Trifox Bike Frame Chop UP – it’s on sale.

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A few people have enquired regarding the Trifox frame that was in for review and eventually chopped up in the name of engineering.

In case you have not seen the original review, you can see that here

And the chop up here

Despite it’s low price, the Trifox was found to be no weaker than the mainstream brands and in some cases stronger – at a material level. The cross section of the Trifox frame shapes has a higher second moment of area.

Discount Codes (until November 23rd 2021)

If you are interested in buying one of these frames, they are currently having a sale. They’ve got three frames at $99.99 per day. If you buy a frame you get a free set of handlebars (these will be reviewed on the TIME bike frame build). They also have a 10 percent off coupon on components. The code is 5TH (this is not an affiliate link)

Link To Trifox here

2 thoughts on “Trifox Bike Frame Chop UP – it’s on sale.

  1. Discount code doesn’t work

    1. I would try emailing them.

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