Hambini Thread Together Bottom Bracket Installation


Hambini thread together bottom brackets are ideal where there obstructions in the shell that do not permit the use of a one piece bottom bracket. If a one piece bottom bracket is available to fit the frame then this will provide superior performance.

Tools required:

  • Appropriate Hambini Threaded Installation Adaptor.
  • 32mm Socket or Wrench and Spanner
  • Loctite Activator 7649 (this has varying numbers in different markets)
  • Loctite 641 Medium Strength Retaining Compound

Installation Instructions

  1. Ensure All surfaces are completely clean and free from any grease.
  2. Prepare the frame by spraying activator onto the seating surfaces
  3. Wait for the activator to evaporate
  4. Apply retaining compound to the seating surfaces of the frame or the bottom bracket. A photograph is shown below.
  5. The bottom bracket consists of two parts. A male threaded part is installed on the drive side (long length). A female threaded part is installed on the non drive side (short length)
  6. Insert the male part through the drive side of the frame. In some circumstances, this part may have to be pushed in with a press – if this is required, then force must be applied to the outer race of the bearing and not the inner race or any delrin sleeves/adaptors.
  7. Insert the female part through the frame and screw together
  8. The recommended torque is 26Nm
  9. Wait at least 48 hrs before riding
Thread Together Seating Surfaces
Thread Together Seating Surfaces


This bottom bracket has a clearance fit on the seating surfaces and may appear loose on normal entry, this is normal and the slack will be taken up by the retaining compound. A gap of 0.1mm is permissible and very few frames would be outside of this range.

A socket type tool that has full engagement and uses machined surfaces for engagement is recommended. Open spanner type tools that are typically jet cut sheet steel are not recommended.