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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a Shimano 24mm Hollowtech 2 Crankset (Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace) with a bike frame that uses a BB30 Bottom Bracket (42mm Nominal Inside Diameter X 68mm Wide).

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a Shimano 24mm Hollowtech 2 Crankset (Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace) with a bike frame that uses a BB30 Bottom Bracket (42mm Nominal Inside Diameter X 68mm Wide).

  • 6061 Aluminium Alloy (Most corrosion resistant aluminium alloy available)
  • Polished aluminium finish
  • Aerospace tolerances, guarantee a no slop fit with good retention
  • One Piece design is inherently creak free
  • Bearings from NTN, NSK, SKF, Koyo or FAG/INA
  • No Hammers to install or remove
  • Fully serviceable Design, the bearings are designed to be replaced quickly and easily
  • 1 year warranty on the bottom bracket body
  • Supplied with fitting adaptors, a press or studbar in M12 size will be required
  • All Hambini one piece bottom brackets require obstruction free access to your bottom bracket shell Click Here for Bike Specific Application guide

Hambini Bottom Brackets are amongst the lowest friction bottom brackets in the world. They are used by recreational cyclists, road racers, triathletes and time trialists from around the globe. They are of proven design and are manufactured to Aerospace tolerances using Aerospace materials by an Aerospace Engineer.

These units are of a one piece construction which makes them inherently resistant to creak, they will maintain perfect bearing alignment and function under loads in excess of 4000W.

All Hambini bottom brackets can be installed and removed with a conventional bearing press, they use a controlled method of installation using the recommended fitting adaptors, they require no hammers or specialized tooling for removal. Additionally, the wearing component – the bearings – can be removed and serviced in situ. Essentially the bottom bracket has been designed to be fully rebuildable

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Spin Test

Spin tests are not good measures of friction as the bearings are unloaded but this video highlights the benefit of good bearing alignment on friction and bearing life. This particular bottom bracket had completed 10,000km.

Comparative Friction

The graphs below show how Hambini bottom brackets perform in comparison to the bottom brackets of other manufacturers

The test conditions model real world cycling and more importantly mimics realistic frame tolerances. All of these tests have been conducted with an eccentricity of 0.1mm which is generally the maximum permitted in frame specifications – the reality is tolerances have been known to be much worse than this.

Misalignment is more critical to friction than the type of bearing ball material, a slight misalignment can easily outweigh the difference between a top of the range NTN bearing and a mediocre ebay no name bearing. The results show that bottom brackets which have an element of structural linkage between the drive and non-drive sides (one piece/threaded etc) perform much better than those which are multi piece.

Average Power Consumption - Hambini, CeramicSpeed, Kogel, Praxis

The high torque and low RPM of pedalling causes high Hertzian contact stressing on bearing surfaces which cause friction levels to change over time. Those bottom brackets which have used ceramic bearings, start off with fairly low levels of friction but over time their friction increases dramatically. The super hard ceramic balls grind a track into the comparatively soft bearing races causing friction to increase. This would be analogous to trying to drive a locomotive train on a road, the wheels would cut grooves into the road surface due to the huge difference in surface hardness.

A Hambini BB is a one piece bottom bracket. It actively contributes to the stiffness of the bike’s pedalling platform. Threaded and multi piece bottom brackets have an element of play in their design so they do not contribute anywhere near a comparative level of stiffness. Reviewers of Hambini BB’s often comment on their feeling of improved stiffness, this is due to them being one piece and undergoing a proprietary heat treatment process. This makes them stronger and stiffer. This is a difference the end user cannot see – but they can feel.

Bottom Bracket Stiffness Comparison Hambini, CeramicSpeed, Kogel, Praxis


For installation, you will require a bottom bracket press or a piece of M12 studbar and some nuts. A video showing the method of installation is linked below, the picture and text installation guide is available here


For removal, you will require a bottom bracket press or a piece of M12 studbar and some nuts. A video showing the method of removal is linked below


Hambini Bottom brackets are designed so you can service the wearing component (the bearings) quickly and easily. The bottom bracket service procedure is shown below

Design Process

The process through which Hambini Bottom Brackets are designed is shown in the video below

Frequently Asked Questions

I have rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions that I get asked and put them in the list below

Q. Why are Hambini Bottom Brackets more expensive than everybody else?

A. Hambini Bottom Brackets are made in the UK where costs are considerably higher than the far east. Additionally as a private individual, I do not have the economies of scale that contract manufacturing companies are able to obtain.

