Hambini Racing BB65 Bottom Bracket Shimano Crankset

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a Shimano 24mm Hollowtech 2  Crankset with a bike frame that uses a BB65 Bottom Bracket (These are used exclusively on Look bikes).

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This bottom bracket is designed to interface a Shimano 24mm Hollowtech 2  Crankset with a bike frame that uses a BB65 Bottom Bracket (These are used exclusively on Look bikes).

  • FAG/NTN/NSK bearings
  • No Hammers to install or remove
  • Fully serviceable Design, the bearings are designed to be replaced quickly and easily
  • 1 year warranty on the bottom bracket body
  • This item does not come with fitting adaptors. These are available here

Hambini Bottom Brackets are amongst the lowest friction bottom brackets in the world. They are used by recreational cyclists, road racers, triathletes and time trialists from around the globe. They are of proven design and are manufactured to Aerospace tolerances using Aerospace materials by an Aerospace Engineer.

These units are of a one piece construction which makes them inherently resistant to creak, they will maintain perfect bearing alignment and function under loads in excess of 4000W.

All Hambini bottom brackets can be installed and removed with a conventional bearing press, they use a controlled method of installation using the recommended fitting adaptors, they require no hammers or specialized tooling for removal. Additionally, the wearing component – the bearings – can be removed and serviced in situ. Essentially the bottom bracket has been designed to be fully rebuildable

Installation and design Process

This bottom bracket was originally designed as a custom unit, the design and installation are detailed in this video


Hambini Bottom brackets are designed so you can service the wearing component (the bearings) quickly and easily. The bottom bracket service procedure is shown below


Frequently Asked Questions

I have rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions that I get asked and put them in the list below

Q. Why are Hambini Bottom Brackets more expensive than everybody else?

A. Hambini Bottom Brackets are made in the UK where costs are considerably higher than the far east. Additionally as a private individual, I do not have the economies of scale that contract manufacturing companies are able to obtain.

Q. What is the difference between a Hambini Bottom Bracket and a mass market bottom bracket?

A. From a technical perspective, mass market bottom brackets are made to poorer tolerances and are therefore more likely to creak or result in poor bearing life. They are also designed to look aesthetically pleasing but compromise on areas which you cannot see (such as the fits, bearings and heat treatement). Hambini Bottom brackets are completely machined as opposed to moulded (Shimano/SRAM/Plastic). The Hambini Bottom Bracket tolerances are typically 10x tighter than Shimano/SRAM/Rotor/RaceFace/Token. Mass market bottom brackets often use poor quality bearings from the far east to maximise their margin. As an example, the bearings on Hambini Bottom Brackets (which are typically NTN) cost more than an entire bottom bracket from RaceFace/Token/SRAM.

Q. Why don’t you use Ceramic Bearings?

A. I have found ceramic bearings to have poor performance in bicycle applications. The ceramic bearings are not 100% ceramic, they are hybrid. A Hybrid bearing consists of ceramic balls sandwiched between a steel innner and outer race. The ceramic balls have a tendency to cut a groove into the steel and this results in poorer performance after only a few 100km. The majority of friction (>80%) in a bearing comes from the seal, grease and cage type. The ceramic balls make up a small fraction of the friction and have the negative effect of rapid bearing degradation. These are the main reasons I do not supply bottom brackets with ceramic bearings

Q. What is the difference between the Racing editions and the standard units?

A. The Racing Bottom brackets are made with superior materials, they are stiffer and slightly lighter. Racing bottom brackets are equipped wih low friction bearings. Racing bottom brackets have approximately 20 percent less friction than Classic units. The total friction is very small and would be difficult to notice when riding but nonetheless there is a measurable difference

Q. How long will the bearings last?

A. I cannot place a life on the bearings as life is largely dictated by the conditions they are subjected to. Having high loadings will increase their rate of wear as will riding in wet conditions. The bearings in all Hambini Bottom brackets are branded and meet minimum ISO standards so they are the best that are commercially available. Typical usage will be somewhere in the region of 2000km to 10,000km. As an example, those who watch my youtube channel will know my fastidious maintenance schedule which consists of weekly jet washing – I change the bearings twice a year, ie 8000km between changes. Due to the low speeds involved keeping them clean is more important than keeping them greased.

Additional information

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5 reviews for Hambini Racing BB65 Bottom Bracket Shimano Crankset

  1. eddiejdillon

    Got a Hambini look 695 BB installed on my bike and so far it’s been exceptional, the ZED 2 was stiff but this seems so much stiffer, why I changed to this BB, I was having issues getting ZED 2 bearings and parts so after getting the whole unit fixed I decided to take it off for when I go to sell the bike to keep it original and use the hambini BB in the mean time, I have a feeling it will be the bikes selling point if I ever sell it, unlikly as I love my look bike, pity about the suppliers and shop owners support for them? the power seems to go right to the wheels it’s hard to explain,climbing, exceleration and sustaining of speed is very noticable and exceptionally smooth along with using a shimano chainring, chain and cassette together feels so much better, I use garmin pedals and right away the power was up for a reason I don’t understand maybe the pedals are off maybe the BB is making a stiffer more efficient transfer of power, anyway I’m not saying no to it, my mechanic who fitted it could’t believe how smooth it was, it really makes the bike so much more enjoyable to ride. I’m still breaking it in after a few weeks and haven’t gone full trottle 48 hour ultra racing torture on it yet, but the more I push it the better it responds. Thanks Hambini really enjoying it now.

  2. abid d.


  3. Ee Poh

    Superb BB and SMR Hambini was very responsive with queries and followed up closely on delivery.

  4. George H.

    Beautiful design!
    Few noticeable improvements on my usual routes:
    1. Creaking noise coming from my left crank is completely gone. Boost in spiritual watts.
    2. Pedal feels smoother, increase in average cadence with same perceived effort on same routes.
    3. Power pedals are reading at least 10W higher with same perceived effort (increase in average speed) – to be analysed further.

    Overall, very happy and impressed!

  5. Thomas McGee

    I purchased the BB65 for my Look 695 and it arrived within a few days. The bottom bracket is of very high quality, as you’d expect from this particular 5 year old, and it was simple to install with the fitting tools I ordered. I found there was a noticeable difference over the Zed 2 crank which came with the bike, which was already pretty good to start with. It now feels extremely smooth on every single pedal stroke and is also very quiet. All the power I put through the pedals feels like it’s going directly into the rear wheel. I’m very pleased with the outcome. Cheers Hambini

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