power transfer chassis (BB junction, chainstays, dropouts) feels rock solid, even under the hardest out of seat efforts. I almost regret writing this review. Out of fear that it, along with all the other reviews, will create a snowball effect and swamp Hambini with such demand that he’ll be unable to deliver and force him to close shop. Because this is only his hobby, after all. He’s a full blown aerospace engineer when he takes off his bottom bracket superman outfit. I’m so scared of this eventuality that I’m seriously considering buying up a few of his bottom brackets in various sizes “just in case” I find myself one day with a new bike or frame and no more Hambini online. So do me a favor. After reading my review, order n+1 bottom brackets. I’ll even let you write a review, like I’m doing now. But don’t talk to anyone out loud about this place. It’s the cycling world’s best kept secret. Trust me.

  5. TruckerDave

    Stunning Build, Fast service

  6. Mike Jansen

    The bottom bracket does everythign I could ask of it. It fits well, has never let me down, doesn’t creak and spins forever. You won’t find a more knowledgeable and helpful guy in the world of BBs than Hambini. Kudos.

  7. Olister97

    Customer service in a different league. The video guide for installation makes this easy peasy. Bottom Bracket is excellent polished finish. my cranks spin forever

  8. Curtis Stevens

    the bottom bracket is superb. installation was straightforward following the video. A marked difference when pedaling. no creaking and no clicking. fast delivery also

  9. Nori

    I’ve only made 100km on with this BB but it spins well and no creaking. I had good experience throughout the purchase. Hambini’s customer support is second-to-none.

  10. KB

    I can’t thank Hambini enough. His support pre and post sales have been excellent. The bottom bracket was delivered quickly and fitted easily. I have since done 2000 miles of trouble free riding. I can really feel the difference in the pedalling platform.

  11. Kyle Steiner

    It’s difficult for me to describe how good this is. I didn’t get it for any creaking per se, I bought it to interface my Dura ace 9100 to a BB30 frame. Fitting is easy and straightforward. I used the recommended loctite products. When you are riding at full gas the feeling of stiffness is massively different. There is no lag in the pedal stroke and each one takes you further. The only negative I would say is the weight. It’s 125g versus 110g for a set of BB30 bearings and adaptors. So there is a 15g penalty. Customer Service and support are excellent. I’ve never bought from a one man operation before and had my reservations. I’m not sure if everyone is like Hambini but he is a credit to the cycling world.

  12. Barry Clark

    Installed the BB without issue, the problem I had was the crank would not go in. After a swift email exchange, I was told to put my crank in a freezer for 3 hours. I was skeptical but it slid right in. When he goes on about his manufacturing tolerances on his videos, he’s not joking. This Bottom bracket has changed my bike from a creaking POS to a joy to ride. Excellent customer service.

  13. Gaydon

    I was moving from a 30mm Rotor crankset to Shimano and instead of having lots of adaptors I wanted a direct fit. The Wheels MFG adaptors and conversion BB’s I had tried made the bottom bracket feel like mush. Not so with this thing. Super rigid, no flex. Really feel the difference going up hill. Only bad aspect is 90% of this unit is hidden inside the bike as it’s lovely to look at. Workmanship is excellent. I would recommend this to anybody.

  14. XIDU

    Bottom bracket feels well made and spins well in the bike. It is expensive but it is better than everything else I have tried by a margin. Technical support from Hambini is AWESOME.

  15. JamieK

    Hambini’s technical support is excellent, answers to questions are easily dealt with and promptly. I ordered the bottom bracket on Saturday, It arrived on wednesday, fitted it thursday and raced it on Saturday. One word – UNREAL. Performance of this BB is amazing, it really stiffens the bottom bracket area up and it feels like you are pedalling hard on every pedal stroke. First class.

