Welcome to the Hambini Engineering website. This website started off as my place on the internet for me to detail technical aspects of bikes, cars and my love of engineering. This is largely in conjunction with my YouTube channel where content mainly involves bikes and cars.

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29/03/2020 Corona Virus – The effects of Covid 19 have severely impacted bottom bracket and bearing supplies. NTN have stopped deliveries until further notice. SKF, NSK and FAG have imposed limited deliveries of bearings.

The price of raw materials and an extremely weak UK Pound have caused significant increases in the price of materials, 60% increase in some cases. I have tried to minimize the amount that is passed on but increases are unfortunately unavoidable.

Despatch of bottom brackets are impacted by 2-3 days. Some postal services around the world may have their own internal delays for which I cannot account.

A full list of service incidents is available from Royal Mail here


04/03/2020 Waiting List / Back in Stock Notification – Please be aware the back in stock/notification system has been updated, the new setup does not remove you from the notification list until you choose to do so. This is because lots of people were receiving notifications, but stock had been sold out in the intervening period.

14/02/2020 OEM Bearings – The website now offers OEM bearings to purchase. OEM bearings are the same bearings but do not always have the retail packaging. They are supplied to OEM users in much the same way a hard drive would be supplied to the likes of Dell. These bearings represent a significant cost saving over their retail counterparts.

31/01/2020 I have added a page with drawings of the most common bottom bracket standards

30/01/2020 The wheel testing page has been updated with additional entries.

Pressfit vs Threaded Bottom Brackets: An Engineering Analysis

A lot of people think that threaded BB’s do not suffer from the creaking that plagues interference fit bottom brackets / bearings. In this video I talk you through the hard technicalities of what is going on and why there is a problem. In short, every modern bottom bracket is a pressfit. It’s just some are made better than others.

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    Precursor – The critics and those with a vested interest I have added this section to the start of this blog post. The method this test uses is called transient state and it is used when aerodynamics are constantly changing. This is difficult to explain in detail in one blog post so I have linked to a youtube video. The important part of the video is at 10m20 and this shows the difference between airflow that exists in the real world, airflow that […]
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    If you are reading this you will have probably already come across the numerous posts by various individuals in Internet forums across the web. The issue of creaking bottom brackets has been blamed on the introduction of pressfit and directfit bottom bracket standards, where bearings either push directly into the bike frame or push into cups which are then pushed into the bike frame. General guidance varies from taking everything out and regreasing it to installing with extreme measures such as epoxy resin. […]
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