BB86 to Shimano Racing Edition (Black) Bottom Bracket

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a Shimano 24mm Hollowtech 2 Crankset (Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace) with a bike frame that uses a BB86 Bottom Bracket (41mm Nominal Inside Diameter X 86.5mm Wide).

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a Shimano 24mm Hollowtech 2 Crankset (Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace) with a bike frame that uses a BB86 Bottom Bracket (41mm Nominal Inside Diameter X 86.5mm Wide).

  • Hambini Proprietary heat treated alloy, >20% stiffer than standard supply
  • Aerospace tolerances, guarantee a no slop fit with good retention
  • One Piece design is inherently creak free
  • NTN/NSK ultra low friction bearings
  • No Hammers to install or remove
  • Fully serviceable Design, the bearings are designed to be replaced quickly and easily
  • 1 year warranty on the bottom bracket body
  • Supplied with fitting adaptors, a press or studbar in M12 size will be required
  • All Hambini one piece bottom brackets require obstruction free access to your bottom bracket shell Click Here for Bike Specific Application Guide

Hambini Bottom Brackets are amongst the lowest friction bottom brackets in the world. They are used by recreational cyclists, road racers, triathletes and time trialists from around the globe. They are of proven design and are manufactured to Aerospace tolerances using Aerospace materials by an Aerospace Engineer.

These units are of a one piece construction which makes them inherently resistant to creak, they will maintain perfect bearing alignment and function under loads in excess of 4000W.

All Hambini bottom brackets can be installed and removed with a conventional bearing press, they use a controlled method of installation using the recommended fitting adaptors, they require no hammers or specialized tooling for removal. Additionally, the wearing component – the bearings – can be removed and serviced in situ. Essentially the bottom bracket has been designed to be fully rebuildable

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Spin Test

Spin tests are not good measures of friction as the bearings are unloaded but this video highlights the benefit of good bearing alignment on friction and bearing life. This particular bottom bracket had completed 10,000km.

Comparative Friction

The graphs below show how Hambini bottom brackets perform in comparison to the bottom brackets of other manufacturers

The test conditions model real world cycling and more importantly mimics realistic frame tolerances. All of these tests have been conducted with an eccentricity of 0.1mm which is generally the maximum permitted in frame specifications – the reality is tolerances have been known to be much worse than this.

Misalignment is more critical to friction than the type of bearing ball material, a slight misalignment can easily outweigh the difference between a top of the range NTN bearing and a mediocre ebay no name bearing. The results show that bottom brackets which have an element of structural linkage between the drive and non-drive sides (one piece/threaded etc) perform much better than those which are multi piece.

Average Power Consumption - Hambini, CeramicSpeed, Kogel, Praxis

The high torque and low RPM of pedalling causes high Hertzian contact stressing on bearing surfaces which cause friction levels to change over time. Those bottom brackets which have used ceramic bearings, start off with fairly low levels of friction but over time their friction increases dramatically. The super hard ceramic balls grind a track into the comparatively soft bearing races causing friction to increase. This would be analogous to trying to drive a locomotive train on a road, the wheels would cut grooves into the road surface due to the huge difference in surface hardness.

A Hambini BB is a one piece bottom bracket. It actively contributes to the stiffness of the bike’s pedalling platform. Threaded and multi piece bottom brackets have an element of play in their design so they do not contribute anywhere near a comparative level of stiffness. Reviewers of Hambini BB’s often comment on their feeling of improved stiffness, this is due to them being one piece and undergoing a proprietary heat treatment process. This makes them stronger and stiffer. This is a difference the end user cannot see – but they can feel.

