Hambini Custom Parts and Tools (Bottom Brackets)

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Hambini custom made bike parts and tools, contact me for your requirements.

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I make a number of bottom brackets and other parts for individuals who request them. They are usually manufactured because I don’t carry them as an off the shelf item or their bottom bracket shell is out of specification. If you would like a quotation, please use the contact me button and I will be able to give you an accurate estimate.

Almost every aspect is customisable from the colour, bearings, bearing spacing and most importantly the dimensions. Most of the time, I can engineer a bottom bracket so it no longer creaks.

This is a place holder item, please do not purchase it unless instructed to do so.

19 reviews for Hambini Custom Parts and Tools (Bottom Brackets)

  1. KBradley

    Perfect custom BB, no issues whatsoever. First class

  2. Jesper F.

  3. Fraser

    Very knowledgeable and always prompt with replies to questions. Had a few hiccups along the installation process, which were of my own making, happy to assist with guiding the installation process. Would highly recommend. Quality product!

  4. Fraser Pressdee

    Very knowledgeable and quality product

  5. Klaus

    AAA+ service form Hambini. Highly recommended!

  6. Mark H.

    That park tool hammer banger thing is only good for quiet lonely Friday nights alone. Give it to your nearest available Fred and get a proper tool instead.

  7. Anthony C.

    Arrived in Rhode Island, USA quickly. Well machined unit. Note: the Delron press bushings are bored for ½” rod. I bored them out to 5/8″ to use my Park BBP-1 bearing press. Followed Hambini video instructions. No problems installing in my Canyon Endurace.

  8. Ronnie

  9. Berry

  10. CRAIG A.

    Brilliant work from Hambini. I’d bought new bottom bracket but found my frame deficient. Hambini kindly took it back and made me a custom one to fit. I’ve had two years of nasty creaking on pedalling – now entirely gone. Bike is running smooth, like new. Brilliant – big thanks for all the help Hambini.

  11. Denys B.

    Professional custom solutions and great support.

  12. Shaun B.

    quality ,problem fixed ,worth every penny

  13. Balazs Pandi

    Very happy how the purchase went! All good!

  14. Anonymous

    BB86 nacked bottom bracket is the best upgrade for my Scott bike after new wheels – it is so smooth going

  15. John Cheroske

    Never lose the quality or else you’re just like all the rest. Thanks for the great support. Please don’t roast Open too hard. They have been nice to me. Take care.

  16. Richard Williams

    A bottom bracket that fits properly with high quality bearings,the workmanship is incredible.

  17. Nils

    Again, Hambini came through with the replacement part. Workmanship is superb, fit is right on and as always the parts work as advertised.

  18. Kevin Kawainui

    Special made bearing removal tool, made by Hambini in short order. Thank you

  19. Chris M.

    Hambini shouldn’t be allowed to sell these bottom brackets, they constitute an unfair increase in bottom bracket stiffness, quietness and bearing life. Since installing it my friends are unable to hear me attack, or keep up with me.

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