Hambini Racing BB86 Bottom Bracket Shimano Crankset (Black) Necked

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a Shimano 24mm Hollowtech 2 Crankset (Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace) and Shimano Compatible (Some ROTOR and FSA) 24mm Cranksets with a bike frame that uses a BB86 Bottom Bracket (41mm Nominal Inside Diameter x 86.5mm wide). This bottom bracket has a narrowed center section to avoid obstructions, most Scott and BMC bikes require this variant of BB86 Bottom Bracket.

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a Shimano 24mm Hollowtech 2 Crankset (Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace) and Shimano Compatible (Some ROTOR and FSA) 24mm Cranksets with a bike frame that uses a BB86 Bottom Bracket (41mm Nominal Inside Diameter x 86.5mm wide). This bottom bracket has a narrowed center section to avoid obstructions, most Scott and BMC bikes require this variant of BB86 Bottom Bracket.

Hambini Racing Bottom Bracket Overview

  • 20% stiffer than Hambini Standard Bottom Brackets
  • As used in the Pro-Peloton
  • One Piece design aligns the bearings perfectly, reducing the likelihood of creak
  • NTN Bearings Ultra Low Friction Bearings fitted as standard in Road applications. Fully Sealed NTN/FAG Bearings fitted in MTB Applications
  • No Hammers are required to install or Remove the Bottom Bracket
  • Fully Serviceable, the bearings can be replaced quickly and easily
  • It is supplied with fitting adaptors in M12 (or 1/2 inch), a press or studbar will be required to facilitate installation
  • One year warranty on the bottom bracket body

Precision Engineered and Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Hambini Bottom Brackets are amongst the lowest friction bottom brackets in the world. They are used by recreational cyclists, road racers, triathletes and time trialists from around the globe. They are of proven design and are manufactured in the United Kingdom. These units are of a one piece construction which makes them inherently resistant to creak, they will maintain perfect bearing alignment and function under loads in excess of 4000W.

Hambini Bottom Bracket Reviewed by an Engineer

Hassle-Free Maintenance

All Hambini bottom brackets can be installed and removed with a conventional bearing press, they use a controlled method of installation using the recommended fitting adaptors, they require no hammers or specialized tooling for removal. Additionally, the wearing component – the bearings – can be serviced in situ or removed within just a few minutes. The bottom bracket has been designed to be fully rebuildable.

Unrivalled Performance

Unloaded bearing spin tests are a poor measure of frictional performance but they do highlight good bearing alignment. The link below is to a video of a Hambini Racing Bottom Bracket that had completed 10,000km

Class Leading Parasitic Drag Loss (Friction)

The graph below shows how Hambini bottom brackets perform in comparison to the bottom brackets of other manufacturers. The test conditions model real world cycling and more importantly mimics realistic frame tolerances. All of these tests have been conducted with an eccentricity of 0.1mm which is generally the maximum permitted in frame specifications – the reality is tolerances have been known to be much worse than this. Misalignment is more critical to friction than the type of bearing ball material, a slight misalignment can easily outweigh the difference between a top of the range NTN bearing and a mediocre ebay no name bearing. The results show that bottom brackets which have an element of structural linkage between the drive and non-drive sides (one piece/threaded etc) perform much better than those which are multi piece.

The high torque and low RPM of pedaling causes high Hertzian contact stresses on bearing surfaces which cause friction levels to change over time. Those bottom brackets which have used ceramic bearings, start off with fairly low levels of friction but over time their friction increases dramatically. The super hard ceramic balls grind a track into the comparatively soft bearing races causing friction to increase. This would be analogous to trying to drive a locomotive train on a road, the wheels would cut grooves into the road surface due to the huge difference in surface hardness.

Bottom Bracket Stiffness

A Hambini BB is a one piece bottom bracket. It actively contributes to the stiffness of the bike’s pedaling platform. Threaded and multi piece bottom brackets have an element of play in their design so they do not contribute anywhere near a comparative level of stiffness. Reviewers of Hambini BB’s often comment on their feeling of improved stiffness, this is due to them being one piece and undergoing a proprietary heat treatment process. This makes them stronger and stiffer. This is a difference the end user cannot see – but they can feel.


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42 reviews for Hambini Racing BB86 Bottom Bracket Shimano Crankset (Black) Necked

  1. Garth Kane

    Easily the best solution I could find for my BMC. Perfection.

  2. Samuel Hawkins

    I didn’t expect anything less than top notch quality and Hambini delivered on my expectations. A comment from my bike shop mechanic, “these are the best feeling bearings that I have ever experienced”. Zero creak, even sprinting at 1400 watts, and exceptionally smooth performance.