Bottom Bracket Stiffness Comparison Hambini, CeramicSpeed, Kogel, Praxis


For installation, you will require a bottom bracket press or a piece of M12 studbar and some nuts. A video showing the method of installation is linked below, the picture and text installation guide is available here


For removal, you will require a bottom bracket press or a piece of M12 studbar and some nuts. A video showing the method of removal is linked below


Hambini Bottom brackets are designed so you can service the wearing component (the bearings) quickly and easily. The bottom bracket service procedure is shown below

Design Process

The process through which Hambini Bottom Brackets are designed is shown in the video below

Frequently Asked Questions

I have rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions that I get asked and put them in the list below

Q. Why are Hambini Bottom Brackets more expensive than everybody else?</strong >

A. Hambini Bottom Brackets are made in the UK where costs are considerably higher than the far east. Additionally as a private individual, I do not have the economies of scale that contract manufacturing companies are able to obtain.

Q. What is the difference between a Hambini Bottom Bracket and a mass market bottom bracket?</strong >

A. From a technical perspective, mass market bottom brackets are made to poorer tolerances and are therefore more likely to creak or result in poor bearing life. They are also designed to look aesthetically pleasing but compromise on areas which you cannot see (such as the fits, bearings and heat treatement). Hambini Bottom brackets are completely machined as opposed to moulded (Shimano/SRAM/Plastic). The Hambini Bottom Bracket tolerances are typically 10x tighter than Shimano/SRAM/Rotor/RaceFace/Token. Mass market bottom brackets often use poor quality bearings from the far east to maximise their margin. As an example, the bearings on Hambini Bottom Brackets (which are typically NTN) cost more than an entire bottom bracket from RaceFace/Token/SRAM.

Q. Why don’t you use Ceramic Bearings?

A. I have found ceramic bearings to have poor performance in bicycle applications. The ceramic bearings are not 100% ceramic, they are hybrid. A Hybrid bearing consists of ceramic balls sandwiched between a steel innner and outer race. The ceramic balls have a tendency to cut a groove into the steel and this results in poorer performance after only a few 100km. The majority of friction (>80%) in a bearing comes from the seal, grease and cage type. The ceramic balls make up a small fraction of the friction and have the negative effect of rapid bearing degradation. These are the main reasons I do not supply bottom brackets with ceramic bearings

Q. What is the difference between the Racing editions and the standard units?</strong >

A. The Racing Bottom brackets are made with superior materials, they are stiffer and slightly lighter. Racing bottom brackets are equipped wih low friction bearings. Racing bottom brackets have approximately 20 percent less friction than Classic units. The total friction is very small and would be difficult to notice when riding but nonetheless there is a measurable difference

Q. How long will the bearings last?

A. I cannot place a life on the bearings as life is largely dictated by the conditions they are subjected to. Having high loadings will increase their rate of wear as will riding in wet conditions. The bearings in all Hambini Bottom brackets are branded and meet minimum ISO standards so they are the best that are commercially available. Typical usage will be somewhere in the region of 2000km to 10,000km. As an example, those who watch my youtube channel will know my fastidious maintenance schedule which consists of weekly jet washing – I change the bearings twice a year, ie 8000km between changes. Due to the low speeds involved keeping them clean is more important than keeping them greased.

Additional information

Crankset Type




91 reviews for BB86 to Shimano Racing Edition (Black) Bottom Bracket

  1. Andrew

    looks great and easy to fit. Very happy with it.

  2. Rene C.

    I got my first out of three Hambini BB’s fitted in my local bikeshop this week and took the bike for a spin today. Amazingly smooth ride and I don’t think the bearings have fully bedded themselfes yet. So I probably will get even better once they are. 🙂

  3. Henry G.

    The BB86 has been one of the best improvements I’ve made on my bike to improve efficiency. Extremely happy.

  4. Derrick T.

    My bike BB shell, drive side size 40.88 – 40.82mm and non drive side 41.0 – 40.88mm. Both side i needed to skim with sand paper to make sure the BB fit in correctly. The BB Racing Edition (Black) was running great and smooth like butter after installation.

