SRAM DUB Cranksets into Hambini Bottom Brackets


Since late 2019, SRAM has standardized on it’s DUB crankset platform for cranksets. This guide will detail some of the considerations when used in conjunction with a Hambini DUB BB.

Technical Details

  • 28.99mm (29mm) Diameter axle
  • DBCA can vary (min 90.5mm)
  • Preload adjuster by way of threaded collar with allen key locking
  • Crank arms are held on with shallow tapers
  • Used across Road, Gravel and MTB

Practical Considerations

Hambini bottom brackets are designed to work with the minimum DBCA of SRAM DUB, (90.5mm DBCA). If your crankset is beyond the range of DBCA and preload adjuster you will require some shims to take up the slack.

A diagram of DBCA is shown below

Crank Geometry
DBCA, drawing for illustration purposes only.

SRAM are aware their cranks have a varying DBCA, they do make a spacer kit specifically for this purpose. The part number of this kit is 11.6418.002.000 however this kit does not provide full encapsulation on the internal diameter which is considered poor engineering practice. A fully encapsulated spacer kit is available here.