  3. Tom Ruzeu

    I installed the BB as soon as it arrived; couldn’t wait after watching the case study a thousand times. I ran into a major problem where the obstruction in my frame (Giant Defy Advanced SL0) came too soon preventing the cup from clearing to the necked part of the BB. This prevented maneuvering over the obstruction. Since I didn’t buy the Delrin removal tool I made my own out of wood; worked perfectly. Then I took out the Dremel and very slowly removed CF material; after measuring the cup and frame for the amount to be removed. I’ve tried many BB’s over the years (the bike is now 5yrs old, but I love it) including the most recent Enduro TorqTite BB86/92 with XD-15 ceramic bearings, but nothing compares with the smoothness and free spinning of this Hambini BB. In my most humble opinion Hambini’s BBs should be OEM spec’d on all high end bikes. I previously installed Hambini specified NTN bearings on my low end CF wheels and I now don’t even take out my high end CF wheels (plus they’re not TL). Anyway, I’d buy from Hambini just on the impeccable customer service and customer care. Thanks mate.

  4. Anders Nyberg

  5. Anonymous

  6. Khalid AL muhairi

    Good quality

  7. Paul

    Clearly an outstanding piece of engineering with the feel of ‘quality’ about it. Fitting was straightforward, provided that you have the correct tools (bearing press etc.) and the smooth running is evident from the start (although Hambini says it takes a couple of hundred Km to fully bed the bearings in). I used Loctite as suggested, even though this is a single piece item and as expected all is creak free, even under heavy loads (climbing out of the saddle, sprint efforts etc.). Highly recommended

  8. Michal C.

    Excellent support and BB quality.


    Solid product

  10. Amandip Singh

    Hambini is a legend , he fitted this BB into my asymmetric frame at very short notice. This BB is as smooth as my sack after waxing & stiff AF. Get one, You will not regret it

  11. Chris Kimpton

    No bullshit no daft emails you pay its there the next day

  12. Peter Shepherd

    Just perfect. Great engineering and service. A noticeably stiffer bottom bracket and so smooth. Thank you.

  13. Khalid AL muhairi

    Best quality

  14. Anonymous

    The bike shop destroyed the BB during the Installation in my new bike. They cut it in half, to get it back out. Needless to say, I was not amused. Thus, I cannot give any meaningful feedback. They fitted a Ceramic Speed BB as a replacement (which I wanted to avoid). The contact and purchase with Hambini was excellent, however.

  15. Andy Buxton

    Excellent, fitted well, removed creaking noises and delivery timescales were splendid! Thanks

  16. Robert B.

    What you need to know is that the Hambini BB86 sorted a badly/loudly creaking BB where others failed, including a Token Threadfit.

    What you should also know is that Hambini, himself, was generous with his advice, without me committing to buy. In particular he did not immediately recommend that I buy his BB.

    Lastly, if you have a Scott Solace you’ll need the necked version of the BB86, as like other Scott’s, the plastic cable guide that presses into the bottom of the BB shell will snag the regular option.

  17. Khalid AL muhairi

    Best quality of BB i have seen

  18. Anesh Ramlaul

    Prompt replies and professional service as usual from Hambini

  19. Ryan

    Hambini was excellent to deal with. I had some fitment questions and he took the time to explain everything to me over email. The BB arrived in good time and was really easy to install. Highly recommend this BB for anyone who is serious about cycling.

  20. majstermod

    It’s more than just a high quality BB, you get also piece of diagnostic equipment.
    After installation I can feel everything, what’s happening to my drivetrain.
    I can easily notice tingling on my crank arm, due to freehub body wobbling on the axle … I knew it before and planned to change these crappy factory wheels anyway.
    My BB shell (measured with internal micrometer) was in BB86 spec and pressing-in process was smooth and easy.
    Installation wise I have noticed only one thing.
    Plastic washers have slightly tighter fit comparing to original BB.
    It requires just a little bit more force to put axle in.
    Now since couple of rides I enjoy silence and buttery smooth crank spin in my Giant TCR 2021.

  21. Michael

    Excellent service, very prompt delivery and comms. The website user experience could be improved to make it clearer, with more info etc, but the product is excellent and clearly of a very high quality.

  22. Andrew Durrant

    Excellent product and service.

  23. Anonymous

  24. William Anderson

  25. Reinhard E.

    Hambini keeps on emptying my wallet. First a clear and strong Winspace T1500 recommendation and subsequently a BB86 bottom bracket. Both go very well together and appear to be perfect in this combination. EU-buyers beware: Customs clearance took three long weeks. However, great job Hambini, love your channel, your products and your loud and clear words in the interest of the consumer. My second BB purchase and problably not my last, since a first class bike frame deserves something special.

  26. Geir

  27. Anonymous

    Supreme quality product, if you have a pf bb this is well worth the money. Smmooothh as a cashmere codpiece!

  28. Kim Mcnulty

  29. Bernhard Scharnowsky

    Spins like a charm!

  30. Wayne Harrison

    I contacted Hambini first to confirm which variant I needed or would be best suited for the frame, I got a reply same day confirming which is the correct type. Ordered, paid and received very quickly, this will by my 3rd Hambini bottom bracket as the quality is fantastic and the reliability is 100%, this new one is exactly the same and when you open the box and you see and feel the quality, it’s engineering porn! It’s now installed on my new frame and will give me 1000’s kms trouble free riding.

