Giant TCR roasted: More Crap Quality Control

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Giant TCR

On the barbecue this week, the Giant TCR. This was long believed to be one of the better bikes for QA/QC on the market. It turned out to be a bit of a shocker. The bottom bracket was found to be massively undersized and the internal finishing was riddled with displacement voids (wrinkles).

Of note is the fact that the majority of these defects would be out of sight of the average customer. A borescope was required to examine the insides of the frame. The bottom bracket was found to be out of specification with a 3 point bore micrometer.

A video showing the findings is below

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  1. On my 2016 TCR SL, my BB hole is a piece of shite! Press fit feels sloppy as fck. I’m almost jelous when other bikes have undersized BB areas. Creak free for 1 week, now it’s terrible. Trying some locking compound, and it that doesn’t fix it, Threaded Press fit BB hoping that solves the issue. If only you were in Australia. You’d have a field day on your PowerPoint