  16. smashndash

    I bought this for my 2017 Allez Sprint (which is BB30, yes, despite Spz calling it OSBB). I had a praxis thread-together BB that went from brand new to gritty in a few months. Had the shop install this, so I don’t know if it was tough to install but they had no complaints. I immediately noticed a difference on the bike. It felt like the pedals were “jumping” more when out of the saddle. I only have maybe a thousand or so miles on this so far, but it’s showed no signs of slowing. We’ll see what happens after the rainy season next year. I can 100% believe that these bearings will last longer than the average junk. Save yourself the headache of thread-together BBs or (god forbid) direct-fit bearings and get this. Or at least the classic version if you’re on a budget. It truly boggles the mind to think that people are still screwing around with nylon cups. I may not have the choice to get threads on my next bike, but I will definitely only buy something that can use a Hambini BB.

  17. MDu8

    I had to wait months to get hold of this, as it was forever out of stock. A number of forum people recommended this bottom bracket to me. I was contemplating selling my bike before getting it. A remarkable piece of engineering, pick it up and spin it. You won’t believe how smooth it rotates. The dust seals are a work of art. I was dubious before I bought this as I had tried solutions from all of the “major” players and numerous bike shops. They were all Sh*t. This was easy to install, stops the creak and makes the bike mega stiff. It’s like a different machine. There is a slight weight penalty, it’s about 30g heavier than the bottom bracket it replaced but I’d sacrifice it all day. Additionally, there is no technical support phone number, just an e-mail but don’t be put off. He’ll email you back rapidly and the quality of his reply will convince your decision.

  18. Ypuh

    Add a 6th star for e-mail support and service. This guy is cool.

  19. Wissam Kasmi

    I have a BMC with a bb30 bottom bracket with “ceramic” bearing I was really happy with my bike, until the creaking begin, I have tried several methods to stop the creaking, but nothing worked for a long time, I think there was a problem with alignment and tolerance in the bottom bracket shell. I have searched for a permanent solution and when I so the YouTube video of Hambini I was a little bit skeptical , after one year of use in traing and racing. This is the best solutionI have found and believe me I have looked, I train really hard and I don’t want to lose any watts on poor alignment and creaking bottom bracket, this bottom bracket is a precision made piece of art and I am lucky I have found it. The support is fast and the delivery too. The support is done directly by the man designing and making the bottom bracket and this kind of service is priceless. You can by a lot of other solutions and non will have the precision and the customisation this man is offering. I am building a new bike with PF86 bottom bracket and I am ordering a new Hambini PF86 bottom bracket. This bottom bracket are so well done that it should be a standard.

  20. Jascon48

    Creaky cannondale – no suprise there. Fitted this and it’s like a completely different bike. Super stiff, no creaks, you can really get the power down in a sprint.

  21. James in Billings MT

    I’ve had no end of problems with my C’dale, creaking, poor bearing life.. yada yada yada. I bought this on a whim before I was going to sell the bike and boom. All problems gone. Runs super smooth, took 5 days to get to the US. As others have said. Customer service is exceptional. Even if this costed double, I would buy it. The local bike shop wanted to know where I got mine from as it’s one of the few c’dales that doesn’t creak

  22. Jason

    The product is beautiful. You won’t find a better looking bottom bracket out there. It spins so cleanly it is like buttery smooth. Fitting was easy, it was a bit bit irking hearing the noises but it went in without any issues. Riding on the bike is great, you can really get the gas down on climbs and in sprints and not even worry about creak. It stiffens the bottom bracket area up no end Customer service is at another level. I think you would be hard pushed to find someone so knowledgeable and prompt with answers. I am a subscriber to the hambini channel on youtube, it’s a very raw channel with honest videos. This product is the epitome of that channel in metal. Negatives, understandably for a small business, you don’t get snazzy packaging and it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Who looks at them anyway? World class is an understatement.

  23. Mad Dave

    No issues, simply brilliant.

  24. Colin Rackham

    Really really well made. I can tell that this was designed and made by someone who cared. The attention to detail is really something else. I really like the fact it’s fully serviceable so I can swap the bearings at my leisure. Customer service from here is top notch. Delivery was bang on 5 days quoted. Very professional throughout. On a side note, the youtube channel is excellent as well.