  5. Henry

    The Hambini BB86 is the holy grail of bottom brackets. I have been going back and forth with this pricey decision, and I am so glad I did. The new bracket solved an ongoing creak issue on my Canyon CF SL 8.0 Di2, and I see improved stiffness on my bike overall. I had it installed at a local bike shop here in Southern CA as I didn’t have the right tools to install it, namely a bearing press. I also wanted it to be installed as perfectly as possible so I also bought Loctite 641 and the 7649 adhesive primer from Grainger as prescribed. When I noticed the Shimano pressfit natively installed in my bike compared to the Hambini version, I was embarrassed that the former was even part of my bike’s anatomy. It is simply no comparison.

    The great Hambini was very responsive with my preliminary questions. The quality of this product should be standard issue on bike frames. I’ll never go back.

  6. Anonymous

  7. Erik Bleyen

  8. Neil G.

    Great fit, super helpful advice – needs 10,000km on it for a real review. BMC Roadmachine does have cables in the BB, but lots of space to re-route after a bit of fiddling about.

  9. Ashley

    Saving up for my next one😎 stunning piece of engineering 🙌

  10. Philipp M.

    Simply no-nonsense engineering. If you like durable well made parts w/o BS marketing bogus – go for this.

  11. Oliver H.

    Beautifully made and super smooth!

  12. Loren Crannell

    Huge improvement and if installed according to the Hambini tutorial videos…it’s a breeze. Highly recommended and as a result I bought another BB for my track bike.

  13. jon.sepin

    I noticed the BB shell of my frame was out of spec and severely undersized so I opted to send the frame to Hambini. After receiving the frame, he had it measured, machined, and made a custom off-set BB86 bottom bracket specifically for my frame. The turnaround time was very fast and he kept me informed about what is going on throughout the whole process. Overall, I could not be more satisfied with the whole experience.

  14. Aleksandr G.

    Great bottom bracket 🙂

  15. Alessandro Arcari

    I’ve purchased a BB86 standard edition. I’m really satisfied, the product is worth the money spent.
    Very well done, bearings are really smoothe.
    Can i tell the difference while i ride? I believe i do, a little bit.
    If Mr. Hambini will decide one day to make also wheels or frames as good as his bottom brackets, well, he’ll probably sell a lot!

  16. Jacob V.

    ride super tight and turn like crazy

  17. Anonymous

    Fast delivery over the ocean. 95g on my scale. With the included tools it was easy to press the bottom bracket into a BB86 of Scott Plasma 3. The crack’s spindle slid in easily too and it spins for over 10 seconds after a slight push. What more do one want?

  18. Stan

    The only solution for press fit issues. For those who want perfection, you need a Hambini BB.

  19. Lars

  20. Devron L.

    Immediate difference on my Canyon – no more squishy grinding when climbing. Don’t know why I waited.

  21. jordan foster

    Quality was far beyond any imaginable expectations. Pure and absolute craftsmanship at it’s finest! It’s a shame it can’t be shown off once pressed in which by the way went exceptionally well especially with included installation kit! Sad I will not have to buy another one till the I get my next bike.

  22. John Louie

    Always wanted a Hambini BB and is a privilege to directly talking to you over email, hope you get well soon from your crash and I am sure to crowdfund your court case let me know. Cheers

  23. lodovico

    absolutely increases the feeling of stiffness

  24. César Saura

    great product! Easy instalation with Hambini instructions and perfect fnction with intensive use. Congratulations

  25. Roderick

  26. Jonathan Foster

    Racing Edition BB arrived just days after ordering, which was appreciated. To be fitted to new bike, which is due in August. Can’t wait to try out this BB.

  27. Sven

  28. Holger K.

    Decent quality. Excellent support!


    Bis jetzt alles bestens. Einbau ohne Probleme, Vom Leichtlauf begeistert.
    L. Rayer

  30. Anonymous

    The BB was a tight fit, but that’s what you would expect from good engineering, it was a simple install. Most importantly creak is gone and the crank spins better than ever!

  31. john a.

    just great. I used a Park HHP-2 press to install it most of the way into the shell, then used an M12 rod and nuts and washers with the provided tools for the last few mm.

