FUJI Transonic One.1: Engineering Roast

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FUJI Transonic

This FUJI Transonic One.1 came in for the usual creaking bottom bracket. The case history in this example was somewhat unusual. The owner had experienced bottom bracket problems from the point of purchase and had gone through the general guidance recommended in various places of grease, retaining compound and a new bottom bracket.

The owner bought a Hambini PF30 Shimano bottom bracket in an attempt to address the problem but this did not fix it. His last action was to purchase a Praxis Works thread together one piece bottom bracket and that too failed to fix the creaking.

Having run out of options, he sent the bike to Hambini HQ for remedial work.

Upon inspection, the bottom bracket apertures were neither square, aligned or within specified hole sizes. The holes were oversized – in this scenario, no standard bottom bracket would have worked.

The bike frame bottom bracket was shambolic but the rest of the bike frame did not exhibit any major problems. The carbon construction was very clean. This is quite unusual as most examples have poor manufacturing across the board. In this case, it appeared to be isolated to the bottom bracket.

A custom bottom bracket was manufactured to address the viewer’s problems.

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