Winspace LUN Hyper Wheel Teardown

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The Winspace Hyper are highly regarded, they have very good aerodynamic properties and are comfortably one of the fastest wheels you can buy.

The Winspace hubs use standard 6000 series bearings of common sizes. This video shows you how to remove the bearings and replace them if they are worn or you want a bit more speed/durability.

It covers the service of the front hub, rear hub, rear freewheel. The part numbers are shown below.

Additionally, towards the end of the video there is a section covering grease, the merits of thick versus thin and what type to buy.

Overhaul Parts:

Rim Brake Wheel

6803 Bearing x 5 NTN Recommended
6903 Bearing x 1 NTN Recommended
6803 Overaxle Press c9 QTY 2
6903 Overaxle Press c9 QTY 2

Rim Brake Wheel 2023 Onwards

6803 Bearing x 4 NTN Recommended
6903 Bearing x 2 NTN Recommended
6803 Overaxle Press c9 QTY 2
6903 Overaxle Press c9 QTY 2

Disc Brake Wheel

6803 Bearing x 3 NTN Recommended
6903 Bearing x 3 NTN Recommended
6803 Overaxle Press c9 QTY 1
6903 Overaxle Press c9 QTY 1

Link to Winspace Website

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  1. With your usage patterns, how long do you expect the LLU vs LLB bearings to last? How long did the stock ceramic bearings last?

    1. They started to rumble after about 6000km on the ceramics – that’s not a failure but it’s where I can detect it.. I haven’t had enough on the LLU to tell you how long they will last.

      1. In general, how long should I expect wheel bearings last? I’m curious how the Hyper X’s bearings compares with other wheels/brands.

  2. Hi Hambini
    I’ve serviced my fulcrum freewheel hub, and as I only had that one, I’ve put some ZEFAL PRO II grease in the ratchet mecanism. As it is a garde 2, it is a bit thick, but the ratchet works great and additinally it is much quieter, thanks to this thickness of the grease I guess.

  3. Just received my HYPER 50s yesterday for my new bike build. Today I discovered that my frameset – Carrera AR01, Rim brake – has 135.41 Dropout spacing (!?, #%¤/).
    Based on what I see in the rear hub explosion – can this issue be easily resolved by replacing the axle caps, if available and not messing with chain alignment … or are there other solution options?

  4. Hi Hambini. I am considering getting Hyper 65 but have some concerns about how well the hub cups protect the bearings from dirt. I have been riding for years and never had so much dirt and dust in the bearings as you got in the video. To me the bearings got fucked pretty soon. I expected more life out of them.

    1. THe hubs on any wheel bearings provide little protection. They are designed to have a small gap. Any secondary seals give the protection. In my case, I don’t clean the bike and ride through really crappy conditions hence the bearings don’t last as long.

  5. Have bought a pair of Winspace Hyper 50mm, and are quite happy with it. However, the front hub seems to have developed some play – nothing dramatic, maybe 0.5mm at the rim, but they feel and sound a bit loose (you can hear a knocking sound when wiggling the wheel left to right).

    I have studied the schematic shown in your video, and the only explanation I can come up with is that at least one of the bearings does not have have enough preload (shite tolerances), or the bearing is shot, but they barely have run 200 miles so far. Any idea how to fix this? Some very thin shim, maybe?

    1. I would pop the end caps off the wheel and check the bearings are pressed in fully. There isn’t really any other way for play to develop.

    2. Hey Cris. I recently bought a winspace hyper wheelset as well and like you, my front wheelset also developed some play. When you try to lift the front end and put it down again there is like something is loose and you can feel it’s moving if you hold the rims and move it slowly from side to side. But then again, when you turn the wheels, it still spin quite good and really smooth.

      Hambini, how would I know if the bearings are not pressed well and also what is the usual reason for it getting loose?

  6. Hi Hambini, I am seeking to buy a pair of Hyper X 38mm or 50mm as second wheel set for my light gravel bike following your review. Based on your experience and teardown do you reckon Hyper X wheels able to handle off road, light gravel single tracks or am I better off buying 303 firecrest Enve AR 3.4 or Hunts 35 X wide?

    1. Buy the ENVE AR 4.5 instead of the winspace, I have 12 pairs of wheels, AR 4.5 are the fastest and mosts versatile, and superb on gravel with 28mm

  7. Hi Hambini!

    I’m also doubting between 38mm or 50mm rim brake size. I check your wheel aero database, and seems there is not yet available aero data for the 38mm version. Do you may have an educated opinion about how this 38mm wheel will perform against a zipp404 or zipp303?

    Thanks so much for sahring allyour knowledge!

  8. After seeing the performance of the 50mm depth HyperX, I am curious to see the number on the 65mm depth version before purchasing. How much of a difference would you estimate the extra 15mm makes on performance with these wheels?

    1. A review of the 65’s is coming. There isn’t a significant step in performance between 65 and 50. It is more aerodynamic but you must offset this with reduced stability.

  9. Recently I changed the bearings, since the original bearings worn out. So after reinstalling the new bearings and assembling the free body hub everything worked well en rotated nicely. But when I tightened the quick release on my frame the free body didn’t free wheel anymore. So pressed the bearings a bit further inside the wheel and now it is a bit better. but still when I free wheel there is some resistance (slack chain). Probably the outer races of the bearing of the freebody and hub have contact after pressing them together with the quick release. The washer is properly installed between these two bearings, but I think it is too thin. Do you think adding a thicker washer or use two of those washers will create a bit more clearance and solve this issue?

    1. It sounds like you’ve got something else going on in terms of overall length. I would check that everything is properly seated.

  10. Your listing for Disc Brake Wheel bearings amount seems incorrect as according to my local bike shop who I supplied the bearings as advised by you I needed to buy 6803 bearing x 4 and 6903 bearing x 2.
    The bike shop said I only needed 6803 bearing x 2 and 6903 bearing x 3
    Any input on this?

    1. There are 6 bearings on both axles. 2x in the freehub, 2x on the rear axle and 2x on the front axle. If they’ve replaced 5 only, they have missed one.

      1. Sorry I got the bearing amount wrong not bike shop. The LBS fitted new bearings in my 2020 Hypers with the following 3 x 6803 and 3 x 6903.

    2. I was supposed to say the Bike shop told me I needed 3 x 6803 bearings and 3 x 6903 bearings. This is the correct amount for my Winspace Hyper Disc 50mm year 2020

  11. The 6803 bearings on my freehub rusted/contaminated. Result was horrible crunching sounds coming from the rear of my bike. Bought new bearings, pressed them in and all worked beautifully again. I’d forgotten where the small spacer washer went so this video saved me, as the freehub was draggy without it. Thanks a million Hambini!

  12. I got a set of Hyper 23SE D45s a few months ago and have been happy with them. However, recently someone posted on the internet that when they pushed their thumb in on the rim wall of their same wheelset, there was noticeable “squishy-ness”. I checked mine and had a similar softness when pressing into the rim wall on both F/R on either side. It becomes noticeably more stiff towards the edge. Obviously the load on the road is not in this direction, but is this an issue with these wheelsets, or an inherent part of the design for weight savings?