Hambini BB30 PF30 BB386 Bottom Bracket installation and Removal Kit

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This kit allows the easy removal and installation of all BB30 bottom brackets. The removal tool will work on all BB30 bottom brackets which conform to 6806 bearing standards. It will also work on PF30/BB386EVO/BBright bottom brackets which do not have a lip integrated into the cup – this varies between manufacturers.

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Bearing Press Tool BB30/PF30

  • Machined Delrin installation adaptors/plates.
  • Small recess chamfer to prevent the wrong part of the bearing being pressed.
  • Dimensions and tolerances as specified by major bearing manufacturers SKF, NTN, FAG and INA
  • Uses M12 studbar in grade 12.9 (19mm nuts). This standard is much stiffer, stronger and more robust than other presses that use M10 (17mm nuts) stud bar
  • Entire Tool is rated to 755kg of clamping force. Most bike bearings are installed with 40-50kg of clamping force.
  • This Hambini tool pushes both bearings in at the same time. Some other tools push bearings in one at a time, this places an extreme stress on the corner of the bottom bracket shell and can cause cracking of the frame (especially if you have carbon). The Hambini Tool uses the recommended installation method of SKF, NTN, FAG.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by Hambini

Bearing Removal Tool BB30/PF30

  • Works with all BB30 bike frames and PF30 bottom brackets WHICH DO NOT HAVE AN INTERNAL LIP. It will also remove the bearings only from BB386 bottom brackets
  • Requires no hammers to remove the bearings
  • Controlled process, does not shock the bike frame with hammer blows
  • Uses M12 studbar in grade 12.9
  • Carbon steel puller
  • Machined Delrin sleeve
  • Rated to 120kg of pulling force. Most bike bearings are installed with 40-50kg of retention.
  • Will remove seized bearings
  • This part IS NOT Galvanized so it may attract surface corrosion.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by Hambini

This kit is unsuitable for the installation of a Hambini BB, the M12 rod is not long enough.

This kit contains sharp components. Please take suitable precautions by wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves and safety glasses.

The videos below show the tools in action.

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73 reviews for Hambini BB30 PF30 BB386 Bottom Bracket installation and Removal Kit

  1. MilkFloat

    This tool is fantastic, it makes light work of BB30 bearing removal and installation. The ability to remove is a league above everybody else. There is no hammering and you do not have to brace the bike. Very helpful guy.

  2. James Clayton

    This tool makes the job of bearing changes so easy. I dreaded having to hammer my carbon frame from fear of cracking it. Those days have gone. Well thought out and uses standard parts. A**

  3. Ettridge

    This makes swift work of a BB30 bearing change. No hammers and a beautiful pop as the bearing finally comes out. Very well engineered and good value

  4. Mike Spitzer

    Removal and replacement of Bearing is a doddle with this. I wish I had one sooner. Bearings replaced in about 5 minutes with no hammering. Very well designed and good value. Use of standard components is a bonus.

  5. Kyle Thomas

    The removal tool is the work of a genius.

  6. Kevin Bohlen

    Effortless… Nothing else to say.

  7. Adam Penson

    I originally borrowed my friend’s Hambini BB30 removal tool. It was so easy to use that I decided to get one for myself. Childsplay…

  8. Kyle Thomas

    Before purchasing I had a few queries, these were answered swiftly with answers that gave me a lot of confidence in the product. Upon using it, I had a few problems and Hambini went beyond his way to help me resolve them – they turned out to be with the bike/bearings not the product. I now have a bike that is whisper quiet does not creak and gives good bearing life. I would give the tool 5*’s, it works well but the real difference for me is the technical ability and honesty of the guy behind it. Exceptional service and good product

  9. Mike D

    I was not quite sure what to expect with this because it looks cheap. But it works very effectively and made a job I dreaded into childsplay. I was always a bit dubious by “one man wonders” of the internet but I was pleasantly surprised with this and given the number of positive reviews I can see why. Credit to Hambini as well, his service is really good.

  10. Julio Sanchez

    Easy to use, two wrenches and the bearing is out. Reinstallation is also very easy. If you don’t want to hammer your bike frame, use this!

  11. Holger Stendet

    My first thought of this was plastic cups. This guy is a clown but he seems to know what he is doing and i would have zero hesitations in buying another item from him. Removal tool works a treat on my cannondale frame. The plates will work with the wiggle press but they rattle

  12. Blair Downs

    This tool makes changing BB30 bearings so easy it’s ridiculous. I can’t believe that nobody thought of it before. Removal and replacement takes minutes and no hammering. Well made, uses standard parts and emailing the guy will result in a response within a few hours.

