Hambini Racing BB386EVO Bottom Bracket 30mm BB30 Long Axle Crankset (Black)

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a 30mm Crankset (minimum 90.5mm DBCA) with a bike frame that uses a BB386EVO Bottom Bracket (46mm Nominal Inside Diameter x 86.5mm wide). A lot of manufacturers refer to this standard as BB386, without the EVO.

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a 30mm Crankset (minimum 90.5mm DBCA) with a bike frame that uses a BB386EVO Bottom Bracket (46mm Nominal Inside Diameter x 86.5mm wide). A lot of manufacturers refer to this standard as BB386, without the EVO.

Hambini Racing Bottom Bracket Overview

  • 20% stiffer than Hambini Standard Bottom Brackets
  • As used in the Pro-Peloton
  • One Piece design aligns the bearings perfectly, reducing the likelihood of creak
  • NTN Bearings Ultra Low Friction Bearings fitted as standard in Road applications. Fully Sealed NTN/FAG Bearings fitted in MTB Applications
  • No Hammers are required to install or Remove the Bottom Bracket
  • Fully Serviceable, the bearings can be replaced quickly and easily
  • It is supplied with fitting adaptors in M12 (or 1/2 inch), a press or studbar will be required to facilitate installation
  • One year warranty on the bottom bracket body

Precision Engineered and Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Hambini Bottom Brackets are amongst the lowest friction bottom brackets in the world. They are used by recreational cyclists, road racers, triathletes and time trialists from around the globe. They are of proven design and are manufactured in the United Kingdom. These units are of a one piece construction which makes them inherently resistant to creak, they will maintain perfect bearing alignment and function under loads in excess of 4000W.

Hambini Bottom Bracket Reviewed by an Engineer

Hassle-Free Maintenance

All Hambini bottom brackets can be installed and removed with a conventional bearing press, they use a controlled method of installation using the recommended fitting adaptors, they require no hammers or specialized tooling for removal. Additionally, the wearing component – the bearings – can be serviced in situ or removed within just a few minutes. The bottom bracket has been designed to be fully rebuildable.

Unrivalled Performance

Unloaded bearing spin tests are a poor measure of frictional performance but they do highlight good bearing alignment. The link below is to a video of a Hambini Racing Bottom Bracket that had completed 10,000km

Class Leading Parasitic Drag Loss (Friction)

The graph below shows how Hambini bottom brackets perform in comparison to the bottom brackets of other manufacturers. The test conditions model real world cycling and more importantly mimics realistic frame tolerances. All of these tests have been conducted with an eccentricity of 0.1mm which is generally the maximum permitted in frame specifications – the reality is tolerances have been known to be much worse than this. Misalignment is more critical to friction than the type of bearing ball material, a slight misalignment can easily outweigh the difference between a top of the range NTN bearing and a mediocre ebay no name bearing. The results show that bottom brackets which have an element of structural linkage between the drive and non-drive sides (one piece/threaded etc) perform much better than those which are multi piece.

The high torque and low RPM of pedaling causes high Hertzian contact stresses on bearing surfaces which cause friction levels to change over time. Those bottom brackets which have used ceramic bearings, start off with fairly low levels of friction but over time their friction increases dramatically. The super hard ceramic balls grind a track into the comparatively soft bearing races causing friction to increase. This would be analogous to trying to drive a locomotive train on a road, the wheels would cut grooves into the road surface due to the huge difference in surface hardness.

Bottom Bracket Stiffness

A Hambini BB is a one piece bottom bracket. It actively contributes to the stiffness of the bike’s pedaling platform. Threaded and multi piece bottom brackets have an element of play in their design so they do not contribute anywhere near a comparative level of stiffness. Reviewers of Hambini BB’s often comment on their feeling of improved stiffness, this is due to them being one piece and undergoing a proprietary heat treatment process. This makes them stronger and stiffer. This is a difference the end user cannot see – but they can feel.


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24 reviews for Hambini Racing BB386EVO Bottom Bracket 30mm BB30 Long Axle Crankset (Black)

  1. Mr Richard Neil

    Super smooth! A little narrow for my Bottom Bracket, but good advice from Hambini & got it installed fine in the end. Would have given 5 stars, but -1 due to cost!

