Hambini Roasts: Trifox X10

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The axes and planes that would affect the handling and braking of the bike are well above average. Machining quality of the parts was excellent.

You can see the video of the review below

You can get the bike frame from the Trifox Website

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    1. I just got my trifox x10 Frame and it looks great everything really well made i decided to Buy it when i saw your review, i just have to get flat mount mechanical calipers, any advice?

    2. OK, here you and I are, not pro riders. I most assuredly ain’t since I’m 76. I have discovered that I cannot tell the difference in climbing between a 20 lb bike and a 16 lb bike. But I am passed often enough by younger riders that think that they gain an advantage by aero designs.

      So here is something that the Great Hambini should address. Since the normal rider seldom exceeds 250 watts top output, does aero design actually make any significant gain over the older steel tube bikes with a tube diameter so much smaller? I had a serious concussion about 14 years ago which destroyed a good deal of my memory so I had to start from scratch again learning about bikes again and went through everything from my old Basso Loto to Trek top of the line bikes with those crappy BB90’s. I have now reverted to round tube titanium bikes with which I can build a bike around 17 lbs. But the question I keep having needs an aerodynamics expert – for the average rider does aero design add anything at all with these lower power outputs?

      1. I am not an aero engineer but the answer is prob No. since Carbon fibre can be moulded into any shape they want to, they may as well moulded it into something more aero. if the computer modelling and testing allow them to make it more aero, they prob will. Usually ultimate loading tests are pretty quick, but the fatigue tests, take thousands and millions of cycle to see cracks and crack propergation take a long time to complete. But with sound engineering and modelling skills, and skilled workers. Usually the bike will be fine, even for a reputable Chinese factory. They will sacrifice some tests, we and weight maybe but what you will get is cheaper frame. However, sometimes I wonder why they don’t put Kevlar into the frame to make it fails less brittle and more prone to impact.

    1. That possibility exists at a bearing fit level. The overall dimensions of the jig fit is unlikely to be so variable. Ultimately, I can only comment one what is in front of me and that is of good quality.

  1. The most important question: does the girl from Trifox who sent you this frame have huge boobs or not?

  2. Hah! Hambini always on time with quality content. Trace Velo released a video today about his Trifox frame. The threaded insert of the thru axle on his fork was misaligned which caused the threads of the thru axle to strip.

  3. I thought you weren’t a fan of the rear stays sitting halfway down the seat tube, because of potential flexing issues.

  4. Hello Hambini,
    the thin rubber thing at the seatpost is just a cover for the seatpost and the clamp. It’s like a dirt protection for the seatpost/seattube and the clamp screw.
    You have to turn it around and push it down towards the top tube.


  5. Thank you HAMBINI from an ex pat living here in N. Italy ??. You are the DOG’s BOLLUCKS!!!! Great review and glad you made the switch. Fuck Zyclon WEAKLY in their fat fuckin asses!!! ???

  6. I had what looks to be a different model of their Seatposts and had a real job getting the Seatpost to clamp on the rails without slipping.
    Two very small points of contact. Couldn’t tell from the video if this is an improved design or not – worth a close look though.

    1. I checked it, although didn’t mention it in the video but it was pretty good. Basically un noteworthy. I can understand if your particular frame had that problem then you wouldn’t be happy.

      1. Trace Velo had issues with fork alignment. Axle stripped the fork threads as they didn’t line up. Completely on the piss.

        1. Trace Velo had an X16, different model. Doesn’t anybody clue into the details? Hambini has an X10. Great review, always done without political correctness, which is a godsend.

          1. heard from trifox the x16 frame was built upon a sl6 open mold. also wondering how the frame is

    2. Trace Velo used a piece of that slightly rubberised plastic you get on clothes/bedding packaging and it sorted the post slipping issue.

      1. Trace is a awful bike mechanic! The best way to solve seat post slippa6 of fibre past fails is Cricket bat repair tape! Work your heigh out then just where the wedge presses in on the post add a strip of tape that’s a couple of mm higher and lower than the wedge, this allows the wedge to slightly indent the tape and it’s job done ?

    1. Trace Velo had an X16, different model. Doesn’t anybody clue into the details? Hambini has an X10. Great review, always done without political correctness, which is a godsend.

  7. flip the rubber thing on the seatpost over and it will act as a cap on the seat tube to keep water/sweat from running in.

    1. Shame about the fork cable/hose routing. Doesn’t have to be fully internal, but at least SOMETHING like a zip tie hole and saddle.

    1. Trace Velo’s also been giving this frame a test run courtesy of Trifox and his front thru-axle was mis-aligned, so maybe they are sending out regular production-quality frames. That said, they did preface it for him under warranty and have said the issue’s been addressed in production

      1. The round grommet between the bottle bosses on the down tube, is to put a zip tie through to secure the brake hose to stop it rattling.

      2. Well, if they get painted in Italy and their price increases 10x afterwards, legally they are “Made in Italy”…

  8. Nice to see some genuine carbon technical and craft skill coming out of China.
    However, the general ethics and business practises there are dodgy as fk.
    And it is likely the west will be in a full blown war with China within 5 years.
    Sad but true. f’n CCP are worse than the mafia.

    If China can keep progressing their ethics and business practises, it will be a win win for all.
    I look forward to cheaper power meters, groupsets, frames, etc, that are actually well made, and work.