  25. Jdragon

    Had tried many different bottom bracket options before. THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!! Functions the way it suppose to. Clean precise product ! Was installed on a OSBB Specialized and functions GREAT!! Thinking of getting for my Cannondale Super Six. “AWESOME!!”

  26. Alois95

    Apart from the exorbitant price. I can’t fault. Fitting and functioning both first class

  27. Ron

    Perfect for my upgrade. So quiet now, no creaks at all. Paired with Ultegra groupset, pedaling is stiff and crisp. No creaks even when i’m off the saddle on hill climbs. Amazing product. My only cons is that I live on the other side of the pond, so shipping cost is a bummer.

  28. D Hawkins

    I purchased this on the recommendation of a fellow club rider. No issues during fitment, installed the cranks and away I went. You can instantly feel the difference, the bike felt like Jelly before this.

  29. HDJ Kirstens

    Can’t fault the engineering. It is as good as everyone else has said. It is expensive but for the hassle free factor of installation and running, I’d take it all day long. My Giant bike feels like someone has put steroids in the BB. No flex and instant power.

  30. AshleyFox

    Does what it states, easy to fit. Would buy another one in a flash.

  31. Jimmy Snead

    As an engineer I like quality products and this is definitely one of them. In true engineering fashion, all of 3 seconds has been given to the aesthetic appeal of the packaging. It’s functional and got here undamaged. I fitted this on a BB30 bike. You can tell when you hold this that this is a quality product. It is extremely well designed and well thought out. It is expensive but you really do get what you pay for. A word on Hambini. His customer service is excellent. Comparing him to his competitors is like night and day. No pressure sales, questions answered promptly with drawings and technical explanations. First class. Great Youtube channel as well.

  32. Mizzle

    Looks great, rides great. I wish I could have gotten one sooner. If Hambini made a bike, I would buy it.

  33. Harry Beian

    Looks better in the flesh than it the photos. When I first got it I couldn’t stop touching it. It is sooooo well made. Props to Hambini, his customer service is awesome. Always very polite and quick. Installation was straightforward (BB30 to Shimano). I could instantly feel the difference, silence was golden and stiffness where it was a bit jelly like before. In riding, the BB has been trouble free over 200 miles. Shame he doesn’t do MTB otherwise I would have bought one for that as well. If I had one criticism it’s the packaging and the execution of the end product. You are literally buying a brown box with a bottom bracket, there is no paper manual and no retail packaging.

  34. Tony Miles

    I’d never heard of Hambini before and his name got batted around weightweenies and I watched his youtube videos. I contacted him with my problem. I got a swift reply and bought a Shimano BB for my BB30 bike. It came quickly after a week to the US. I took this down to my LBS to have it fitted. The mechanic said he’d never seen one before and I showed him the Youtube fitting video. He fitted it said he wouldn’t warranty the install and off I went. The bike felt COMPLETELY different. No slop and now ‘ing creak. I took a 20 mile ride detour in complete silence. I’ve had it one for a few weeks with 500 miles on now and felt compelled to write this review. It’s perfect. I was always prejudicial about artisan bike builders and always thought that the big boys could do the engineering well. I was wrong. Hats off to Hambini. Excellent product and service.

  35. John

    I have only good things to say about Hambini and his bottom brackets. I had a few questions before purchasing- he was very responsive, with concise, sensible answers. I bought the black edition BB30 to Shimano Racing Edition for a 2020 S-Works Tarmac Disc- he machined it in his workshop same day and a week later it was delivered to me in Australia. Followed the video instructions and pressed it into the frame with ease. To be honest, the hardest part was finding a local vendor for Loctite 641! With the Hambini BB installed, the bottom bracket is extremely stiff and completely creak free. Plus the black finish looks amazing with a Dura Ace crankset.

    Five stars. Fully recommend!

  36. Kevin Cornish

    “No Flex Given” – installed the Hambini BB30 to Shimano Racing Edition (black) bottom bracket in a 2017 specialized SL5 and it has breathed new life into the frame. it is rock solid, buttery smooth and no unwanted noises. Plus great after sales support from Hambini.