Q. What is the difference between a Hambini Bottom Bracket and a mass market bottom bracket?

A. From a technical perspective, mass market bottom brackets are made to poorer tolerances and are therefore more likely to creak or result in poor bearing life. They are also designed to look aesthetically pleasing but compromise on areas which you cannot see (such as the fits, bearings and heat treatement). Hambini Bottom brackets are completely machined as opposed to moulded (Shimano/SRAM/Plastic). The Hambini Bottom Bracket tolerances are typically 10x tighter than Shimano/SRAM/Rotor/RaceFace/Token. Mass market bottom brackets often use poor quality bearings from the far east to maximise their margin. As an example, the bearings on Hambini Bottom Brackets (which are typically NTN) cost more than an entire bottom bracket from RaceFace/Token/SRAM.

Q. Why don’t you use Ceramic Bearings?

A. I have found ceramic bearings to have poor performance in bicycle applications. The ceramic bearings are not 100% ceramic, they are hybrid. A Hybrid bearing consists of ceramic balls sandwiched between a steel innner and outer race. The ceramic balls have a tendency to cut a groove into the steel and this results in poorer performance after only a few 100km. The majority of friction (>80%) in a bearing comes from the seal, grease and cage type. The ceramic balls make up a small fraction of the friction and have the negative effect of rapid bearing degradation. These are the main reasons I do not supply bottom brackets with ceramic bearings

Q. What is the difference between the Racing editions and the standard units?

A. The Racing Bottom brackets are made with superior materials, they are stiffer and slightly lighter. Racing bottom brackets are equipped wih low friction bearings. Racing bottom brackets have approximately 20 percent less friction than Classic units. The total friction is very small and would be difficult to notice when riding but nonetheless there is a measurable difference

Q. How long will the bearings last?

A. I cannot place a life on the bearings as life is largely dictated by the conditions they are subjected to. Having high loadings will increase their rate of wear as will riding in wet conditions. The bearings in all Hambini Bottom brackets are branded and meet minimum ISO standards so they are the best that are commercially available. Typical usage will be somewhere in the region of 2000km to 10,000km. As an example, those who watch my youtube channel will know my fastidious maintenance schedule which consists of weekly jet washing – I change the bearings twice a year, ie 8000km between changes. Due to the low speeds involved keeping them clean is more important than keeping them greased.

Additional information

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39 reviews for BB30 to Shimano Classic Bottom Bracket

  1. Papia

    5 stars. Constructed very well, lightweight, and beautifully designed. Installation tools were also included and installation was very easy.

  2. Rory D.

    Great piece of kit to add to any bike, I had a creaky BB and this solved all the problems, it runs smoother and just performs better and I’ll get one for my next bike even if there is no creak. Fitted to a 2019 Shiv TT no problem. Arrived much quicker than expected too!

  3. James Riley

    Extremely happy with my Hambini BB. A breeze to install, silky smooth riding, and no more creaking! Worth every penny.

  4. Lauren Cohn

    I would love to rate this higher if possible. This BB has transformed my Cannondale CAAD10 into a smooth as butter BB. I didn’t expect such an amazing transformation from the FSA crap (or shyte) but its true. Hambini is the man. His BB is the shizzle.

  5. Daniel Lassman

    Thanks for the email advice re fitting; it did creak a bit for the first 20 miles, presumably needed to bed in but now silky smooth and silent! I would definitely recommend.

  6. Paul F.

    As smooth as silk- that’s what this is in operation! It adds stiffness and smoothness to the BB. Installation was a doddle after watching excellent youtube videos. It arrived in quick fashion once the order was completed and I haven’t regretted it once. Get yours when you can because they’ll sell out like hot cakes!

  7. Tony Carmichael

    These are beautiful to look at. Hambini was extremely helpful in making sure I got the right product for my bike.

  8. Chris Voss

    It’s a marvel. Beautifully made and almost too good looking to hide away in my BB shell

  9. Sanjeev

    fantastic bottom bracket

  10. J Nguyen

    Beautiful to look and hold. Care and attention have been used for this. It’s stunning. It went in easily and I have no problems since. Recommend 100%

  11. Eli

    Great product. Does exactly what it was designed to do. No more creak, no more pre mature wear on the bearings. Runs smooth and stiff. Easy install with the right bearing press. (M12 standard). Bracket cannot be installed with the supplied adaptor cups using Park Tool’s HHP-3 press. no big deal. Just thread the rod through the BB30 with a PVC coupler on the non drive side. Press slowly till it seats flush. Cheers.

  12. PL

    BB fits like a glove, fixed creacking, highly recommended !