  9. I will watch with or with out the language… but for the love of all things good, I much prefer the the unedited cut!!!

  10. Loving this content – been waiting for a full
    Hambini roasting of a Chinese frame for a while!

    Are you planning on doing this for any other brands?

    I’m going to buy a gravel frame from another manufacturer soon and would happily send it via Cologne if you wanted to do some testing!

    1. I’m thinking about setting up some sort of system where I buy a random frame off the internet and then test it. It just costs a lot and I’m not sure if I can justify the costs. we’ll see.

  11. I think companies selling under their own name will want to live up to a good reputation. On the internet your name can be sunk so quickly. The thru-axle alignment issue is something Trifox will have address. The process may bump up the cost of frames. Windsapce is a high cost chinese brand. They built their reputation.

  12. I don’t want to say the swearing is the only reason for me to watch. It’s just not the same flavor without it. Like meat without gravy… Keep on keeping on!

  13. Thanks for the review and good to see and no annoying fake mockney accent / rubber gloves / poor visuals.

  14. I know from a manufacturing tolerance perspective, you’ve rated this frame and other Chinese companies like Yoeleo rather high. One thing I see from other reviews has to do with the “carbon layup” and quote, “noodley floppy dick stiffness”. Is there anything to these concerns?

  15. I am sold on this frame. I did visit the site that identified the thru axle problem , but it was solved , so i will watch the next installment on Hambini and then go ahead and order one. Yes it could be a dressed up Whit Sunday Walks version that was sent for appraisal;, but I would hope that Trifox are not daft enough try it on …..

  16. Well i went and got one ! , should be here in a couple of weeks, my only concern was the fork thru axle alignment issue , I watched the other blokes vid id say he got stripped the threads, he must have known by feel that something was not right but carried on and knackered it , any way In getting all the rest of the components together now so should be up and running by June !

    1. The brake line entry location to the frame seemed sloppy and ill thought, for the X16 (Trace Velo), as he had to file the carbon hole to compensate the angle of entry. Judging by the hole placement, I would guess that the design and manufacturing process completely forgot about a third cable needing entry to the tube, and they just drilled a hole within proximity to the shift cable entry location, without much consideration to assembly.

  17. I completed a quick risk assessment and elected to order the X10 in medium Red/Carbon, despite the risks associated without physically inspecting and dealing with a local bike shop. A word of caution, customer service is extremely disappointing, long delays in product shipping and arriving, and thus far, missing some key components – ie wheelset. Order placed April 2, received the bike and some other components May 14. The order arrived in a single box, and like every other video out there, the carboard box looked inconspicuous and crushed beyond the normal profile of a box, I was definitely concerned about the integrity of the components within. All components were wrapped thoroughly in a plastic foam roll, and protected the parts within very well, no apparent damage found. Considering the price paid, and the condition of the components, I’m ok with the packaging method that TRIFOX used, as I’ve paid for a bike and not necessarily the printed marketing on the exterior of the box, or the professional packaging methods typically incorporated at the customers expense. I did notify TRIFOX regarding the missing wheelset, and patiently await their response…..

    As for the bike, threaded bottom bracket is very impressive, alignment is spot on. Front fork has a cable support for the disc brake hydraulic line, an addition since Hambini’s review, still not integral though. Headset was clean, and fit very well, no issues experienced. The cable plastic guides were incorrectly installed for the R and L shifter cables, easy enough to switch around. The plastic frame inserts for the cable entry/exit ports, were easy to remove and install. Carbon seat is very light, will have to try it to fully evaluate the item. Carbon handlebar, integral to the stem, appears to be well made, integral ports exist for the brakes or shifter cables, I originally tried them; however, opted to go external as the strain to the cables seemed excessive. Perhaps after adjusting the handlebar shifters, I may go integral. Added some short length cable housings to the accessible hatch location below the bottom bracket, as I felt that the current carbon slots were adding unnecessary friction to the shifter cables.

      1. Wheelset arrived, bike critical fits checked, fully assembled by myself, with an Ultegra groupset swapped from my endurance bike. Submitted to GCN bike vault, May 28th. So far, impressed with how well it assembled, had an issue with the depth of the rear wheel freehub spline, as it caused the cassette to contact the carbon frame. Had to shave a bit of metal off the internal hub spacer and add some shim material. It should work for the short term, but need a long term fix. Road test should be interesting, and hopefully, all goes well and I’m thoroughly satisfied with my investment.

  18. Got the x10 frame about a week ago, overall it was in line with this review except the seat post tube. It was beyond fucked. Seat post got rightly stuck 40% the way in because the interior carbon layup was shit. TriFox said to file away the inside and that was their only solution.

    Front fork threaded insert is loose/not molded into the fork. I believe they had issues with it being wonky so that was their solution.

  19. What are you thoughts on the other “popular” Chinese brands (carbonda, winspace, yoeleo) compared to trifox?

  20. The fully assembled bike, with Ultegra drivetrain, and extra front fork stem spacers, is my final result. The image is available on the Trifox website, “Product Real Shot”. Only issue, is the bike will blow over in high winds during attempted pictures.

  21. Got my frame and the thread on the front for axle was crap. Stripped and failed. I’m working on getting it replaced under warrantee. Had the same problem with the seat tube. Got stuck way to high had to file it down.

    Would not recommend. Try another brand