  32. David Slater

    Great communication through the whole process.
    Delivered on time.
    This BB has made such a difference to the bike, the previous BB a “wheel mfg Ceramic” had a little click due to frame misalignment. The Hambini BB sorts it all out and IMHO actually makes the shifting more precise and the whole drive-train quieter.
    I have a Scott CR1 SL which has never shifted as well as my old Gant TCR 1 with a Octalink BB. With this BB it is now as good!
    I only wish all bike component manufactures had the same attention to detail and QA – especially on the high end equipment which we pay a lot of money for!

    Good Job Well Done Mr Hambini

  33. Anonymous

    my bb has yet to arrive. not a hambini issue, just a worldwide postage issue.

  34. Gary Lim

    Simple but very nice bottom bracket smooth as silk. Never have to worry but it anymore.

  35. Hugh Healy

    Brilliant, just a perfect solution. Easy to install. Immediate perfection.

    I’ve gone through multiple BB’s and nothing has performed like this. Thank you.

    Also, delivery was immediate.


    My first (and I say first because I intend to move all my frames to the hambini standard) hambini BB was for a Canyon Aeroad. The shimano BB’s are normally worry free and a good solution (BB86). However, I had to replace my factory fitted BB and 2 BB’s later there was still a creak. Despite proper tools and fitment. I splurged on the hambini bb86 in black as my frame is black. The immediate impact of even holding such a beautifully made object was tangible. The installation was simple and satisfying. The result is just perfect.

    Thank you!

  36. Brian M.

    Beautifully produced product, can’t wait to get some miles on it!

  37. James Heade


    Great product!

  39. Michael S.

    Shipment was fast. Mounted the BB in my Canyon Endurace CF SLX using Loctite 7649 and 641 as well as an M12 studbar. Used the opportunity to move the Di2 battery to the seat post. Installation was straightforward, although the banging sounds while pressing it in just hurt your soul. Dura Ace crank spins
    noticeably smoother now under load and the BB area feels much stiffer. RECOMMENDED!

  40. Jens Vadmand

  41. Anonymous

    Great piece of kit , top quality and super lightweight

  42. Stephen Phillips

    This BB is designed and manufactured to the very highest quality and will solve creaking BB’s in carbon frames including the infamous Giant Propel. Make sure your frame has an unobstructed hole in the frame at the BB before ordering. I failed to do that and as I later found out my Giant Propel has an alloy sleeve inside the frame and so I had to return the BB. Hambini were very generous and gave a full refund even though the BB got scratched when trying to fit it. Kudos for engineering prowess and customer service!

  43. Chris M.

    Always amazing products and service. Many thanks Hambini.


  45. Carl l.

    Expensive but quality piece of kit, made a noticeable difference to riding,very smooth and easier on the legs.Customer service is second to none,would highly recommend this company and its products.,5 star!!

  46. Eugene S.

    First off, the customer experience was beyond reproach. My BB was initially out of stock but after I emailed a request, I was promptly informed re availability. Shipping was very fast and also followed up by a courteous email. The BB itself is obviously very well engineered and beautifully machined and installation was completed without any hiccups thanks to the excellent instructions on the website (but I should perhaps mention my Giant frame’s up-to-spec shell construction which also helped). Although pricey, the BB is actually good value considering the fantastic quality, inclusion of adapters, delrin cups and world-class bearings. Cranks now spin freely, as in Hambini’s videos. No comparison even with previous two piece PF cups. Looking forward to many years of creak-free pedalling. Thanks a million Hambini.

  47. Mark S.

    There’s no better bottom bracket or service.

  48. Philip taylor

    Very very good service and what a well engineered bottom bracket,10/10 from me 👍👍👍👍

  49. rwallace802

    Quality product, precision bearings, perfect fit, and easy to install. My new carbon Motorbecane developed a bottom bracket creak and thus started my search for a fix. Little did I know that a creaky bottom bracket is an all too common issue. I wound up on Youtube and came across Hambini. While inspecting my bottom bracket I also discovered just how much friction there was on my Sram Red crank. So, I made the decision to swap out the Sram crank for Shimano and a BB86. It was worth the wait, the new crank spins freely just like a Hambini video. Bye-bye creaky BB and bye-bye GXP.