  2. Ingo Sauer

  3. David B.

    Historically, I have had problems with the press-fit bottom brackets (BB) in my 3T Exploro in terms of creaking and low bearing life (<3 mo). I've replaced the bearings repeatedly and the whole BB without solving the creaking and short lifespan issue. I chose Hambini's BB due to its single-piece design and use of quality bearings. I promptly received my Hambini BB, and it is well constructed, reminding me of Chris King or Phil Wood quality. I appreciated the fact that he included press adapters and thorough instructions. The BB installation was easy and as described. The amount of pedal spin that I had after installation far outperformed my previous BBs. Having ridden the bike a few times since installing the Hambini BB, I cannot comment on bearing life (yet), but it feels exceptionally smooth and quiet. I would unequivocally recommend this BB to anyone dealing with the woes associated with individually press-fit BB cups. I would be happy to provide a longer term review in a few months, if desired.

  4. Jay

    I bought Hambini bottom bracket to prove Hambini was all but a youtube hype then it took a month to arrive thx to the pandemic. Hambini did warn the international buyers to use expedited shipping instead of Royal Mail and I didn’t listen to him but that isn’t important. Once it did arrive in my mailbox without a single text notification which I did not subscribed for, I got my trusted chinese digital caliper out to measure the diameters. They were unfortunately spot on. OD measured 45.99mm driveside lip at 49.99mm and the ID of NTN bearings were both 29.96mm. Curses.

  5. Mark M.

    The Hambini BB is better than the Kogel Ceramic BB’s I have had on my last 2 bikes. I can feel the difference with power and smoothness.

  6. Stewart Clark

    Great service. Really humbling, honest and down to earth. A very straightforwards experience.

  7. Mark Trim

    I have used other bottom brackets in the past, but non can compare with the hambini bb 30 386evo. My sram red crank fits like a glove no side to side movement and stiff. Power goes straight to the wheels. Excellent product.

  8. C Saint-Pierre

    Excellent communication, service, and performance!!!

  9. Thorsten

    Great support and service and the bottom bracket fits perfectly and is super smooth. Thanks again Hambini!

  10. Darryl K.

    I just rode my bike the way it was bought until Hambini videos started popping up in my feed. My first spin test was after a year of owning my bike and it was a disappointing 2 – 2 1/2 revs. I purchased other BB’s but the problem was misalignment, something the one-piece Hambini BB solved. I don’t bother with counting revolutions now.

  11. Yap K.

    My 3rd BB with Hambini…Enough said, no BS and no creak.

  12. Martin Wahlström

  13. nhahnheiser

    The fact that this product works first-class on its own is so self-evident that it is almost trivial.
    But the added value beyond this pure function is also that the bottom bracket works very well even under sub-optimal conditions:
    Since the bottom bracket holes of my Yoeleo frame were undersized, I followed Hambini’s recommendation and “flap-wheeled” them. As I must have been a bit anxious and had not removed enough material, it became apparent during the installation process that the bottom bracket sits very tightly in the frame. Nevertheless, the crank turns freely, noiselessly and with very little friction. Conclusion: Hambini’s products work brilliantly even under difficult operating parameters!

  14. Greg

  15. Ken C.

    I bought what I consider to be a perfect frame, Time ADHX, and couldn’t think of putting anything else in it besides the perfect bottom bracket. This one did not let me down as it installed perfectly, and is silky smooth and makes no noise. One of the biggest pluses on this BB is the available installation documentation and directions; by far the most for any bike part I’ve ever purchased. The only downside is now the BBs in my other bikes have a benchmark they cannot compare to, and seem crappy in comparison.

  16. lukasz

    Fast response – Perfect service – Clever shipment – Super quality stuff 👍👌

  17. Charles

    Excellent Service, Excellent Product!!

  18. Martin K.

    Shipping was promt; customer support was exceptional.

  19. John Louie

    Hello Hambini Fans what a lick

  20. James

    Simply a work of art.

  21. Benjamin

  22. Christian S.

    It is an fantastic bottom bracket. After the first install, it instantly felt smoother then the other ones. Installing was easy. I really like the universal fit for the different cranks (with spacers). I appreciate the quick response after a few questions during the installation. I highly recommend the Hambini Bottom brackets!!!

  23. James L.

  24. Quang Tran

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