NTN 6806 LLB 30x42x7 Ultra Low Friction Seal

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NTN 6806 LLB 30x42x7 Ultra Low Friction Seal Genuine Bearing,

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This is a Genuine Bearing and not counterfeit or B grade Stock. Read more about this here

  • CN normal clearance
  • P6/P6 tolerances on inner and outer rings
  • Teflon impregnated grease
  • Metal caged
  • Premium Tier 1 supplier
  • Most sizes are made in Japan, smaller sizes are made in Taiwan

NTN Corporation (Niwa, Tomoe, Nishizono) are one of the largest exporters of bearings and friction reducing products in Japan, their bearings are found in many items such as Cars, Motorbikes and Jet engines. NTN are an OEM supplier to Shimano, Mavic, Time and Look in the bicycle industry. NTN supply Rolls-Royce, General Electric, Pratt and Witney with bearings for Jet Engines.

NTN bearings have highly engineered seals that have been incrementally improved over time. Their fully sealed and ultra low friction seals have the lowest friction values in their respective categories. These bearings are the preferred brand for Hambini Bottom Brackets.

These bearings are genuine NTN bearings supplied directly from NTN’s European Warehouse in France. They are not counterfeit or B grade stock.

Hambini is the largest supplier of NTN bicycle bearings in Europe


Q. What is the best bearing brand?

NTN, NSK, FAG and SKF are all quality bearing suppliers and their products meet ISO/JIS/DIN standards. When selecting a bearing it is important to ensure that the bearing fits correctly within the enclosure. Far eastern bearings sold on ebay or amazon are often out of specification in one or multiple parameters, these fit issues manifest themselves as creak or poor bearing life. Some sellers have been known to sell fake bearings which are very difficult to spot without specialized measuring equipment, fitting these usually presents the same problems. In short, fitting genuine branded bearings is recommended

Q. Which seals do you recommend?

For road racing, NTN LLB series, SKF RZ series and NSK VV series are recommended. For inclement weather or extended life, NTN LLU series, SKF 2RS series, NSK DD series or FAG 2RS series are recommended

Q. Which bearings have the lowest friction?

NTN LLB series followed by NSK VV series, SKF RZ series and then FAG BRS series

Q. How many bearings is this listing for?

All bearings on this website are sold in Singles unless otherwise stated

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69 reviews for NTN 6806 LLB 30x42x7 Ultra Low Friction Seal

  1. Cannondale Steve

    Great upgrade over the stock FSA shite. Difference immediately noticeable. All creaking has gone too.

  2. GrimboRacer

    Really good bearings. It’s pretty obvious when you get these compared to the cheap shit that your bike comes with.

  3. madi34

    best price i could get on these, work well. miles better than the fsa shite i had in before

  4. MikeyJames

    Creaking stopped and cranks are now super smooth. Worth it for the upgrade.

  5. barrydavies

    Upgraded from my OE bearings to these ones, no creak and super smooth. They are excellent. Difference between these and OE ones is like night and day.

  6. Clarksy

    I originally bought some of these bearings from an ebay seller. After some dialogue with Hambini he thought they were counterfeit and he was right. I have since purchased these ones and the difference is massive. I can’t thank Hambini enough for his service and support.

  7. macnracer

    Massive upgrade from my FSA originals. These are miles better

  8. K-Lee Young

    Great bearings and fast delivery. Cheapest place I could find on the internet.

  9. T Lee

    Excellent price for high-quality Japanese bearings. Hambini was kind enough to recommend and change my original order. Super customer service. Thank you!

  10. Rich

    Wow… I’ve had many different types of BB30 and PF30 bearings over the years including €100 worth of C Bear ceramic – these NTN’s blow them all away. So smooth with almost no drag, seem very durable too unlike my experience with hybrid ceramic. I now replacing all my hub bearings With NTN..