  13. H Plant

    Bought from eBay but i thought i would leave some feedback here. The removal tool makes life very easy. Well designed and no hammering. My only criticism is it can be awkward shuffling multiple spanners around but given the price versus the rest it really is great value. Service from hambini was prompt courteous.

  14. Christopher

    I’ve put off changing my bearings for a while. I decided to eventually change them since the weather is poor in the uk at the moment. This tool and Hambini’s video made this one of the easiest jobs I’ve done to my bike.

  15. kevadas

    Encouraged by the feedback on here. I plumped for this. It came quick and simply works just like the video. For the price well made.

  16. Mazza8327

    I used to use the park tool to hammer the bearings out. Not any more, this has them out in seconds and no pratting around with a hammer.

  17. A_Carlton1954

    Works, just like the video. Only difference was my stud bar was longer 10″? so it took a bit longer to spin the nuts down.

  18. Kevin Bradley

    Took my bearings out with easy and replaced them, I can’t believe how simple but effective this is. I pity those people who have to hammer their frames. This makes it a cinch. Delivery was quick, 2 days and I was done. 100% recommended.

  19. Henry Atkins

    Bought these together with the excellent NTN BB30 bearings. I was contemplating ditching them and going for a Hambini Shimano BB but after a bit of dialogue, Hambini advised to go for this option as he thought I had a fit issue. His guidance was spot on. Used this kit to remove and install the new bearings. A dab of loctite and activator and all of my creaking has gone. What a waste of time I spent endless weekends with the saturday boys in halfrauds.

  20. KY Meryad

    Used this on two bikes. It will remove the bearings on both BB30 and PF30 but it won’t remove the cups on PF30. I emailed to query and he explained that there has to be a lip internally for it to grab on to and unlucky for me mine didn’t have it. My tip is to pull the bearings out of PF30 and then the cups come out MUCH EASIER, I used a wooden spoon handle and mallet.

  21. R Blair

    Don’t mess around with anything else. This tool makes changing bearings so easy. It is child’s play. Simple to use and no hammering.

  22. J Smit

    So simple but so effective, this makes taking bearings out and replacing them so easy. I was paying œ15 labour each time my BB bearings needed replacing. I now replace them more often and buy better bearings.

  23. lobuxracer

    Watch the video. Follow the instructions. Save yourself all the time and grief of having an untrained mechanic do this for you. Servicing the BB is dead simple with this very cost effective tool.

  24. MitchMD

    Good service and easy to use tool. Beats hammering the F*ck out of my frame.

  25. Simon T

    I’m grateful for the advice on removing a misaligned BB30 bearing (hair dryer then loctite freeze and release), and for this AWESOME tool which arrived almost at once and made things so easy, saving the BB shell>

  26. Brian Jennery

    Well designed and easy to use. Made changing my bearings on my C’dale very simple.

  27. K Arans

    For the price you can’t beat this. the removal tool is fabuolous, no pissing around hammering your frame.

  28. J Snead

    My local bike shop recommended park tools hammer style bearing remover and press which cost more than double this one. I opted for this after watching the YouTube video and i have not been disappointed. It works exactly like it does in the video and bb service is a non event. Very surprised nobody uses this style of remover. Press works without issues as well.

  29. Barry Davies

    I bought this and the excellent NTN 6806 bearings. Both have transformed my bike. I can remove the bearings while the bike is in a stand as there is no shock force involved. Genius tool.

  30. Kevin Young

    Great tool, makes easy work of a BB30 bearing replacement. I did mine in only a few minutes without any drama.

  31. T Lee

    Thank you so much for making this BB tool available. It’s so easy to use. The design is simple and the quality is outstanding. These steps do not require a hammer or tapping. Very gentle on the bottom bracket.

  32. Jason

    This tool makes bearing removal a doddle. I wish I had bought one sooner.

  33. kevpacey

    Works brilliantly. No hammering. I bought these with the ntn bearings and the bike runs great.

  34. JasonC

    I own a bike shop so this tool gets used frequently, 3-4 times a day. I swapped out the nuts for two of the M12 presses and this has completely transformed the time taken to swap bearings out. I moved to this tool after a few issues with the park tools and cracking bike frames. Great product and vast technical knowledge in bearings when you need it. A+

  35. Ed

    Bottom line up front: A well thought out tool that gets the job done with no drama. A very well though out tool that makes removal and installation of pressfit bottom bracket bearings child play (bb30A in my case). One caveat that I learned while installing the 6806 bearings. I had used loctite 609 with 7471 activator on the bearing and bottom bracket mating area before installation. This caused difficulty pressing the bearing in as it bound and went in crookedly. I found that using a bead of loctite on the bearing after just setting it in place made the installation even and easier.

