Trek BB90 Bearing Kit (Shimano)

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This bearing kit is for use on bicycles that use the BB90 standard – typically these are Trek. It consists of 2 bearings at the top end of the size range and a pair of top hats to interface a Shimano Crankset.

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This bearing kit is for use on bicycles that use the BB90 standard – typically these are Trek.

  • 6805 (61805) bearings at the top end of the size range, these do not come boxed and are individually measured for size. The bearings will either be SKF, NTN, FAG, NSK or KOYO.
  • 2 x machined Delrin “top hats”, this interfaces the 25mm of the bearing ID to the 24mm crank axle diameter of Shimano crankset
  • Installation of this kit must be in conjunction with Activator and retaining compound
  • Please see fitting instructions here
The development of this was for a user who wanted to rid his bike of creak. You can view the analysis and development in the youtube video below

  • This kit cannot guarantee to rid your bike of creak/clicking. There is a limit on the amount of slack the system will tolerate and if your frame is beyond this limit, then it will not work! I can give you an indication if measurements are provided.
  • The success rate is 91%.

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27 reviews for Trek BB90 Bearing Kit (Shimano)

  1. Ognen

    Having the bad feeling of getting such creaking problems in the future, and knowing the problems related to the BB90 standard, I followed and installed the bearings with the tophats/delrins bought from Hambini using the Loctite activator and retaining compound. No problems, no creaks and the bearings are still in very good condition after 4500km. Sure, it may be a bit expensive but you also buy the knowledge and expertise of Hambini, something we all can be very thankful of. I would not like to waste time, money, efforts on temporary solutions or trips to a LBS. Finally, I’m pretty sure he backs up his engineering and he would be there for us by any eventual problems with his support or solutions…

  2. James Tendi

    I was not sure this would actually work and thought I would give it a go before binning the frame. I followed the instructions religiously and BOOM no more creak. You can buy the spacers a lot cheaper than Hambini sells them for but his are machined. Whether this makes a difference or not, I don’t know but £106 for a set of bearings and plastic spacers is a lot of money.

  3. James Tendi

    I was not sure this would actually work and thought I would give it a go before binning the frame. I followed the instructions religiously and BOOM no more creak. You can buy the spacers a lot cheaper than Hambini sells them for but his are machined. Whether this makes a difference or not, I don’t know but £106 for a set of bearings and plastic spacers is a lot of money.

  4. Burke T

    I used SKF bearings and the recommended chemcials. It worked and ridded me of creak that I had been riding through for months. Not cheap

  5. M837

    This really does work. My Madone has gone from a creaking nightmare to silent bliss.

  6. Aldo Santini

    I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical about this solution but having tried everything else and not wanting to go for the absurdly oversized bearings I thought I would give this a punt. Fortunately, it worked. I am now happily riding around with no creak. It is expensive and Trek should have fixed it from the get go.

  7. Baz Symonds

    I was encouraged by the other reviews on here and Hambini’s excellent youtube channel and thought I would give this a go. It was amazing that such a small difference in size was the difference between having a bike that creaked so much it was destined for the rubbish tip to having creak free bliss. Yes, it is expensive but it’s a lot cheaper than a scrapped bike frame. The bearings I received were SKF. I used Loctite activator and retaining compound as recommended by Hambini. I could not be happier

  8. Mbop

    8… yes 8 trips to the LBS and the Trek main dealer could not fix the problem. They even tried oversized bearings and the drag was horrendous. I got in touch with Hambini after one of my work mates recommended him. Customer service and instructions were spot on. I didn’t rush it and did the install myself. I could not believe it where a 130km ride was completely creak free. The bike has not creaked since. Can’t thank Hambini enough. A thorough gent, straight talking no BS and more importantly will explain to you the limitations. Why can’t they all be like this.

  9. Randy D.

    I have been running Enduro ceramic bearings for the past 5 years (2 sets). Whether it was the placebo effect or what, they felt good until the day they start making noise. Pull them out and that crunchy feeling is what I got. I was told Hambini by a friend. I watched video’s and learned much. Since they offered BB bearings I was anxious to give them a try. I purchased a set on a Sunday and the order was fill that day, shipped the next day. Now that’s service!! I in the states so it took a few days to arrive. They installed easily. 2 rides and 120 miles later I love these things. No creaks and feel buttery smooth. I recommend these to all BB90 owners. You will not be disappointed.