  11. Masti_Jason

    Quality bearings, noticeable upgrade on the OEM crap that the bike came with. More expensive that chinese no names but NTN quality.

  12. caad10

    Replaced my ceramic speed bb30 bearings with these. A fraction of the price and they are just as fast. Fast delivery

  13. AL

    Customer service was on point, every one of my emails were answered quickly and thoroughly. I purchased NTN bearings and BB30 bottom bracket. Craftsmanship is top notch, you will not find a better product currently on the market for the price.

  14. LRBBCrdier

    A big shout out to Hambini. I had a few creaking issues with my Boardman, I contacted Hambini. He gave me a few things to check and sent me some gauges. I also sent him my old bearings. Problem determined and diagnosed. I ordered these on his recommendation and have not looked back. Service was spot on. creaking and clicking a thing of the past. Like others have said, if you want the cheapest, go to wiggle but you won’t get access to this level of customer service. 5 stars all round

  15. Mario Cortez

    A lot of WW users swear by these. I can see why. Very smooth and easy to install. Reduction in friction vs stock is noticeable.

  16. RJ

    Replaced brgs as regular maintenance on my Cannondale BB30 bike. No ‘noises’ coming from the replaced brgs even after 20,000km. New NTN’s are ultra smooth. Thanks

  17. kirkstallryder

    These bearings are expensive compared to the ones on ebay but they really are super smooth. I was recommended these after querying a replacement for my FSA bearings. Arrived quickly and fitted without any hassles.

  18. zoubs

    love these bearings. smooth and solid. they really take a beating. highly recommend them. as for hambini, i’ve bought multiple sets for me and some friends, the shipping is fast to the US and have yet to have an issue

  19. BB30 Sucks

    Lots better than my original bearings and spin so much freely. Arrived next day.

  20. Alborz

    I have been through quiet a fair number of bearing (all FSA) on my self built chines framed bike, but these bearings feel the smoothest.

  21. AA

    Having followed Hambini’s rather cutting videos on bearings on youtube, I figured I should give these bearings a go. He shipped them almost immediately! I’ve just fitted them on my bicycle so we’ll see what they’re like but going on what others have said, I have high expectations

  22. the Manzi

    Installed these bearings in my CAAD10 with loctite 641 as the Hambini video instructed. First ride was perfect and smooth operation. When you see these bearings next to an FSA set you know that it was worth the extra money. These are engineered very well. Shipping to the US (Colorado) took 8 or 9 days. Will continue to buy these when needed and will go with a Hambini bottom bracket for my next build. Thanks! -Hambini Fan

  23. Metters

    I was pursuaded to buy these after watching some of Hambinis videos. I also had some Enduro bb30 bearings for a similar price which were horrible to press in, resulting in notchy bearings and poor life. These NTN bearings were night and day difference

  24. Graham

    Outstanding quality bearing and fantastic service from Hambini. Very highly recommended.

  25. Martin Bradshaw

    Fitted and now cranks spin very smoothly. No grinding, fast service. Would recommend

  26. Justin

    Delivered and received quickly and questions regarding fitting answered rapidly with detail. 100% recommended

  27. Henry Atkins

    Replaced my stock bearings for these ones. The difference is instantly noticeable. A bit more expensive than FSA, wheels mfg etc. But I’d pay all day long to get rid of the creak.

  28. Ian

    Best quality bearings delivered overnight. It doesn’t get any better !!

  29. Bart

    Everything came as expected.

  30. Misey3yd

    Swapped out the stock BB bearings after 800km. They were garbage. NTN ones installed with ease, no creaking and spins super smoothly. I was an SKF man for many years. I will buy these ones from now onwards.

  31. Timmy

    Very good product, Quick delivery and great service of Hamibini

  32. Charlie Thomas

    Fit these to your BB and you won’t regret it. They are a bit on the expensive side but they last a long time and are very smooth in operation.