  37. Mr. C.

    Really quick delivery and the product is clearly excellent quality.

  38. Erik T.

    This experience has been a pleasure. My bottoms bracket is still being installed on the bike, but as for the quality, fit and machining, I can say it fits and looks the bees knees (if it is a piece of garbage and deserves to be a speck of shite on the Anus of humanity, I will update this review). As for the ordering/delivery experience it really has been great. Hambini doesn’t make you search for the answers as to where it is or anything like that, but shows his cards and gives you all the info you need to track it like any large business would. Very forthcoming. Great buying experience and hopefully a great product, which I expect it to be.

  39. Robert Roll

    The biz!!

  40. Kevin Kawainui

    The Hambini BB’s are the best on the market. I have two on my personal bikes and one on a teammates bike, all perform flawlessly. Hambini engineering and support are topnotch.

  41. Paul S.

  42. Devron L.

  43. Justin

    Wonder product, wonderful customer service.

  44. Paavo S.

    Perfect BB for a high end race bike like S-Works Venge!

  45. Chris Buttine

    I’m still waiting for delivery – tracking shows left Heathrow 12 days ago. The BB must be so light that it refuses to come back to earth.

  46. Zach Law

    Simply outstanding piece of kit.

    I like most, was wondering if paying circa £200 for a BB was a bit over the top. I however took the plunge as I wanted a more permanent solution to my DA crank set on my S-Works SL6.

    It really is a thing of beauty, absolute breeze to install and I’ve used various shims/adaptors over the years and I won’t bother from now on, I’ll just get these. Sometimes paying top dollar knowing it will prevent my time chasing creeks around is just worth it.

    Like many reviews, it just feels so solid through the pedal stroke and looks so nice when you look down at the crank set. Used for 800km or so now, and I love it.


  47. Marc

    Quality item

  48. Shawn C.

    Top notch product and top notch replies from Hambini on all questions I’ve had. Haven’t had a single problem with this BB. This BB replaced a Wishbone BB on my Tarmac that suffered some creaking during harder efforts and high torque load. Not a single sound so far so I’m pleased to say the least. Thank you for the great service and product. Very rare I give a review, but I’m that pleased and had to get the word out.

  49. Vesa


  50. Dave Heisler

    “Worth every penny “ ; blown away by how smooth the bb is. FYI in canada it takes 3 to 4 weeks for mail delivery so pay the extra few bucks for UPS ??

  51. Jodie

    I keep a clean drive chain and always check my bearings to keep friction at a minimum, I’ve used CS bearings and wasn’t too impressed which I was disappointed about. The BB housing on my Felt IA wasn’t holding the bearings in place as snuggly as I’d expect they should of been. I came across Hambinis BBs, did a bit of research and bought the Race version. Instantly felt the difference! The difference I expected to feel when I purchased CS! I roughly estimate 23/30 watts, Hambini BB is legit and the best on the market

  52. Philip taylor

    Best £195 I’ve ever spent,pure quality

  53. Rob A.

    A work of art that works as well as it looks.

  54. Ian Hunter

    Old saying “buy cheap buy twice” this isn’t cheap and you won’t regret it. Amazing product and second to none customer service. ??

  55. martin c.

    This is the second BB I have bought and the third that I own. Quality is exceptional and it solves the squeaky BB issues along with very long service life.

  56. David

    What can I say, an excellent piece of engineering,perfect (in fact some of the best engineering I have ever seen) .Beautifully smooth action and completely silent. Well worth the money. It also arrived promptly. Would highly recommend.

  57. Chris L.

  58. Dennis

    Arrived earlier than expected and still works like a charm after about a month of riding. No more clicks and creaks!

  59. Murdo MacLennan

    Couldn’t believe the difference this BB made – absolutely brilliant

  60. Kevin Kawainui

    Great bottom bracket, fits the bike perfectly, and no creaking! Thanks Hambini

  61. Toby Colin

    Awesome bit of kit . For years I’ve suffered bb30 creaking hell. No longer my bb slid straight in and 1000 miles later it still spins freely and not a creak yet. I have to put a hambini bb up with a dropper post, Sti levers and deep section carbon rims as a product that has changed my cycling world it’s that good.