  13. The Plumber

    Absolutely sucked off with the constant creak, Creak, creak of my BB. A Chinese copied Dogma f10 with a BB30 setup. Some would say “ servers you right” and to be honest, i anticipated some issues. However beggars can’t be choosers. To be fair though, the geometry and quality of the frame seemed rather good to me. (That another debate). Nevertheless, I’m sure Hambini would give it one of his Sunday roasts. The original cups and bearings lasted 12 months and best part of 7000 miles which included several hard races, and beasting in the Pyrenees. But when the dreaded creak started, it seemed it was there to stay. After trying several sets of bearings and cups And silence for only a couple weeks, I new it was time to find something else. Lots of research led me to Hambini. After viewing his videos and reading other reviews, I was sold. It was so refreshing to listen to someone who knew what he was talking about, and not afraid to expose the rubbish some companies were selling. Anyway, I eventually got my hands on a Hambini BB30 classic. What a delight that was. The whole feel and look just spewed quality, so much so, I initially didn’t want to fit it. I felt it deserved to be displayed in a glass case. The machining was clean and polished. The look was feel was smooth, shiny and very light. The dimensions and tolerance were immaculate and the bearings run like Bambi on ice. Fitting the BB using the supplied guide was a doddle, and the moment it was home I just new it was problem solved. Great work H, I guess you could say I like this BB. In Wales we’d say “It’s tidy butt”.

  14. Tom F

    Fast shipping. Creak free. Beautiful engineering. A+++

  15. ATC 373

    Don’t be fooled by cheaper products. This really is worth the money. Your creaks will be a thing of the past.

  16. vatoencabronado

    I’d previously purchased a Hambini BB86. I ran into some issues due to extremely tight tolerances on my frame. Hambini reassured me and gave me advice on how to proceed and it works flawlessly. I immediately knew I was going to use his product on my BB30 project, as well. I didn’t need hand holding this time, so there was no need for his awesome customer service, but the product went in exactly as described, and is a stiff and smooth as my last purchase. The price is actually inexpensive in my mind, given that I’ll never have to listen to a creak and my high quality bearings (which are better than Ceramic ‘upgrades’, and much less expensive) will last much longer! Wins all the way around! Thanks, Hambini!

  17. TaylorB

    I wish my bike had come from the bike shop with one of these, no messing around. It just works. I’ve ordered an MTB one now.

  18. Sanjeev Kapoor

    Wow… I can’t believe the difference. Cheap chinese frame + this bottom bracket and all my creaking has gone. Had a few queries about fitting and the frame made some serious creaking during tightening but it works brilliantly. It’s just so smooth. Only gripe is getting one, I had to e-mail him beforehand to “reserve” me one. They seem to sell out quickly.

  19. Ben

    After numerous attempts to get back to a quiet ride – the Hambini finally solved my problem. So lucky I was able to purchase the last one in stock!

  20. Adam B

    I had a few problems with my BB30 setup. Hambini went out of his way to fix them. Email responses were prompt and helpful. Bottom bracket and service both first class. The bike runs like new

  21. Steven

    I don’t intend on using a BB30/OSBB standard again after finding Hambini’s products. His designs are engineered to fit like a glove, provide more stiffness and less possibility of a creak.. Hats off to Hambini, he has helped make the cycling world a better place.

  22. Justineclanc

    Installed into my Hongfu frame which creaked like a B*tch. all problems went away. I considered selling the frame before buying this.

  23. Maduej93

    It works without fail. Only gripe, Delivery a little slow to Australia – took 10 days.

  24. JimCannondale

    Arrived quickly, fitted easily and the bike feels rock solid now. Perfect

  25. Klaus

    As a returning customer I can honestly say that the level of support and the quality of the product has never disappointed me. 5 stars all around! Very fast shipping and very quick reply to my questions! Thank you Hambini!

  26. Ishmael

    After some discussion at my local club, I decided to go for the classic bottom bracket. Really good design and it’s something you want to constantly touch and rotate. Don’t expect any nice packing, it’s a brown cardboard box adorned with a shipping label. It doesn’t come with a manual either. I followed the video and the instructions from the website and I was suprised how straightforward the install was. I got onto the bike and instantly felt the difference, I didn’t realise how much flex I had before getting this BB, it’s all gone. It feels like I have gained 5-6W.

  27. Jezz3w8

    For what you get and the ease of servicing this can’t be beaten. It is like the Ferrari of the bottom bracket world. Nothing else comes close. Super smooth and a quality product. As others have mentioned, plain cardboard box, no fancy packaging. No instructions. You need to watch the video which is comprehensive. I was initially dubious about paying a lot of money for a product that has a primary advertising medium that is a youtube channel. I really shouldn’t have been and my only regret is not buying it sooner. It really is as good as others have said

  28. Carl C

    Hambini personally machined a BB30 > Hollowtech2 bottom bracket for me and had it in the post within 24hrs of me ordering it. Fitted it without issue and it’s been perfect and creak free. Simply fantastic solution for those with BB30 bikes wanting to run Shimano cranksets without the need for reducers. The bearings in the Hambini BB (6805) are easily replaceable and readily available from various manufacturers. Highly recommended!! A+++