  10. Robert Conlan

    Easy to install and the BB now spins better than before with Enduro bearings installed.

  11. Richard Sommers

  12. Brendan pegrum

    I followed the instructions carefully and fitted the bearings. It has transformed the bike. No noise and the cranks soon so fluidly

  13. Tim A.

    I was soo impressed with a Hambini BB86 Racing Edition BB and could avoid wanting the experience in my Trek BB90 bottom bracket. Hand no creaks or noice before and sure not after. But it runs as smooth as and old school 4-square BB. Definitive recommendation!

  14. David

    Excellent communication and professionalism.

  15. Scott

    Installed the BB90 kit and couldn’t be happier. Crank now rotates unbelievably smooth, with a very solid feeling and no more creaking! I couldn’t be happier. Three thumbs up. 😁

  16. Tony Carmichael

    Hambini was extremely helpful in making sure I got the right product for my bike.

  17. Mark Acker

    I’m very pleased with the quality of the bearings and quality of the installation instructions. No more squeaky BB! Thank you for doing what you do – with style!

  18. John Saltysiak

    You shipped it immediately. I don’t have shite. It’s stuck in the USPS system. All I get from USPS is “ on its way to next destination “. BFD! That message has been since June 10. I’m so very disappointed in USPS. Can’t get any satisfaction as to when or where my purchase is. It’s not Hambini’s fault. That’s a lot of US $ just sitting somewhere other than in the hands of it’s own. My SwissSide wheels got to me in 3 (three) days from Poland. UPS INTERNATIONAL DID GREAT. John

  19. David Petchkis

  20. Ben W.

    Brilliant service. Pre sales was excellent and product was excellent. Installation instructions were spot on too.

  21. David C.

    Very happy so far. The bb90 creak seems to have gone so fingers crossed that’s its a permanent solution. The bearings are also incredibly smooth. Very nice

  22. Stephen

    The bearings I purchased from Hambini for my Trek Emonda SLR are obviously very high quality and shipped to the US extremely quickly. I’m a very satisfied customer!

  23. Tim Sandy

    I wanted the ‘sort after‘ BB90 bearing kit, which seems to sell out as soon as it’s back in stock. The email notification works well and I eventually snapped one up.
    Despatched immediately and arrived very quickly, so it’s all good.

  24. chris jacques

    I changed bearings last year due to creaking. did not fix the creaking. Ordered bearings from Hambini, installed them exactly by his instructions, followed them to the letter, and success. so far no creaking. I only have 2 rides on them now. Happy days.

  25. David G.

    I bought the Hambini BB90 kit to replace the worn out originals on my c2015 Trek Madone 4.9. I made two attempts to buy on the Hambini website but missed out as the items went out of stock very quickly. An email to Hambini on Monday morning was answered within 10 minutes by the man himself offering to source the parts straight away. This included selecting the bearings and turning up a pair of Delrin bushes to interface with my Ultegra crankset. The kit arrived on Wednesday morning. Comprehensive fitting instructions may be found on the Hambini website. Following these to the letter resulted in a super- smooth and silent BB assembly which is a joy to ride and has quite transformed my bike. My riding experience has been almost exclusively on steel framed bikes; i’d certainly compare the spin quality of the Hambini BB90 set with that of Phil Wood or Royce BSA units.
    A number of correspondents on relevant forums have commented on the cost of this kit. Hambini has produced a video on bearing selection which gives an idea of the processes he employs and consequently, the costs involved. Then there is the cost of the Delrin bushes, turned up in small batches or, in my case, to order. This all takes skill, knowledge, time and experience. I think therefore, the kit alone represents great value for money. However, when Hambini’s personal customer support Is factored in the value looks truly exceptional.

  26. Matthew K.

    Very good, will definitely buy equivalent for other bikes when necessary.

  27. Andrew Hyman

    Great service and communication from Hambini. I had some questions about compatibility which he responded to quickly, alleviating my concerns. Excellent product, quite dear, but you get what you pay for.

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