  50. Philip

    Brilliant piece of Tech. The frame groaned a bit when inserting it which is to be expected as I measured the BB hole in the frame to be only 40.9 mm wide (admittedly I’m not particularly experienced when wiedling a caliper…).

    Loved the installation videos, just remember that you will need a bottom bracket press with a screw thread approx 250mm long! The first one I tried was only good for the press fit cups and I had to borrow a proper big tool to finally fit the BB.

  51. Sean F.

  52. Anonymous

    Excellent finish and quick delivery

  53. Steve Ashton

    An absolute beautiful piece of engineering and first class service

  54. Steffan Morell

    LOVE my new BB!

  55. Berry

    Superb, best one ever

  56. Paul R.

    Service excellent. Seems really expensive, because it is, but it’s for a reason. No problems at all fitting to an early Scott Foil with Di2. I believe I can feel the difference…

  57. Aart Bos

    Het onderdeel is goed verpakt aangekomen. Op vragen wordt snel geantwoord. Kwaliteit van het onderdeel is hoog.

  58. Miguel C.

    Perfectly machined, perfect fit and outstanding after sales service.

  59. Kristian Rød

    A 4 because we can always improve;). A small heads up about installing this in Argon 18 E119Tri bikes: The through bore is note “clean”. I needed to do som minor grinding/filing to ensure the BB shell did not snag inside the fram(underside) when installing. Tight fit, but good spin test. Can’t wait to ride.

  60. Thomas Gorman

    Awesome product! All pressfit bikes should come from the factory with a Hambini Bottom Bracket.

  61. Seb A.

  62. Gordon Kenneway

    I had C-bear ceramic bearings in a Cervelo S5. After a few thousand km felt like there was sand in there. Changed to Tripeak ceramic. After a few thousand km there was about 1mm of lateral play in the cranks. Finally with a Hambini racing BB the cranks spin with silky smoothness. The BB is beatifully made and even the install tools are works of art. A very happy customer, thanks!

  63. Keith S.

    Great product so far, runs super smooth. Ordered and delivered without issue, once back in stock!

  64. Ben Harrison

    Like many, I ummed about the price before buying this. It’s a lot of money. It’s been on my bike for a month now so worthy of a review. I have long since forgotten about how much it cost because it’s performance is truly amazing. It is so stiff, doesn’t creak and there isn’t a hint of flex in it. The bike feels completely different and so solid.

    And a word about the man himself, Hambini, his engineering is exceptional. He understands the problems and is quite prepared to give you guidance to get the job done with limited tooling and expense. You will be hard pushed to get service like this anywhere else. A breath of fresh air.

  65. Ben Symonds

    This works like a charm. No creaking, noticeably stiffer and you get technical support like nowhere else. My cranks spin for ages. Very happy with my purchase.


  66. JBY1986

    I was debating whether to get this one or the classic specification. As they are always going out of stock, I jumped and bought this one. It arrived quickly and installation was straightforward. I took it out for a saturday club ride and the bike was transformed. There was no jelly-like feeling. Power delivery felt very direct and going up hills is where you notice the lack of flex in the BB area. Service and support from hambini were especially good.

  67. Jordan

    I recently purchased a Hambini bottom bracket for my Look 785 HUEZ RS. From an engineering aspect the BB is far superior to others on the market out there. Hambini lives up to his reputation on the service side of things as well, always friendly and quick to respond. My LBS loved the product too. Thank you for a great product and your great service!!!

  68. Chad Heerendijk

    The design is superb and the customer service is exceptional.

