Dolan Bikes DR1 Bike Frame: Custom Bottom Bracket

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Dolan Bike Frame, Rubbish QA QC

The British company Dolan (based near Ormskirk in Lancashire, England) have been famous for supplying bikes to many household names over the years and specifically in the field of track cycling. In the late nineties, they started to import frames from the far east.

A Dolan DR1 bike frame was initially brought in to Mapdec Cycle Works in Kendal, Cumbria for remedial work by the former club secretary of the local cycling club. An individual who had recently recovered from a heart attack and COVID-19

Following an intial inspection by Mapdec Cycle Works, the bottom bracket was found to be over 0.5mm outside of the permissible specification and was sent to Hambini HQ for a custom BB.

The custom BB was made to fit the bike but the inspection uncovered numerous defects around the frame and more specifically around the quality of carbon construction used to manufacture the frame. There were signs of poor resin flow and numerous loose fibres were evident throughout the frame.

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