Hambini BB Removal Tool (BB86, BB30, BB30A)

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This tool will remove an entire Hambini BB from a BB86, BB30, BB30A bike frame.

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This tool will remove an entire Hambini Bottom Bracket from a bike frame. A video showing it in action is below

23 reviews for Hambini BB Removal Tool (BB86, BB30, BB30A)

  1. Steven Y.

    works great, makes removal of the BB super easy

  2. Devron L.

  3. andy

    Order process was easy and took less than 2 weeks to get to California. Just got my classic BB installed so haven’t needed the removal tool yet, but the craftsmanship is as superb as the BB.

  4. Berry

  5. Simon B.

  6. Marc

    Quality item

  7. Mark S.

  8. iain macdonald

    as above

  9. Lukas

    Solid material, that can handle the force very well.

  10. Anonymous

    The Tool clearance is to big for my frame so it is hard to align the Tool for a straight press. It is my framedesign that is not flat around the bottom bracket

  11. Chris L.

  12. Kevin Kawainui

    Was not in stock but Hambini came through and made it quickly. Thank you Hambini

  13. Alessandro

  14. James Riley

    Works like a charm. Hambini always delivers the goods!

  15. Scott McClymont

    one of a kind, honesty and skill greatly appreciated

  16. Graham Hood

    It would have been nice to be able to buy the bearing extractor with this product. Great product and experience, overall. Thanks

  17. Marc B.

    Dr. Hambini once again offers his top tier engineering expertise with world class service. I am extremely appreciative!

  18. Taco

    Reliable, fast and furious. As one should expect from Hambini.

  19. Anonymous

    Astonishing engineering for a 6 year old. Bang up job. Perfect for the wife. Cheers

  20. Derrick T.

    Good material feel solid.

  21. Clément R.

  22. Henry

    The tool is really well made. Like others, I bought it for when I have to remove the tool for repairs, such as Di2 battery replacement as needed. The only caveat is that the hole diameter doesn’t fit the Park Tool bottom bracket bearing press. You’d either have to buy a new rod to insert it or see if you can enlarge the hole on the removal tool. Nonetheless, it’s a great tool to have with any Hambini bottom bracket..

  23. john a.

    had to remove my BB to run DI2 wires and install the B junction. the tool works !

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