  33. Spin to win

    Super quick delivery, haven’t fitted them yet but they look like the shiz. Thanks Hambini aged 5 🙂

  34. Chris

    Quick delivery, great service!

  35. ExFlyboy

    See summary

  36. JBCTR658

    I have tried lots of different ceramic bearings (Kogel, Ceramicspeed, Enduro). These are much better when on load and they last a long time, these replaced a set that did 9000km on my c’dale.

  37. John in NYC

    I don’t have creaking issues, thank God, but the stock FSA bearings that came with my Roubaix SL4 were showing signs of being worn out after 3,500 miles. I decided to spring for these after getting schooled by Hambini on YouTube. They arrived in 8 days to NYC. Thank you Hambini for promptly responding to my query. I wanted to install these myself but couldn’t quite justify buying the tools so I had my LBS do it under my supervision and they did a great job for a reasonable price. I also had them install Smalley circlips to replace the stock (seal impinging) eyeleted rings. The difference was noticeable and significant. The drive train felt glassy smooth under load and I set two PRS in a dead calm without even pushing my HR into the red on my daily 20 mile Central Park ride. This upgrade is just an incredible bang for the buck. I am shocked at how many watts were being stolen by my shit stock bearings. Thank you Hambini!

  38. Ulf Hansen

  39. Noah

    mate these bearings are so good! rapid delivery as well.

  40. Andrew

    simple, easy and speedy

  41. Michel

    These replaced the native bearings delivered with my BB. Very smooth! Super satisfied.

  42. Darius Jonasch

  43. Jan

    Top Quality – Fast Delivery – Especially from a 5 y/o 😂

  44. Adrian Lee

    Excellent service given the problems there must be in getting hold of supplies of these top quality bearings at the moment

  45. Malcolm Robertson

  46. Carlo

    Fast delivery and great comms.

  47. james d.

    Bought some NTN bearings. Came quick and the service was great.

  48. Immanuel S.

    Excellent delivery time despite there being a notice on the website about delays due to COVID. The bearings themselves run very smoothly compared to the stock ones (although that’s to be expected from brand new bearings and I haven’t put huge mileage on them yet) but I have good faith

  49. Andrzej Pijanowski

    I didn’t replace the bearing yet but great service and fast shipping.

  50. Emiel Beukenkamp

  51. Martyn

    Great customer service. I received a number of emails with really helpful installation advice. Highly recommended

  52. Dirk Beauboir

  53. Olivier V.

    Excellent bearings, smooth despite no break-in.

  54. michael Innusa

    thank you great info keep up the good work cheers

  55. Justin B.

  56. Anonymous

  57. steve young

    Always a pleasure doing business with you, product’s turned up promptly and my bottom bracket as never spun so smoothly, and the removal tool worked a treat

  58. Leif-Petter

  59. Rodney

    They got lost via USPS. Finally got them last week. Other 2 buys were on time.

  60. Olivier L.

    Really good

  61. Lester D.

    Awesome egnieering-based advice, and awesome quality bearings!

  62. tan kitaro

    good after sales support too as l asked if there is a need for me to use the Loctite activator for my PF30 nylon cup inserts. Reply was swift and precise. Thanks!

  63. Gareth Collier

    Great service

  64. Mark McGrath

  65. Peter

  66. Marc B.

  67. jean-marc BEGAGNON

    Ces roulements sont très fluides comme annoncé mais il me semble que je les aient payés au prix fort. De plus sur le site le prix de mon panier avait été converti en € mais ce n’a pas été le cas… J’ai donc payé cher avec de plus des frais conversion de monnaie….
    Je pourrais renouveler mon achat si je reçois un coupon de réduction.

  68. Barry J.

    Grate bearings stoped my Cannondale creaking

  69. Ian

    Very useful information about Ceramic bearing BBs lead me to order the NTN bearings for a fraction of the price of some early deceased Ceramic Speed bearings. So far so good but early days with only 300 miles on the new ones

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