  31. Thomas K.

    Hambini Bottom Brackets are the best you can get on the market in terms on long term durability and low friction. Great item!

  32. Robert G.

    I purchased a one piece Hambini bottom bracket for my bike. My bike was 3 years old and wanted to do an upgrade for the upcoming spring season. I showed up at my local shop and the tech was excited to check it out and install it on my bike. He had heard about Hambini’s stuff but never actually seen one. We were both amazed by the quality of craftsmanship. A day later he calls and says my bike is not compatible with the one piece unit I purchased because of a lip on my bike. I contacted Hambini through email and literally within seconds he calls my shop to discuss the problem and realizes I need the 2 piece unit/threaded unit. This was my fault, I assumed all BB86 brackets were the same. Hambini then asked if I wanted to exchange my one piece unit for the threaded one. I am waiting for my new one to show up and install on my bike, but the customer Service is a 10 and cannot wait to ride my bike. Update to follow soon.

  33. Anonymous

    It took a while to get into the country due to some shipping issues with the UK. Hambini himself was great and followed up on my behalf and even offered a replacement BB if it got lost! Amazing.. Anyway, it eventually arrived and was fitted to my bike and wow what a difference. added stiffness, buttery smooth no more noise. Well worth the money and an amazing BB.

  34. c.c.youngson

    With all the helpful You Tubes I got my bracket shell to the right dimensions & bottom bracket fitted pretty easily (+ Loctite – belt & braces). Only difficult bit was waiting the 92h for the Loctite & activator to have had time to fully cure.
    Feels fantastic so no idea how it will be better 250km from now.
    Silent & smooth.

  35. Geert Baetens

    Top notch product !
    Best service as always, prepaid customs duties importing to EU is a good option to speed up transport and delivery

  36. Andrew G.

    Best bottom brackets in the game for people with prawn level power.

  37. Mathijs

    a struggle to get it in a BMC roadmachine frame, too much carbon and cables in the way. the result is sublime. frame feels much stiffer. bearings spin super smooth. i approve.

  38. George M.

    Great customer service from Hambini, very helpful. Second Hambini bb I’ve purchased, hands down the best pressfit bb I’ve tried, well worth the premium. Will not waste my time and money on other bbs in the future. Thx!!

  39. Philipp

    The product looks and feels fantastic. Since I haven’t built the corresponding bike yet it’s hard for me to comment on user experience. But what I can say is that service and response time were extremely good, E-mail inquiries (which I had after not thoroughly reading the product description before ordering) were replied to within a couple of hours. Would absolutely recommend the whole purchasing experience.

  40. Olivier

    Good service, had to return the product unfortunately (for reasons outside of Hambini) but the return was handled smoothly.

  41. Neil Glover

    Hambini is second to none for service and quality. A quick email and the BB I wanted was knocked up and sent out in days. Hambini BB’s in 3 bikes now. Brilliant

  42. Mauro STELLA

    Hi, Hambini, phew days ago, my mechanic, wich works in a major pro tour team and just come back from Milano-Sanremo, installed your BB in my Winspace SLC2 frame. He had seen your video and installed it in the frame without any problem, with a Rotor Aldu 24mm crankset. It spins very smoothly and looks nice. He liked this much and referred me that this is one of the best (or probably the best) BB he installed in his carreer.
    By my point of view, the only real problem is the gap between your fee and what I need to pay cause of customer costs.
    I know that this depends mainly from brexit but I hope you’ll find a (also legal) way to save money in this. E.G., Winspace (and also other cinese manufaturers) use to pass custom in Belgium to save customs taxes and then send goods to Italy.
    Hope this may help.
    All the best for you.

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Why are thread-togegher bbs recommended for Scott bikes, specifically the 2023 Scott Foil (see Takashis question of April 16, 2023)? The specs for that bike very much seem to fit a Hambini Racing BB86 Bottom Bracket Shimano Crankset Necked. Philipp asked on January 18, 2024
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Is this or the threaded version more recommended for the Winspace T1550 ? Julien asked on December 22, 2023

This one should work. I have one on my T1500 and it's almost the same frame.

admin answered on December 25, 2023 store manager
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Hey, Wiche BB would you recommend for the Cube LITENING AERO C:68X? And can you tell when the BB will be available again? Best wishes Marvin Sauer asked on December 11, 2023

BB86 thread together.

admin answered on February 16, 2024 store manager
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Will this fit the 2023 Scott Addict Gravel 30? Daniel Teasdale asked on November 3, 2023

It's recommended to get the thread together bb's for scott bikes.

admin answered on November 27, 2023 store manager
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Hello is this can be installed to 2023 scott foil rc ? thanks takashi asked on April 16, 2023

Hi, You will need the thread together version

Hambini Engineering answered on April 17, 2023 store manager
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