Farsports Ventoux Wheel Teardown

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Farsports Ventoux C6

This video shows you how to replace the bearings in a Farsports Ventoux wheelset. This covers the front hub, rear hub and rear freehub. A review of the wheelset is available here

The replacement bearings are as follows

Overaxle presses are as follows

**The use of these overaxle presses are mandatory as flat press adaptors will result in insufficient preload, which may result in unexpected bearing failure which may be catastrophic!**

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  1. Have you ever looked at Hunt carbon wheels? I’d be curious how you think they stack up to these considering they are probably made in the same region and possibly the same factory. Thanks for your work!

    1. Their older ones were not great. Their new ones appear to be out of the same mould as winspace and therefore should be much better. BUT the rim profile looks to be different to the winspace so I wonder if it’s the same butterfly weave but a slightly blunter rim.