  62. Anonymous

  63. Michael McCausland

    Hambini does it again! Amazing BB!

  64. Trevor

    The gold standard of craftsmanship and quality. The smoothest bearings I have ever seen. Crank spins EFFORTLESSLY for DAYS. worth every penny.

  65. johnfrancoli

    Perfect quality and service. The product was made to order and still arrived in a matter of days. If only the rest of the bike industry could work to these tolerances and levels of quality assurance the world would be a better place. The NSK bearings are incredibly good and I’d take them anyday over the much more expensive, highly marketed ceramic cack out there.

  66. Darren Hutchison

  67. Anonymous

  68. Tom N.

    Top product. Installation was very straightforward with the comprehensive instructions. New BB is super smooth and all creaks/noise has gone.

  69. Peter Jezsoviczki

    What to say really? This product is extraordinary. The crank rotates extremly smooth almost until eternity. I did not have creek before with my Parxis BB30 system but thit had significantly more resistance. Installation of Hambini item was straitforward and easy, My4.5Y old son almost did it alone. 😀 Thinking to buy BSA type Hambini BBs for my mountain bike now.

  70. Eric

    Expedited shipping was faster than expected shipping to the US. Product is flawless!

  71. Arnaud Luitwieler

    The Hambini BB30 to Shimano Racing Edition Bottom Bracket solved the cracking problem in my bike and it runs so much better than the standard one that was previously installed. Great update for any bike!

  72. Sofiane Behraoui

    excellent piece of hardware as usual

  73. Italo C.

    Purchased the BB for my Specialized Venge BB30 to Shimano conversion. It worked great, no more creaks and a super still BB shell to optimize power transmission. Price is a bit steep but the product has a lot quality. If you have the money I would recommend it.

  74. Duncan B.

  75. Paul Hogg

    The best

  76. Chris W.

    Fast shipping to the United States. Best bottom bracket I’ve ever used. Will be buying more for my other bikes.

  77. Steven Bailey

  78. Khalid AL muhairi

    Always Hambini Bbs are the best

  79. Sjur B.

    Excellent product, which will improve almost any bike

  80. Haydn

    Superb service and advice. Hambini made me a slight oversized BB as the shell on my frame was out of spec, he couldn’t have been more helpful and knowledgable.

    Over the years I’ve used Shimano, Rotor, Ceramic Speed and many other BBs this is by far the best engineered and smoothest running one I’ve ever had. It’s probably partly genuine improved efficiency and partly psychosomatic but I feel like I’m putting in 5 or 10% less effort on a hard ride!

    These will be going into all my other bikes as and when I need to change the bearings.

  81. Kurt B.

    Install was simple with the help of Hambini’s videos, and he responded promptly to my email inquiry with helpful information. Standard shipping to CA (USA) took about a week. After my run-in period, this thing spins like a dream, and no creaking!

  82. Stephen

    BB’s are such an inconspicuous part on a bike, until they start creaking!! Solved the problem, and spins infinitely better than before. I’m not good enough to take advantage of the performance benefits, but worth every penny to stop creak. Not as intimidating to fit as I thought it would be. Excellent service, also.

  83. Eric W.

  84. Gary Purdy

    As a few have stated the BB seems pricey but when you actually see the BB in person you can immediately see the quality, my frame has always had a few creaks and whatever I did only cured it for a ride or 2 (when pressing this home I realised just how misaligned my BB mustve been) and ever since I’ve rode with this in (580km) nothing, not a single noise from it and for that alone it was worth every penny.
    Will definitely be looking to upgrade my TT bike with one and would be the first thing I do on any new bike bought.. cannot rate this highly enough.

  85. Peter H.

    Replacement for the Praxis BB in my Tarmac SL6 which had unscrewed and was fouling the crank (!). There was a bit of sticker shock when it emerged the price is ex-VAT but I bit the bullet. Delivery was quick, fitting straightforward and smoothness perceptible. Performance so far (one circuit race, one TT and a few hours cruising) is faultless.

