Hambini Bottom Bracket Service – Bearing Replacement

The video below shows how to replace the bearings on the majority of Hambini Pressfit Bottom Bracket.

Tools and Materials

The tools required are bearing extractors which can be found here


This procedure covers the following HAMBINI bottom brackets

  • BB30
  • BB30A
  • BB386EVO (used interchangeably with BB386)
  • BB86
  • BB92
  • BBright
  • PF30 (Road and MTB)
  • PF30A

It does not cover the following bottom brackets

  • BB30A necked
  • BB86 necked


Hambini Bottom Brackets have varying levels of fit between the bearing and the bodies (ranging from interference to transition – J fit). This is due to the compound interference created into the mating part of the bike and to reduce wear from bearing replacement. For this reason, it is now recommended that Loctite 641 is used on the outer race of bearings when replacing them.