  69. Mats Andersson

    This rides well, is super stiff and the outboard bearing placement makes the pedalling platform infinitely more rigid. Great BB

  70. Racing Jeffers

    The stock Shimano bottom bracket is no comparison to this. This spins like nothing else I’ve tried. Like Butter. Perfect

  71. StevieRacer8937

    Massive improvement on my Giant TCR, creaking gone completely. Ditched the stock Shimano BB for this one and it has transformed the bike. The unloaded freewheel test is not as good as some but its smooth when riding.

  72. Pete

    You will wonder what all of the press fit drama is about once you have fitted one of these. EVERYTHING else I have tried isn’t even in the same ball park. It is expensive but you receive first class support and a first class product and I’d happily pay double. Hambini put my bike shop, ceramicspeed and kogel to shame. Totally professional service from the first email to the happy customer at the end. I cannot fault.

  73. BrummyKevin

    If you tune into Hambini’s youtube channel, you will probably think, this is the wrong person to buy a bottom bracket from. He is forever swearing and generally being a hooligan. I was expecting the same when I emailed him… But no, totally different. Professionalism is right up there and his bottom bracket is like a work of art. Beautifully made, it is something you would put above your fire. The performance is like nothing else. The difference when going up hill is easily noticeable even at 350W. The off putting thing about this BB was the price. Having had one in my hand, I can see why it’s expensive and to be honest, I think you could pay a lot more. I can’t thank Hambini enough. Down to earth guy. Fast delivery and all of my questions handles promptly even while he was allegedly on holiday.

  74. Sacha

    …If you could get one in stock. I bought mine last year in November, and I do think it’s much harder to get nowadays. I wanted to wait a bit until I did a review, just to wait to see if anything untoward pops up. Well – it has performed impeccably. If you could get your hands on it, buy it! Unlike the Shimano BB, which was in 2 plastic pieces, the Hambini BB was a single piece of high-precision metal. This is the best thing about it! Once installed – no creaks, and it’s super stiff. Power transfer was immediate, no “gaps” unlike the old Shimano BBs. I requested for the NTN bearings in my order, and they are also just so, so smooth. Definitely recommended!

  75. Karlovy83

    I bought the BB86 one when it first came out. Installed without issues, a bit of popping but that was it. This thing is like it was made in a lab with surgical precision. It’s a remarkable piece of engineering and truly lovely to hold in the hand. When riding, you can 100% feel the difference. Firstly there is ZERO creaking, next its super stiff. I wouldn’t say it makes you any faster but there is a direct feeling that was not there before. I’m happy with the upgrade, I wish I’d gotten it sooner.

  76. Mark

    I will preface the review with a little background. I was hit by a car a few weeks ago and it cracked my frame in six places, bent one of the crank arms and the handle bars, and destroyed the front and rear mechs. Fortunately my new wheelset – which I had put on the bike the week before – was undamaged. I was able to salvage the stem, seat, and the wheelset for a new build. I purchased the same model frame and groupset I had before. The total weight of the new bike is 17.1 lbs, down from 17.9. Which brings me to the review. I went for a ride yesterday on one of my usual routes. I compared the Wahoo data from the trip with past rides that had very similar weather conditions (same wind direction, speed, humidity, etc.) I made sure that my tire pressure was correct and that I wore my normal training gear. The results were quite surprising. The data showed that there was a 23 watt reduction in power required to maintain the same speed over the course, compared to the course average from summer 2014 to the present. I am 6’3” and weigh approximately 210lbs. My past builds have flexed noticeably when pounding away at grades exceeding 8%. I am very impressed with how much stiffer the frame is now. I couldn’t be happier with your product.

  77. JimmySimmons

    Bought, fitted, forget. No creaking and stiff. The box is crap and it’s expensive.

  78. Brett Dyson

    Hambini is Awesome. Out of all the bike companies I have dealt with he is far better than any of them. Very thorough and professional. His YouTube channel is a hoot too! This bottom bracket is total drool. Really well made and super smooth. Quick shipping too. Was expecting 2 weeks. I got it in 4 days.

  79. JadeLEAK

    First class engineering, support and backup. Bike runs like a dream now, no creaking. I wish I’d bought this before wasting my time with many trips to the LBS.

