Bottom Bracket Drawings

Below is a list showing bottom bracket drawing specifications. Please note that these specifications are often changed by manufacturers or not adhered to. Cavity dimensions are often ignored.

Type Size (Diameter x Width) Comment Bike Manufacturers Using this Standard (not exhaustive)
BB8641 x 86.5Shimano Standard, UNSUITABLE FOR 30mm and DUB AxlesCanyon, BMC, Tifosi, Argon 18, Look
BB386 EVO46 x 86.5The correct term is BB386EVO but a lot of manufacturers have simply dropped the EVO and called it BB386.Look, Orbea, Open Frame
OSBBMultiple variantsSpecialized refer to 3 different sizes as OSBB Specialized
BB3042 x 68BB30 is called OSBB on some specialized framesCannondale, BMC, Time
BB30A42 x 73Cannondale
PF3046 x 68Cannondale, Focus
PF30A46 x 73Cannondale
BBright46 x 79Cervelo, Factor
BB9037 x 90Bearings fit into the Bottom Bracket Shell, notoriously UnreliableTrek
T47-6847 x 6847×1.0 LH on Drive Side 47×1.0 RH on non drive SideMainly Custom Builds