Will it Fit? Hambini Bottom Bracket Application Guide for Pressfit frames

The guide below details some of the fitting foibles with various bike frames, where relevant I have put fitting guidance with relevance to Hambini Bottom Brackets. This guide is no substitute for physically checking the frame. Manufacturers regularly change specifications without notice.

In general, there are three things that will stop a Hambini ONE PIECE Bottom Bracket being installed

  • Double Lip on the bottom bracket Shell, there is no way to install a Hambini BB in this scenario (Usually Isolated to some BB86 frames)
  • Di2 wires – these can usually be rerouted
  • Front mech cables and cable guides around the bottom bracket, installing a Hambini BB in this scenario may be possible

A solution to obstructions exists in the form of Hambini Thread together bottom brackets. These will permit installation into frames which have internal obstructions but this type of design is technically inferior to a one piece unit.

Pictured below is a double lip bottom bracket from a Giant bicycle (not suitable for one piece BB unless it is ground off which is an extremely common modification that people make), you can see the aluminium lip approximately 10mm into the bottom bracket shell. Later Giant bikes do not have this feature and it is not part of the Shimano bottom bracket specification


Here is a later edition Giant Bike bottom bracket (Suitable for one piece BB)

Frame ManufacturerBB StandardNotes
Argon 18BB86Some Argon 18 bikes use a double lipped version of BB86, this is unsuitable for a Hambini one piece bottom bracket. Their later bikes use a straight through design which is suitable.
CannondaleBB30 BB30A PF30 PF30ACannondale bike frames have very poor tolerances and the bottom bracket shells can often be out of specification. Some bike frames have internally routed brake cables around the bottom bracket, these particular frames will not suit Hambini Bottom Brackets. Some cannondale bikes have a sticker on the downtube that says BB30, these bikes will usually have a BB30 crankset but the bottom bracket may be BB30 or PF30.
CanyonBB86Most modern Canyon carbon bikes have a straight through bottom bracket system that meets Shimano Specifications. Hambini Bottom Brackets will fit these bike frames. Notably some older Canyon bikes and those made of aluminium have a double lipped design, Hambini Bottom Brackets are unsuitable for this application
CerveloBBrightCervelo have discontinued the Direct fit (bearings straight into frame) version of BBRight, all current offerings are BBRight Pushfit or simply called BBright
GiantBB86Some early Giant bikes use a modified BB86 Shell, they have a double lip and are unsuitable for a Hambini one piece bottom bracket. Later on in the production and most carbon bikes have a straight through design which is suitable for a one piece Bottom Bracket
LookBB30 Zed CranksHigh end Look frames use a proprietary Zed Crank, this uses 65mm bearings. The lower end bikes have BB30 and BSA bottom brackets. Look frame tolerances are very good
PinarelloM36 ItalianPinarello use M36 threaded Italian Bottom Brackets
SpecializedOSBB BB30Some Specialized bikes with cable gears have a cable guide bolt that will impinge in to the bottom bracket Shell, these frames are unsuitable for Hambini Bottom Brackets. In general all specialized bikes are called OSBB, in road applications they are either 46×61 or 42×68 (BB30).
TimeBB30Time frames are predominantly BB30 and PF30 on their older bikes. Tolerances are very good

There is a detailed guide of the Hambini bottom bracket installation process here