  80. MattJameson86

    Installed this and all creaks gone. Slightly heavier than the two cups I had before hand but it requires no spacers so they probably even out. Sprinting and climbing on this, totally transform the bike. If you think your bike had a stiff BB before, install this and feel the difference. Ceramicspeed et al can’t take a candle to this.

  81. Mizer93

    These things should come as standard. The OE nylon crap is just that Crap. You put this in and all of your problems will go away. The pedals spin freely and you can get on with riding. Granted, it is not cheap but you won’t regret it.

  82. SkitzoSteve

    Let me get this out of the way first, this is expensive, £150 for a bottom bracket is a lot of money but… I would buy this bottom bracket all day long. It’s a complete game changer. The difference between this and everything else on the market is like night and day. I’ve had this on for 5000km, I took it off to change my chainrings and spun the BB around, it’s like it was the day it went in. As they say, buy cheap, buy twice.

  83. Jay Baker

    Quality product and well made. It has transformed my riding and the power delivery by having this is immense. There is no give in the BB area and you get a direct feeling. All of the others I tried were like toys.

  84. Neil

    I had a ceramic speed BB86 BB in my time trial bike. There were things wrong with it that I won’t go into here as it’s fine detail, but it was a disappointment and I was never happy with it. But if any of you have had a ceramic speed BB86 set of bearings – what did you think of the Di2 cable protector shell (what a joke). I dislike press-fit bearings, a lot. There are too many problems, too much creaking, and too much of a chance of the two bearings moving independently from one another. I didn’t even know you could get a one piece press-fit BB until I found out about this site yesterday morning. I did some research and liked what I heard. The BB86 racing model was in stock so I bought it. It arrived 24 hours later (I missed the courier pickup so they went to the post office and posted it special delivery – brilliant) and it’s now installed. During these 24 hours I must have received about 15 emails from Hambini – first on pre-sales advice, and then on fitting. Super quick replies and told me all I needed to know. It’s beautifully engineered (I’m a tradesman so have an eye for good engineering), spins very free, and best of all I now have a completely rigid BB as it’s one piece so the negative aspects of my press-fit BB shell have been negated. It’s the perfect pedalling platform. It’s light years ahead of the ceramic speed crap I had before, and it was cheaper. Hambini stuff isn’t cheap and I’m a great believer that you get what you pay for, but he’s charging a fair rate for a quality product. Ceramic speed are charging an outrageous rate for a product that’s overhyped and not really that great.

  85. Craig Kerwin

    Used for one season of racing, completely faultless. Only issue I had is when I crashed on the non drive side hard, it moved away from the bb shell face by 0.25mm, I pushed it back in with the install tools and it has been fine since.

  86. Brian M, SOCAL

    One of my buddy’s was riding a Hambini BB on his bike and he rated it highly. I wanted to order the same but had a few technical questions. The customer service here is very good. I fitted it on the Saturday and rode on Sunday. No Creaking, very smooth and very stiff. What more do you want.

  87. CB Allison, NY, USA

    The cranks spin forever and it makes no noise even in a 60km/h sprint..

  88. Kerry Stanton

    I could see the Saturday kid at my LBS drool when he saw this. I didn’t feel confident fitting it myself so I took it there. The park tool workshop press would not fit the fitting adaptors supplied with this so they drilled them. No big deal but worth noting if you are going to do it. Once fitted, I headed out for a 30 mile ride. It rides as good as it looks. Great Job Hambini!

  89. MisoSoup

    Looks beautiful and rides well. A bit more complex to install than the average BB but it isn’t rocket science. I was not sure if this business about fit, alignment and tolerances was snake oil. Now I know it isn’t.

  90. Velojimbo

    Very expensive for what it is. User manual is non existent. But the bottom bracket functions without trouble. No creaking and smooth. I can buy a whole bike for the same price as this!

  91. CyclingRaisin

    Does the job very well but it is expensive.

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