  29. JeroenL

    Due to the bad tolerances of Rotor cups and my LBS not using Loctite to install them my frame’s bottom bracket holes are worn out (too big and oval shaped), especially the drive side. This made my Cervelo frame pretty close to worthless, despite the fact that it was in an otherwise good condition. Thanks to the knowledge and skills of Hambini I was able to solve this problem. After I carefully measured the holes’ diameters with a micrometer, he made me a bottom bracket that fits perfectly in my frame. Now, after hammering on the pedals for more than a 1000km, the bottom bracket is still tightly fixed. So Hambini’s custom made quality bottom bracket and technical support saved my bike from the scrap heap! I cannot thank him enough for this. Where in the Western world one can still find this dedication to really help someone out when there is money involved?

  30. Penny5

    If you have any doubts, email hambini he’ll come back to you promptly with his answers. For customer service he’s 10 out of 10 The bottom bracket is superb. I went from rotor cracks to ultegra. I was on wheels manufacturing adaptors before and they were shit. The hambini bottom bracket is so stiff it does not flex and feels very direct. Small weight penalty of 35g versus the two piece types but it’s a total no brainer. Only negative is the price. It costs more than everything made in China. But like the adage goes. You get what you pay for. I’d happily pay the same again because it’s that well engineered.

  31. Jason Schneider

    Best bottom bracket period. Super stiff, quiet, spins easily. The bike feels transformed. Quick delivery to the US, ordered at the weekend and it was in to me 5 days later. Customer service was excellent form start to finish.

  32. ColnagoBill

    Lets start with the negatives. His stuff is always out of stock. Now the positives. The Bottom bracket is super slick and super smooth. Clearly well engineered and pretty obvious why everyone gives it good reviews. Fit, function and above all his customer service (and free advice) are excellent. A thorough gent and has an entertaining YouTube channel too. Can’t thank him enough.

  33. BenDavis

    I really bought this BB after gaining confidence from watching the Hambini bike videos which I must say are excellent. This bottom bracket is quite simply in a league of one. Packaging is totally non-descript and the lack of any instructions is probably against industry best practice but functionally this is in a league of one. Bearings are super smooth and this has clearly been made with a lot of thought. His customer service is excellent. Very honest and takes the time to explain things in detail. These are the benefits of dealing with the man who made the item, comprehensive asnwers to your questions

  34. JezzAE9

    Good value and well made. Easily installed after watching video. the lack of creaking is great.

  35. JasonHaynes

    I am a regular viewer to the Hambini channel on youtube and if you watch his videos you’ll have an idea of what he’s like. Item is first class, service was first class. All of my creaking has gone. I agree with everyone else, the packaging is a recycled box and that is probably due to his tree hugging wife but the quality of his engineering is brilliant. total game changer

  36. Bricey

    I bought the new DA 9100 and was previously using wheels mfg spacers with BB30 bearings. This solution is much better, much stiffer and more importantly does not creak. Service was brilliant A+

  37. Cade297

    I can’t speak highly enough of Hambini. I have followed his youtube channel from the early days. His engineering really is brilliant. Very knowledgable and it it shows in his product. Well machined and a joy to use. Installs easily, spins freely and doesn’t creak. Huge difference in my Boardman frame.

  38. WM

    I replaced the bb on my Specialized Roubaix SL4. Easily installed per the videos and great support from Hambini with a few of my quirky questions. Sent a picture of my bb to confirm I had the right part and had immediate response. Very committed to end-user satisfaction. Great to have a single piece bracket that moves the bearings farther out. This is an excellent piece of work that uses excellent material and first-class bearings. Can’t find that combination anywhere, and especially from someone who cares about the details like Hambini. It just doesn’t get any better. Thoughtfully constructed with quality parts. What a rare combination! I have now put several hundred hard miles on the bb and about 50 miles of serious climbs in the mountains. Very solid and smooth. No noise on the climbs except from gasping and my joints… I’ll have to comment on longevity down the road, but for now I anticipate this bb lasting the rest of my bike’s life. Here in the States you can either get a two-piece bb or a two piece bracket using sup-par bearings or just replace the bearings in the bb. However, finding good quality bearings is a pain. My LBS wanted to sell me a Praxis bb for my bike, but several reviews brought up the low quality bearings included in the kit plus it’s a 2-piece bb. BTW, who cares about the box? I never remember the box or the packing. (Okay, I do remember opening my first Apple Macbook and my first pair of Assos bid shorts.) Regardless it got into the country and past my wife, who thought it was some junk something I’d ordered, and I didn’t have to explain I was buying more biking gear! When Hambini hits the big time, he’ll have to buy his own boxes, but until then, I’m glad to be an early adopter.

  39. Jemaidal


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