Hambini Roasts: Cervelo

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If you are about to buy a Cervelo bike, watch this video. It shows the appalling tolerances the bike frames are made to. The bottom bracket pressfit specification is so bad, neither NTN or SKF will warranty their bearings in it.

Cervelo Bike Frame fixed

This particular frame had misalignment between the two halves of the frame body.

2 thoughts on “Hambini Roasts: Cervelo

  1. Hi Hambini, 2 questions for you:
    1. It’s quite clear how youe thoughts are about the quality of manufacturing of the cervelo / Open products, and what you think of G.Vroomen as a person. But can you appreciate what he has done for aerodinamics in bicicling with Cervelo, and bike geometry in general with Open / 3t, Or do you think it’s all marketing bullocks?
    2. I don’t know if the quality of the 3t frames is on par with the Cervelo / Open frames, but It seems Gerard Vroomen does take your opinion very seriously. By taking framebuilding “home” to Italy and using a filament winding technique, 3t wants to improve the quality of their frames. What is your opinion on this move, does this filament winding technique produce a theoretically better frame? Would be a nice comparison video! Exploro from the far east vs Exploro from Italy!

  2. I’m onto my second Cervelo frameset. I must be a slow learner!
    Both have been great in some areas of use – the S3 was very aero and fast and my current C5 is a great handling bike on the rough and hilly Yorkshire lanes and city streets that I mostly ride.
    Both frames have had BB alignment problems, which showed up in fast wear of the bearings. Replacement bearing sets needed every 18 months or so, regardless of bearings used. I run Rotor cranksets which have well machined and in-tolerance bearing surfaces as far as I can measure (Im a qualified mechanical engineer).
    So I have to say that Hambini is dead right and Cervelo deserve at least some of the abuse he is heaping upon them! I’m going to fit a Hambini BB I think, as these regular bearing changes are an unnecessary expense and workload.

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