Wahoo Speedplay Pedal Teardown, Axle Modification and Comparison with Shimano, LOOK and Time

Wahoo Speedplay Pedal Teardown


Speedplay is a cycling components company that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performance pedals for road and off-road cycling. The company was founded in 1991 by Richard Byrne, who was a mechanical engineer and avid cyclist.

Speedplay pedals are known for their unique design, which uses a double-sided pedal, with the retention system mounted to the shoe. This design allows for a more direct power transfer from the foot to the pedal, as well as a lower stack height, which can improve bike fit and comfort.

Over the years, Speedplay has developed a reputation for innovation and quality, and their pedals are used by professional cyclists and amateur enthusiasts alike. In addition to its pedals, the company also produces a range of accessories and replacement parts, such as cleats and bearings.

In 2019, Speedplay was acquired by Wahoo Fitness, a company that produces smart trainers, bike computers, and other cycling-related technology. The acquisition has allowed Speedplay to expand its product line and reach a broader audience of cyclists.

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