9Velo CD55 Wheel Review: Quiet, Well made and Fast

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9 Velo CD55


9Velo is a relatively new company based in the Chinese coastal city of Xiamen. They are well versed in the manufacture of wheels with a claimed 50 years+ of combined engineering experience within the organisation. These CD55 wheels are the first to feature their new axial freewheel system which has up to 54 teeth of engagement.


The quoted weight was 1460g +/-30g. The set reviewed was measured at 682g for the front wheel, 803g for the back wheel. Giving a combined weight of 1485g.


This wheelset features a ratchet system that is very similar to that of the DT Swiss hubs which have a central spring-loaded tooth ramped ring. The ring has a series of ramps and cliffs, drive is transferred in one direction and allowed to freewheel in the other.

The rear hub has slightly wider spoke hole mounts to allow for the installation of the carbon spokes. The hub has been largely faultless even through a northern European winter. The only time it proved problematic was during -12C conditions where the grease became extremely viscous and the engagement and disengagement were quite slow.

Spokes and Tension

The wheels combine 24 holes and 21 holes coupled with carbon spokes. The spokes have a double taper lock, they are mechanically integrated into the metal threads and are not reliant on adhesive to maintain tension. The spokes have a narrow wetted area into the freestream and a relatively long cord length. This contributes positively to their aerodynamic performance.

Please note that due to the limitations of the graphing software, there is an interpolated limit on the front wheel DS. This is due to the wheel having an odd number of spokes.

The tension across the wheels was excellent, there was little deviation across the planar sides. In riding, the wheels felt quite stiff. There was little in the way of discernible flex.

Out of Balance

Aerodynamic Performance

The aerodynamic performance of the wheels was good. It has almost identical performance to the Farsports Ventoux wheel and shares similar features like deep-bladed spokes and a very similar rim profile. The transition of the tyre to the rim bead was excellent.

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Spares and Warranty

All of the supplied wheels come with spare spokes and rim tape. If you purchase the rim brake version of the wheels, carbon-specific rim brake pads are included.


There is a growing trend of quality wheels coming from the far east and these wheels are no exception. Mechanical performance was very good, and the build quality was excellent. The aerodynamic performance for a wide disc wheel was good. This was helped by a good transition and deep blades on the spokes. The price of the wheels is edging towards the high end of premium Chinese carbon and these wheels represent undeniable value for money.

The only real weakness is the delivery, it does take some time to arrive from China if EMS post is selected. DHL wheels arrived within a week.

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Discount Code

You can use the discount code “9velo-hambini10” and receive 10% off your wheels


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    1. Agree with Jonah, thank you for your effort in testing these (and all the others πŸ˜€ ). Currently considering buying the LV 2.0 45mm one πŸ™‚

      Just one nitpicking remark on the Aerodynamic Performance Bar Plot. You could provide it without the truncated axis. That way, it would be easier to directly perceive the relative difference between the wheels πŸ˜‰

  1. Do you have in plan to test the rim brake version also?
    The same with the Hyper R67 rim brake version.

  2. Hi Hambini, how do these Chinese wheels fair on compliance, in my book comfort equals speed , great work πŸ‘