  86. David

  87. Viktor

    Smoothest BB you can buy, outperforms any Ceramic BB I’ve used previously. It’s one of those “once you go black…”- moments. Excellent engineering, stiffness and bearing quality. Only penalty is a bit extra weight, approx 50g heavier than standard BBs.

  88. Christopher Huston

    Install was a breeze. So smooth it’s almost like magic! Super stiff and best of all no more creaking. AWESOME in every way.

  89. Adam Kovac

    Awesome quality and awesome performance

  90. Ronald G.

    Ordered this for my Tarmac SL6 and it works great, very well designed and built BB.

  91. Frank

    This is a high quality product, installation was a breeze. Performance is amazing.

  92. Anonymous

    Since I own another Hambini BB for my TCR, I knew what to expect. Simply perfect tolerances and a smooth running crank, without the short lasting ceramicspeed stuff, which was replaced by this BB. Only thing I would like to have would be a Hambini/5 year old Framesticker above the crank.

  93. Christian

    As advertised!

  94. Simon G.

    Very fast delivery and a really well thought through product. I particularly like the small grooves milled into the external bearing surface which presumably help to channel any additional loctite. The shaping of the BB optimises the chance of pressing it in straight and minimises the chance of scratching visible surfaces. A really beautiful high quality product. Highly recommended.

  95. Robert C.

    Apart from being an excellent if expensive, product, the service received was excellent. Pity only five stars available . Top quality, worth every penny, thanks

  96. Anonymous


  97. David Reesh

    Seems to have solved my problem. Well done

  98. Shahrun N.

    The best BB in the world. Solved creaking problem and low friction too!

  99. Marco

    hairdresser likes it

  100. Simon Warmer

    Great handling, great installation,great product!

  101. Simon Warmer

    Great support, great installation, great product!

  102. Tim Richards

    Brilliant !

  103. Neil Glover

    Quality service and excellent BB. Second Hambini BB and always available to help with questions or issues.

  104. Adrian Byrne

    Superb product well made very happy snm

  105. Jo F.

    Amazing construction and performance. Fast delivery and easy installation.

  106. Yacine B.

    Excellent, Hambini provide great shopping experience and was responsive to emails! My revolut card didn’t worked on the website and knowing when product are available could be super usefull, i had to check my emails to be notified when item is back in stock, i had to pay 80 euros duty in France was a bit higher than expected.I could buy a lot more cheaper bb but am please to support Hambini and his impressive handcraft. 5/5

  107. Paul Schulman

    The best bottom bracket made by any 5 year old, ever! Quality made product. Spins smoothly. Bike feels racy and quick to put power on the ground.

    There is no other that compares. All bikes deserve a bottom bracket this well made.

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Q & A

Should I use some type of retaining compound like Park Tool RC-1 when replacing the bearings? Emil asked on April 20, 2024

It usually does not require it however it is recommended for a complete replacement. I would stress that I only recommend genuine loctite adhesives. I do not recommend Park Tool.

admin answered on April 21, 2024 store manager
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What size replacement bearings do I want for my BB30 Racing BB? Dan K asked on September 20, 2023


admin answered on January 25, 2024 store manager
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Hi Hambini, Would this BB work on Specialized Paris-Roubaix SL2? Thank you. Petru Jucovschi asked on June 8, 2023

Yes but it will depend on the crank.

admin answered on June 25, 2023 store manager
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Need a decent BB for S Works Venge 2020 Disc with Dura Ace 9170 - 24mm. Think it needs a Specialized OSBB but have no clue ? Please help Andy Mills asked on March 31, 2023

You need BB30 to Shimano which is this one. OSBB post 2014 is the same as BB30

admin answered on March 31, 2023 store manager
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For the BB30 hambini bb - What is the bearing type/size used if I want to replace it later? 24x37x7mm? Matthew Krivosudsky asked on September 10, 2022

It uses 6805 CN

admin answered on September 10, 2022 store manager
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