  36. aaron

    I have a Cannondale Supersix evo which is labelled as having a Pressfit BB30. What it actually has is a PF30 with internal lips on the cups so needed modifications to this tool in order to remove. Outstanding assistance was provided from Hambini throughout.

  37. Maxim Smilovitskiy

  38. Bruce

    Thank you for emailing me when this was in. Looks great Beckett and when I start building my new bike I’ll be using it.

  39. James Eastwood

    Straight forward and fast service

  40. Matthew F.

  41. Devron L.

    Absolutely pleasant to use and very effective. Just wish the supplied M12 studbar was slightly longer to be compatible with the Hambini bottom bracket removal cup.

  42. Simon G.

    The notification that this item was in stock was really useful. The bb30 extraction tool and press is nicely made and works very well. The delrin cup was nice and gentle on my carbon fibre frame. Hambini’s notes on typical pressures involved when extracting the bearing were very useful. There probably isn’t a better tool out there for the money.

  43. Marc

    Quality item

  44. Patrick Byrnes

    Ordered as a special and delivered within the same week. Tool does exactly what is says on the tin. All in all an easy process. Recommended for sure ?

  45. Steve Carline

  46. Edward Dillon

    Excellent equipment, It does what I need it to do to perfection 10/10

  47. Arjen van Hassent

    Price is okay, but shipment fee is ridiculous.

  48. Kelly N.

    Worked great. Frame made some complaining noises during install, but it’s been silent ever since.

  49. Erik

  50. Anonymous

    Good quick delivery of a quality product.

  51. robert wilson

    well made works like a charm

  52. Chris L.

  53. Cecil Ordono

    Solid, my team mates love it.

  54. Trevor

  55. Robert Stewart

    Some printed instructions with tool would have been nice.Other than that the tool itself is fairly easy to use and saves having to take a hammer to the bottom bracket area.

  56. Jeffrey B.

  57. Marc B.

  58. Stuart S.

    At first this looks expensive for what is a few nuts, washers, a bolt and some cups but it does exactly what’s required and it operates superbly (although i did have to refer to the hambini support vids for BB30 bearing replacement first). Also when u look around at what else is available it is on par cost-wise, for both bearing extraction and installation. Am really happy with this purchase and I would definitely recommend.

  59. Niall M.

    Great product, with terrific customer service. A pleasure supporting entrepreneurial home grown talent.

  60. Andrew Grochowski

    Tool came very quickly and packaged nicely. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I’m sure when the time comes I will be pleased with the operation!

  61. Steven

    Knowledgable, fast and friendly service. Thank you

  62. Jon Mitchell

    Great, well made product.

  63. Arndt

    Perfect, as expected.

  64. David Landers

  65. N A Hutchinson

    Quality gear, makes pressfit easy !

  66. noah slack

    It took a long time to ship, but once I got it, I had my bb30 swapped in a few minutes. First time for me extracting and pressing bearings and it was easy.

  67. Alister

    Thank you for making and supplying a great product that works really well because it winds the bearing out of the frame.

  68. Sjur B.

  69. Khalid AL muhairi

    Best quality

  70. Paul M.

    Well made, great price.

  71. Alan

    Good product but quite expensive when postage is added.

  72. Remco Remeijer

  73. Charles Worl

    Shizz packaging!

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Will this work for the PF30a? Charlie asked on May 11, 2022

it will install it but it may or may not remove it - that will be bottom bracket specific

admin answered on May 11, 2022 store manager
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Will this item get back in stock? I have waited for many months now. Best regards, Johan L Johan L asked on January 22, 2022

If you ping an email to support@hambini.com, you can bypass the queue

admin answered on January 24, 2022 store manager
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Hi Hambini. I've purchased this tool several years ago, and want to use it to install the Hambini BB30 Bottom Bracket once I purchase it. You have indicated the length of the M12 bar is not long enough. What would be the appropriate length? 40 cm? I'm planning to get a longer M12 threaded rod at a local hardware store. Thanks! Tom asked on April 29, 2021

About 30cm will do, the limiting factor is how much space the press handles or the nuts take up at either end. A bottom Bracket is approx 9cm, the frame width is probably about the same, and then the adaptors on top of that.

admin answered on April 29, 2021 store manager
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