Canyon Aeroad gets roasted.

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Canyon’s new aeroad has been plagued with failures around the seatpost. Now sales have been suspended and they are looking to introduce a new design.

[lbry embedurl=”$/embed/CanyonSeatPost/2444879041f37356c9e357b411797af357ee09be?r=BP5hAn45o9CwDwCadoxzMJ8zWYq2CuBP”]

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  1. hello HF
    I have a doubt about distance fork-spokes
    wath is the best aero design?
    close to the spokes ]|[ or rounded away (|)

  2. Oooh, has this been deleted from YouTube? I have a lovely photo of a brand new Canyon that broke at seat stays. I’m hoping the photos I sent you turn up in this presentation…

    1. I would love to see your photo too. Looks like Canyon made a complaint against Hambini or Youtube, again…
      This is not the first time for Hambini video got pulled off from Youtube for criticizing Canyon. He criticized Canyon Ultimate CF 2016 or 2018 frame for it having poor BB.

  3. Good explanation, about the engineering fuckup they pulled. As a costumer of this bike I can say that they are working hard on an even bigger fuckup at costumer support, which is basically non-existing.

    Hands down to canyon you managed to make a seat post that wears faster then a shimano chain, congrats! Hence, in addition of buying the bike get a bucket of lube, electrical tape and some sealant in an attempt to make the seat post outlive your chain.

    1. It’s a bit of a disaster really, I’m not sure what they were thinking. The roastings are pretty tame compared to the legal problems they are going ot have.

      1. People should not forget that consumers are protected by both international and European laws, to protect them in these kind of cases. In this case, in Europe, the ECC (European Consumer Centre) can and will help you further, if Canyon refuses to do so. Additionally, you should check about warranty on a replacement product (frame, seatpost), strictly speaking warranty is only applicable to the original product (in European law).

      1. Great to see that you’re moving your videos to Odysee. That way, they’ll be safe (at least, safer) from the bike manufacturers’ PR/censorship department.
        I hope you can upload your complete catalogue of past videos.

        Unrelated: my MTB came with a 30mm aluminium spindle (SRAM dub) in a 41mm BB bore. The tiny bearings rarely survive more than 2,000km. The alignment in the frame seems pretty good; at least the cranks spins easily.
        I’m not competent enough to do the math on the bearing life of those tiny ball bearings. I hope you may be able to show the math predicting the estimated life of those idioticly small bearings.

        Keep up the good work you’re doing showing the lack of competence in the engineering department of bike OEMs, and how their marketing department lack any kind of integrity.

        Sponge Bob, or Bob L’Eponge in France

  4. Sorry your video (they’re all great fun) was censored – must be hitting its mark. Was hoping to see a thread going on deeper root cause – what compels them to try for that much flex in a seat to start. These ppl obvious do not ride much, if at all. So much bike design/eng masquerading as elegance is in fact ___. Cheers.

    1. As a Jew, I was rather impressed by the Zyklon reference. While a little heavy handed, I’m not against having a few sus engineers receive a special shower.

  5. I’m sure that video would still be on YouTube without the idiotic recommendation that someone should be “zyklon’d” – but let’s blame Canyon for its removal instead.   

  6. In March 2022 I bought a brand new Aeroad CF SLX, and by June the seatpost creaking raised its ugly head. I searched online and quickly realized I wasn’t the only one with the problem. Further digging brought me here but the video in Odysee is not available anymore. I still would like to see canyon getting roasted for the poor engineering/manufacturing. can someone please re-post the video or send a link to a different platform? cheers!

  7. Too bad those of us who missed it can no longer see the video and can only hear accounts of how magnificent it was!