Yoeleo R11 Undersized Bottom Bracket fixed

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Yoeleo R11

Here is a video posted by The Unabiker on YouTube. In it he describes some of the problems he had with his Yoeleo frame and specifically trying to fit a Hambini Bottom Bracket into it.

Yoeleo have historically had decent tolerances but it shows that nobody is immune. The check to get it fixed and the method of going to fixing it were simple yet very effective. The end result worked.

The customer was supplied with bespoke fitting and removal drawings which he had manufactured locally. The Hambini bottom bracket then went in without issues.

The Yoeleo frame uses a BB86 bottom bracket. This has a shell diameter of nominally 41mm. The tolerance si 40.95 to 41.00mm. In this instance the bottom bracket likely measured under 40.9mm and was accompanied by a small amount of misalignment.

Yoeleo R11
Yoeleo R11 Bike Frame

2 thoughts on “Yoeleo R11 Undersized Bottom Bracket fixed

  1. The Unabiker plans a proper Racing Edition BB86 review…as soon as the spin test stops.

    1. Look forward to it!

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