High End Bike Shop trashes a Parlee Z5 frame by using Epoxy to fix a creaky bottom bracket

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Parlee Z5 Epoxy Repair

A high end bike shop in London decided it would be a good idea to fix a customer’s Parlee Z5 bike frame by using Epoxy to glue some Campagnolo bottom bracket cups in to the bike frame.

What followed was a customer who was repeatedly going through bottom bracket cups – often in the space of a couple of weeks. Multiple changes followed before the customer sent the bike frame to be checked.

The opening inside the frame was found to be oval and the victim of severe fretting. It was grossly oversized. The epoxy was removed, the hole was trued and a new bottom bracket incorporating the Campagnolo Ultra Torque locking system was manufactured and installed.

Grossly Oversized Aperture Parlee Z5 PF30
Grossly Oversized Aperture Parlee Z5 PF30, 45.95-46.00mm is the limit value

You can watch the video below

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  1. What’s your opinion of Parlee frames? I’m in the process of buying a new bike and curious to know your opinion